Giddy with Rug Love

I gots a new rug in my dining room. Lets just throw all previous dining room color schemes out the door. This rug quite possibly was made for my dining room. It goes so. well. Like, textile/paint soulmates. Like, peas in a pod. Salt and pepper. Batman and Robin. Justin and Britney. 

Whaaattt, you know you wished that they were still together too!

Sooooooo, can you tell I like the new rug?

The little guy is just an Ikea cheapie. He's a lightweight flatweave with a gray stripe and navy blue accents (much like its soulmate). The golden color is just dark enough so that it doesn't attempt to stand out against the yellow moorish tile rug in our living room. 

My mom and I picked it up Saturday and it's been love at first sight ever since.

Find anything you love this weekend?

Bringing Home the Gold

If I were going to the Oscars this Sunday evening

...which I'm not, by the way-
I politely declined my invitation, even though it really upset Justin Timberlake...

I would totally wear this:

It's award show perfection, in my book. 

What would you wear?

Cooler than A Polar Bear's Toenails

Ok.... so my post has nothing to do with a polar bear's toenails. I was just jamming to some Outkast and since about 80% of my post titles seem to have something to do with rap songs, I thought I'd throw it out there. But I do feel kind of cool today because I'm guest posting for Danielle over at her blog!!

Go check out my thoughts on my favorite fabrics in her Textiles Thursday series!


On another note, look what I found on Craigslist....


I've been wanting them for our living room for-eva, eva (sorry, Outkast still on). I was sooooo excited that I even forgot to haggle the seller down from her $25 offer. Oh well, it's $25. For two adorable wood tables. 


They're kind of silvery at the moment, so I need to paint. Whatcha think- white? 

Guess who gets to live on the little nesting tables once they're complete? Nana's lamp!

Cuuuuute, right?

Now I've got to get my butt in gear, pick a color and paint!


I am loving all of the amazing projects that I've come across lately!

So much talent out there, I just had to share.

(and apparently I'm a poet and I didn't even know it, ha)

Trisha's monogrammed pillow (with a great tutorial!)

painted hallway update by my brother-in-law, Greggory, and his fabulous girlfriend, Brooke
(love love love the new color!)

Lauren's entryway makeover

Ashley's new invitation line

Courtney's DIY striped curtains

Emily's Ikea cabinet hack

Anna's spring jewelry collection

ADORABLE chalkboard pantry makeover by my sister-in-law, Kelly
(Ummm I want one- you might see this in my house soon! Email me if you want details as to how she did it!)

Cassie's dresser makeover
(she actually did this awhile ago, but I just looove it and had to put it on the list)

Am I right or what?? So much talent out there! Seen any other fun projects lately??

E-Design for Courtney

I got pretty lucky as a freshman in college (twss) because I was paired with an amazing roommate. 

Picture this: southern-suburban-girl-with-hot-pink-plaid-comforter-and-tube-tops (hi) meets Connecticut-beach-girl-who-wore-linen-baggy-pants-on-our-first-night-out-in-college. You wouldn't have thunk it then, but it was truly love at first sight. And the beginning of an amazing friendship : )

Meet Courtney.

Yup, I picked one of the oldest and silliest pics of us that I could find. Cuz I'm cool like that.

My sweet Courtney is starting a new life in Manhattan with her fiance, Matt. And that includes a fabulous new apartment (well, not really new... a 1920's hotel that Babe Ruth used to stay in!). And, lucky  me, she asked me for some "whatcha think" advice as far as their new pad's decor!

So Court emailed me a few pictures of their new place and gave me an idea of what they are looking for.
Here's what she said: dark, romantic, contemporary, sexy and a little bit rock and roll.

(yes, we've both grown a little bit since our linen pants and hot pink comforter days!)

And she sent me a picture of some pillows that she wants to keep in the room. I decided to pull all of the colors out of those pillows, since I knew it was an element she definitely loved.

Here's what I came up with.

1- print  2- Benjamin Moore "Bittersweet Chocolate" paint 3- pendant  4- curtains  5- art
6- mirror  7- bedding  8- Court's pillows 9- ooh la la pillow 10- rug

It's all in there- romantic wall art (how great is that "extraordinary love print"!!?), dark and moody chocolate walls, a modern, sophisticated headboard, a glam mirror and all of their favorite colors from the pillows.

As for the headboard, I would absolutely suggest making that a DIY project (great tutorial here). That cuts down costs and allows for more expensive things in the budget, like the West Elm chevron rug.

And guess what? Court and Matt have already started painting their new bedroom. Check it out!

Looking good, isn't it?!?

Got a design dilemma you'd like some help with? Or are you simply interested in a custom mood board for a room in your house? I'd love to whip one up for you! Just shoot me an email!

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I Love Lamp!

Just like Brick Tamland, I love lamp. Especially this one!

I stumbled across this beauty a couple of months ago in my Nana's basement! We were looking for some old photographs and I found the lamp stuffed in a corner. It wasn't a pretty sight, but definitely has good bones!


It's amazing what a little spit and shine will do. All I did was clean the lamp and replace the stained paper shade (with a $12 find from Tuesday Morning). The wiring on the plug needs a little work, but David purchased a new electrical outlet kit ($4, Home Depot) and is hooking that up for me. 


Of course, this baby is not going on our dining room table, as pictured. It's got bigger hopes and dreams for a place in our living room, but the furniture it will go on isn't just ready yet. Oh yes, more on that one later ; )

PS. Yes, I realize my tulips are on their last leg! Too pretty not to share, though.

PPS. The bachelorette party I helped throw over the weekend was a BLAST. Way too much fun. So much fun that I, in fact, forgot to take any pictures!! Oops.... 

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Oh Honey, It's Friday!

via fabulous k

Those are the words I keep repeating to myself- ohhh honey, it's Friday!

And thank goodness, because it's been a long, long week for me. But I'm ready to put the week behind me, because I've got a fun weekend coming up. I will be spending it throwing a bachelorette party for one of my closest friends!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo excited, can you tell?

Our line up includes drinks, sushi, dancing... it should make for a fabulous night!

Oh and don't forget all the silly bachelorette humor we get to enjoy, like maybe some of these?

To top it all off, we're dehaving some pretty amazing weather down here in the peach state. Like, in the mid 70's weather today!! Needless to say, this weekend should be a good time : )

What are you doing this weekend?

NYC Fashion Week

Today marks the end of this year's incredible Fashion Week in NYC. Have you noticed that many fashion designers have branched out and created home lines? 

(these are actually old images of Missoni's collection- I couldn't pull any off of their current website, but I 
looooove the amazing colors and patterns in Missoni's Home line, so I had to share!)

I know you've seen this line out there a lot lately, and for good reason! It's NEW and it's HOT!


Seriously with that delicate gold flatware?? I die.

Now who wants to contribute to the "Michelle usually shops at Target but would love
some of this GORG.EOUS designer ware" fund???      

( :

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