Sweet Potato "Bird's Nest" Recipe with Spinach & Eggs

Sometimes I like to pretend like I know what I'm doing in the kitchen, especially when it comes to cooking dairy-free and with a "whole foods" approach. Last week, I posted one of our favorite family meals on Instagram- a sweet potato "bird's nest" with spinach and eggs- and a few of you asked me to share the recipe. So here ya go!

S W E E T   P O T A T O   B I R D ' S   N E S T

-three medium sized sweet potatoes, washed and chopped in half
-about 3-4 handfuls of fresh spinach, washed
-four eggs
-olive oil
-chopped garlic cloves (amount to taste)
-salt & pepper

1. Preheat the oven to 400. While the oven is preheating, chop your sweet potatoes. I used a zoodle machine to curl mine up into a "bird's nest." Although I guess it's not a "zoodle machine" if you aren't using zucchini? A swoodle machine? Stop me now....You could also finely slice them if you aren't into zoodling. [toddler friendly alert: sometimes I simply chop the sweet potatoes into chunks for the little ones! they often prefer that to the shoestring shape]

2.  Scatter your shoestring sweet potatoes across a baking sheet. Drizzle oil, salt and pepper across the potatoes and bake for approximately 15 minutes.

3. While the potatoes are baking, heat up a large pan on the stove with olive oil. Add the chopped garlic cloves. After 1-2 minutes, add the spinach and cook until wilted. Set aside.

4. Cook the eggs as you like them- for this recipe, I prefer over easy. [toddler friendly alert: I cook the kids' eggs scrambled. I simply chop the spinach up into the scrambled eggs and put that on top of their sweet potatoes]

5. Now it's time to assemble. Plate the cooked sweet potato shoe strings and arrange the potatoes into little "nests." Top with a serving of the cooked spinach and then an egg. Garnish with a little salt and pepper.

Serves four people. Can't beat toddler-friendly, healthy and delicous, amiright? My kids love this dish and it doesn't hurt that David and I do, too! 

Breakfast with Lilly Pullitzer for Target

It's finally here! Lilly Pullitzer for Target is available online and in stores near you. Target was generous enough to share a few of their home pieces with me and, guys, they're great. I set up a Lilly-inspired breakfast with the Lilly Pullitzer plates, Lilly Pullitzer mugs and Lilly Pullitzer pineapple serving bowl. More details on those homemade dairy free lemon donuts to come!

As you can see on my Instagram, Lu loves the Lilly Pullitzer pom pom pillow. The entire collection is amazing! I'm headed to my local store to pick up some of the adorable womens and toddler girl's clothes. This collection is not to be missed!

Happy Lilly Pullitzer shopping!

Travel Idea: A Girl's Trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico

my mint dress - Sarah's hot white dress (you should see the back!)

These are my beautiful friends, Melissa, Sarah and Courtney. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spend four amazing days with these gals (and 8 other amazing women!) in San Juan, Puerto Rico to celebrate my best friend Sarah's bachelorette party. A few of you asked me to share the details about our trip, so if you are planning a bachelorette party or girl's trip anytime soon, listen up!

First of all, we chose San Juan because a) it was warm in the winter, b) the city offers a great mix of beach and fun city life and c) flights and hotels are really not that expensive. Not much more than any other major American city. Plus, you don't have to have a passport or travel through international security. It's so easy! Just a few hours flight from Atlanta.

I mean, what bachelorette party is truly a party without some beachside cheerleading stunts?

We stayed at the La Concha Resort and I could not recommend it more. David and I actually stayed here a few years ago (check out that trip and couples/family friendly trip ideas for San Juan here). For only like $20 more a night, you can get a suite which has a living room, mini-kitchen and a separate bedroom/bath area. It was perfect for four women in each room (and would be so perfect for a family with little ones who need a separate, quiet space for a pack-n-play!). The hotel staff was incredible and, as you can see, the pool and beach areas are ridiculous. Poolside wait staff offering delicious cocktails? Yes, please.

I DIYed a few things for the trip, like the "Cheers Bitches" sign (simply traced glitter card stock and taped to fishing wire) and another friend (hi, Amy!) made those adorable floral crowns. We also got personalized Tervis tumblers and personalized sunglasses... we were quite the styling group!

We decided to take a relaxation approach to our itinerary- most of us got in on Thursday so we hung out at the hotel on Thursday night. Friday and Saturday were spent by the pool and beach during the day and out on the town at night. Then we all headed home on Sunday! 

As for restaurants, here's where we ate:

Solera, poolside at the hotel
Oceano, easy walk from the hotel, super chic atmosphere, great food
Barrachina, downtown Old San Juan with live flamenco dancers and Puerto Rican food

There was also an amazing sandwich shop across the street from the hotel which served fresh breakfast and lunch sandwiches, salads and some pretty legit green smoothies. 

We also spent one night dancing at Club Brava. 100% recommend this place- not only is it a fun dance club that plays a perfect mix of American rap/dance music and local Puerto Rican jams, but it's located in an awesome hotel. So you walk into the hotel to get to the club and find yourself in the world's coolest hotel lobby. There was a live band in the lobby with hundreds of people (seriously!) dancing to the Latin big band music. So fun. We almost just hung out in the lobby but of course the club jams were calling our names. Always a requirement to dance on elevated surfaces at a bachelorette party, amiright?

All in all, it was an amazing trip to San Juan. The perfect itinerary and locale for a girls trip or bachelorette party. Have you been? What are your favorite San Juan hot spots?

The Dream House: A Neutral & Blue Dining Room

In my head, we own a house. It's got windows and doors and counters and walls and floors and, well, I need to decorate it. In all actuality, we rent our home (although we actually own two... long story which you can catch here) and I've just got a flurry of ideas in my head about how to design and decorate a fake house. So I decided to pin it all down in a fun series here appropriately title: The Dream House.

Today is all about the dining room. While we used to be mainly kitchen table eaters, our little family has really taken to eating at the dining room table for most of our meals lately. You can glimpse into our current rental house's dining room here. It's a small room, but our big table and awesome benches give us enough space to gather. And it's freshly painted, as I decided to paint it by myself at 8 months pregnant last year. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

For our next home, I want to throw back to our first home's dining room and work the navy blue paint. Ah, how I miss that dining room! The wall color is definitely going to be the feature in the room and I'll simply add in a bunch of neutrals and pops of my favorite, classic Delft blue china here and there. David traveled a lot to the Netherlands for his previous job, so that pattern is special to us. Not to mention it's so preettttty.

 I'd love to keep a massive farmhouse table, although with a lighter wood. Maybe I'll sand down and restain our World Market table (which is on crazy good sale right now!)? I also definitely want to keep the bench situation, but maybe spruce it up with some buffalo plaid cushions. We need some storage space in the form of wall shelves and a sideboard, so those pieces are a necessity. I also realized I forgot to add window treatments to the mood board, but I would definitely do something warm and neutral, perhaps my favorite PB velvet curtains? Finally, I want to finish off the room with the custom piece of art I just purchased from House of Belonging (link below). I can't wait to show it to you guys in our rental house, it's so perfect to hang over the spot our family gives thanks each day.

Source list:

tufted chairs (these have stolen my heart)
bench cushions (not pictured but these are the benches we have)
sideboard furniture (although I'm tempted to DIY something like this!)
jute rug (such a good deal)
wall shelves (could also easily DIY)

Are you on board with the neutral and blue room? What's in your dream dining room?

For more in my "Dream House" series, check out these posts:

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