Not-So-Valentiney: Special to Your Heart Art

Every year since I can remember, I've really disliked Valentine's Day. 
Call me a Grinch, but my gut reaction to those guys running around the aisles of CVS on V-Day Eve, searching for that perfect plastic rose just makes me want to roll my eyes.

Now you're probably thinking, Oh come on, Michelle! Where's the romance in you?!
It's there, I promise! David and I just choose to spread the love around all year. 
The things that really slap a smile on my face are less expected- random notes, my morning coffee drill
funny emails, hanging a pocket door (ha!) etc.

So we try to keep things special and lovey-dovey around our house all year long by surrounding ourselves with little momentos of our love. And I'm going to share some of those with you in this series. 

Hey, you might even find a corny Valentine's Day gift out of this!

Today's sappy piece?


Nothing says "I love you" more than personalized art. 

I try to contain most of our lovey dovey decor to our master bedroom. You know, so our family and friends don't have to stare at a "I heart David" poster when they visit :)

To the left of our bed, there are two pieces I made for David for our second wedding anniversary last May.

The lovebirds print is from Vol. 25's Etsy shop. The words are chipboard scrapbook stickers that I simply used to spell out the lyrics to an oh-so-sweet Jack Johnson song.

I actually used some fabric (I think from JoAnne's) as the backing for the prints. The traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton and so I thought that the fabric tied in the traditional gift nicely : )

How easy peasy is that?! Nothing to it. Yet when we walk by it each and every day, it makes us smile and say "awwww, love you hon." Or maybe we just have Jack Johnson permanently stuck in our head, either way  ;)

Here's another little DIY art project that I did. I can't remember if this was a gift for a certain occasion- I believe this was just one of those, "honey, I love you!" moments.

David is sort of notorious for flashing "I love you" in sign language whenever we're out in public. It's his cute way of telling me he's thinking about me without being too PDA. I know, seriously, how cute is that??! 
Seeee, I told you we have sappy in us!

I surprised David with this piece (pulled an image from Google and slapped it on some scrapbook paper) last year. It sits right above his drawers on the dresser, so that every time he pulls out a pair of socks, he gets the "ILY" sign. The print sits with a statue that we brought home from our honeymoon in Mexico (doesn't it look like a couple at the altar?!) and the world's most amazing smelling candle- Henri Bendel's Firewood candle.

Those are a couple of not over-the-top (or not-so-Valentiney!) yet still lovey dovey gift ideas.

Have any of you made any lovey-dovey special to your heart art?! If any of you are inspired and make your love some special to your heart art, email me with pictures!!

PS. For those of you who are wondering, I certainly asked D if he was okay with me sharing some of our silly little romantics and he responded- "Sure, just make me look cool." Ha. 

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  1. I love all this lovey art. I am going to have to make some of my own.

  2. Love this post because it really resembles what my Hubby and I have. We don't exchange gifts... no flowers... no candy, none of that. We will probly just have a nice [homecooked] dinner at home the weekend before Valentines day and just relax.

    Love all of the art! :)

  3. I think we have all the same music taste! At our wedding, each table had a frame with a line from one of our favorite songs and that's where people knew to sit. I have one in our room now, too. Your room is fantastic.

  4. Those are great ideas. I love the little sign language one print. Adorable.

  5. Great post! I love these creative, but not over the top, ways of saying I love you :)

  6. Very cute. I love the "I love you" sign photo. My mom used to always do that with us as kids. I should make her this.

    And, I love the fabric as a matting. I think I should try this.

  7. Another FABULOUS post! I too LOVE "special to the heart art" ... We have it ALL over our house! And ALL of it makes me so happy everyday! {not sure our guests feel the same! ha!}

    Thanks so much for sharing! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve for this series! :)


  8. I have to agree, the plastic roses make me gag. We are much more of a spread the love year round kinda couple as well :) LOVE the pieces you made, you seriously can't beat a home made gift!

  9. So adorable! I took sign language in high school as my language, so I love this print (: I think it's so funny that he does it in sweet. And tell me why everyone who we put on our blogs always says, just make sure I look cool or good or "don't post any embarrassing pictures!" Silly them (:

  10. I love it! I'm not into the candy and flowers thing. Don't get me wrong, I love candy and flowers, just not for V-Day!! Two of my favorite things I've been given by my sweet hubby are a stone in the shape of a heart he brought me back from Haiti not long after the earthquake, and a silver heart that opens from PB ( I have a sweet note from him I've been meaning to put inside). Love the wall art ideas!!

  11. Love this idea! I've been thinking about doing this for a while now with our first dance song from our wedding...but like everything else it seems, I havent gotten around to it yet. :) Adding the fabric backing to it is a great touch!

  12. our family totally does the i love you in sign language too!!! my fave is when i drop my son at school...he'll actually do it back to me as he walks up the sidewalk!

  13. Those are some really lovely ideas! I love how they fit in perfectly in your room, but are still really special to the two of you. =]

  14. This is such a sweet post!! Definitely full of sappiness and love!! : )

    I love that he does the "I love you" sign in hubby and I have a hand squeeze that we do. : ) Yay for love. It makes me so happy!

  15. I love personal art! These pictures are so great.

  16. love this! just enough lovie dovie-ness to keep the romance alive! haha...thanks for sharing these cutie pie ideas...hmmm now that I've got some inspiration maybe I'll make a lil somthin somthin for over the headboard...i've been trying to come up with an idea for a while now.

  17. Everything is so cute! I love the pretty blue backing on the prints :)

  18. Such a sweet idea. It gave me an idea for my husband, who traces "I [heart] U" on my arm when he can't say it out loud.

    And I told him about what your husband said when you asked him if you could share your cuteness and my husband's response was "that is exactly what I would have said." :)

  19. that is sooo cute, too! i need to make a picture of a couple with theit hands in each others back pockets.... cuz that's what we like to do in public. he he! kidding- i hope you know i am really kidding!

  20. Too funny! Chase does that same sign language thing!! Great guys think alike ;)

  21. ahh I completely agree! I love that you guys are cheesy too. We do cheesy stuff all year long. Doing it all on just one day? Too silly for us.

  22. Aww I love that. I agree too - it's much better to spread the love throughout the entire year.

  23. That is sooo sweet! I love it. I liked up from Finding Fabulous, thank you for sharing


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