About Me

Hi there! I'm Michelle.

So glad you've stopped by! I love hearing from each of you and learning a little bit "behind the blog," so here's my story and a little bit about Ten June.

It was a dark and stormy night in the early 1980's when little Michelle came into the world.

Kidding. Let's start more recently.

My husband, David, and I met when we we were eight. Well, I was eight, he was nine. He was the safety patrol officer during bus time at our elementary school. I was the totally cool girl with major bangs and a side ponytail that he eventually asked to his fifth grade dance a couple years later. I said no, of course. Boys are gross. Don't worry, I have pictures to prove all of these shenanigans right here.

After attending middle and high school as good friends (with the exception of the fact that David asked me on a date every day in our fifth period yearbook class... which I politely declined because I had a boyfriend at the time, but of course would still wear David's letter jacket and hit up Chick-fil-A with him for frequent lunch dates), I went to College of Charleston for undergrad while David held down the fort at the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs! Once we graduated, we fortuitously both found ourselves in Athens, Georgia where he was working and where I attended law school at UGA. The rest, as they say, is history.

After being married for a couple of years and living in Athens, we purchased our beloved 1952 ranch in March of 2010. Located in north Georgia, we were so in love with our little casa and all of the "old to the world, new to us" charm it had. You can find the entire house tour, including before and after shots of all of the improvements we made to the house, right here.

 In February of 2012, David was offered his dream job about 75 miles from our house. He made the long commute for awhile, but eventually we put our sweet little house on the market. In a terrible real estate market, it took some time, but we eventually sold our house under a lease-purchase contract in September of 2013. I've documented our entire house selling adventures (including my favorite house showing tips, the updates we undertook to get the house listed and an empty house tour right here.

Meanwhile, in August of 2012, we had the sweetest little life addition yet: our son! I'm sort of a privacy freak, so instead of using his real name, I call him "H" or "HDawg" for short here on the blog. Little H is now quite possibly the world's most adorable toddler and will tell you his favorite things are "na-na's" "Tucker" (our family dog, which comes out sounding like "Taco") and "vroom vrooms." That's my boy.

 Our adventures have taken us even farther over the past year as we moved, due to David's new job location, around Atlanta from our beloved 1952 ranch to a rental house in February 2013 and then another rental house in October 2013. There's a full tour of the first rental house- a tiny little bungalow located near the city of Atlanta- right here. I'm working up a full tour of the second rental house- a larger, new house in the suburbs, but for now you can find photos here.

For the past five years, I've worked in the legal field as a real estate attorney. But as of January 2014, I am on temporary leave as a stay-at-home mom on maternity leave... that's right! I'm pregnant again with baby #2! I'm one of those crazy people who got pregnant with a ten month old. Woot! My second baby's pregnancy story has certainly been an adventure. From the announcement about the baby to the gender reveal to my decision to stay at home for awhile to my reveal about the gender mistake at 33 weeks pregnant (yes, seriously!), this pregnancy has been a roller coaster of fun. This little gal (whom I've nicknamed Little Lady June... her name is not June, but it's a fun play on the blog) is due March 2, 2014 and we cannot wait for her arrival! While filled with lots of fun news, this pregnancy has been incredibly healthy and wonderful and David and I could not feel more blessed to start our new little family of four. Now someone teach me the secret to taking two kids under two years old to the grocery store, please.

Until Little Lady gets here, follow posts about her nursery plans to keep up with all of the fun.

You can also find me at a few other places on the WWW, writing about some of my favorite things in my life like babies, decorating and being a home renter. Come follow me on these websites as well!




 So, as you can tell, we keep ourselves pretty busy at the Ten June household. By day I'm a wife to my childhood sweetheart, a mom to almost two, an attorney (well, not right now, but most of the time!) and a freelance writer but by night I consider myself a a painter, builder, contractor, crafter, plumber, gardener, decorator and self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfer.

And, I'm not gonna lie, I'm also that girl you see at the red light, jamming out in my car to some loud rap music. Word to your motha.

That about says it all... welcome to Ten June!

Got any questions? Want to know more? Want to say hi? Want to know what my favorite rap song is? Feel free to shoot me an email to chat! tenjuneblog@gmail.com
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