I Love Lamp!

Just like Brick Tamland, I love lamp. Especially this one!

I stumbled across this beauty a couple of months ago in my Nana's basement! We were looking for some old photographs and I found the lamp stuffed in a corner. It wasn't a pretty sight, but definitely has good bones!


It's amazing what a little spit and shine will do. All I did was clean the lamp and replace the stained paper shade (with a $12 find from Tuesday Morning). The wiring on the plug needs a little work, but David purchased a new electrical outlet kit ($4, Home Depot) and is hooking that up for me. 


Of course, this baby is not going on our dining room table, as pictured. It's got bigger hopes and dreams for a place in our living room, but the furniture it will go on isn't just ready yet. Oh yes, more on that one later ; )

PS. Yes, I realize my tulips are on their last leg! Too pretty not to share, though.

PPS. The bachelorette party I helped throw over the weekend was a BLAST. Way too much fun. So much fun that I, in fact, forgot to take any pictures!! Oops.... 

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  1. Love it! - Especially that it was your Nana's!!!

    You and I are totally on the same wavelength. I wrote a post with the same title last fall. LOL. Love Brick.

  2. my husband literally quoted that line about 15 minutes ago after i said something that made me sound like brick. :)
    i do love the lamp- it's very pretty! and i can't wait to see the new furniture it will sit on!
    oh, and i think the tulips look lovely- i like when they flop over like that and spread out.

  3. Nice reference, ha! Glad your party was a blast and the lamp looks GREAT!

  4. Anchorman was the soundtrack to my life for the first year we were married - we were still students and didn't have cable and hubby watched Anchorman and Wedding Crashers over, and over, and over.

    I love the lamp! I have some old milkglass lamps kind of like that, too. Never thought about updating them like that, though!

  5. I actually think the tulips look pretty arching over like that.

  6. Great lamp! So glad you had such a blast with the party!! Want to hear more. {I am such a sucker for tulips!!!}

  7. WOW- Go Nan! is it Milk Glass?

    LOL- I love lamp! you are too funny! I can't listen to that song "The window, to the wall" without thinking about your bathroom LOL.

    XX Samantha

  8. What a great lamp. I love it! Too funny about not taking pictures. I do that all the time...having way to much fun!!!

  9. Great redo, Michelle! It looks so clean and simple!

    So glad you had a great weekend!

  10. That lamp is amazing! I love finding things from my grandparents to display around my home.

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  11. Jen, great lamp....love the shade too! You always put it all together so well!

  12. umm i love lamp too!!! and the fact that you just quoted anchorman TOTALLY made my night!!! a woman with my sense of humor?? love it!!!

  13. What a great find! So pretty!

  14. Love it! I have several pieces from my grandmother that are so special beacuse they are actual antiques! Why do tulips not last longer? I have some I bought on Thursday that are looking worse than yours! Glad you had a fun weekend! xoxo

  15. just came across your blog ;) you have such fabulous taste! what a great lamp! simply lovely! def would love to follow your blog!

  16. I love that lamp, and it looks fabulous now! You've got a new follower!

  17. Hi Michelle,

    I adore your grandma's lamp. The new shade is perfect and really gives it an update. I love hobnail milk glass, too. Looks great! I forget to take pictures all the time. I think it's a classic sign of a DIY'r :)

    Have a great week! xo

  18. What a great find! - You know you're having fun when you have no time to stop and take pictures :)

  19. I love it, Michelle! The detail on the post is so cute. Also, I love The Office, so this title rocks.

    Happy Monday! Can't wait to hear about your fun weekend (:

  20. Absolutely LOVE the lamp!! And the pineapple is so fitting for Charleston!! Glad you had a great time!! :)

  21. Your lamp looks very pretty and how special that it is your Nana's. Love the soft pink tulips! I always keep mine until the petals are falling off. They are such beautiful flowers.

  22. that lamp is awesome! Isn't it so much fun finding things in your grandparents attics, basements, storage sheds that they no longer want but would LOVE for you to have?! :)

    Glad your party was fun!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  23. Found you from MM! Super cute blog indeed! Can't wait to peruse through it. Do love the office photo in your sidebar and those risque bachlorette cookies!

  24. oh I love lamp too. lol Love the fact that it was free and your grandmoms! so sweet.
    Michele, do you mind if I show your DYI mirror on my blog?? thanks!

  25. found your blog on megan's this blog rocks post!! new follower!

  26. I love that lamp!! Is it old/Vintage?

    Oh and you tulips looks wonderful, I always keep my flowers until almost all the petals have fallen off. I just can't part with them lol.

  27. Very pretty - I bet you smile each time you walk by!
    Dropping by from How To's Day. Hope you'll come see DD2's picture wall we did for her.


  28. Great makeover! It's beautiful!

    Visit my blog to see how I turned a brass lamp into a Pottery Barn inspired lamp!


  29. This is so beautiful ... lucky, lucky you!

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow


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