Pregnancy + Moving: A Few More Details

Earlier this week, I shared an update on the status of David and I selling our house, as well as our thoughts about being pregnant and moving at the same time. For a few more thoughts and details on that subject, head over to my latest BabyCenter post right here.

There are some great stories and conversations being shared by the BabyCenter readers, so if you or anyone you know has gone through or is going through the same major life shakeup, please come weigh in!

Have a great weekend!

Friday Find

I was browsing the aisles at good ol' Tarjay the other day and came across their new dish line.

Pure white ceramic goodness at ridiculously affordable prices?

Yes, please.

I loooove the little beaded dots around the rim!

Oh yeah, I'm totally that girl in the aisle at Target taking cell phone pictures for her blog. You love it.

So I think momma needs some new dishes, don't you?! Or at least the milk jug and that adorable cow creamer... even though I don't use cream nor have I had a sip of coffee (decaf or reg!) in the 4.5 months since I got pregnant (one of those weird food aversions!). But I still need Mr. Cow- he's adorbs.

Have you seen this adorable set over at Target lately? 
What other deals have you found out there in the world this week?!

Loving... All Things Blue

As you guys know from my dining room, living room and master bedroom, I've always been enamored with all things blue. It's a color that seems so soothing to me and I truly love every variation of it. But lately, blue has been on my mind more... hm, wonder why? ; ) 

Me and Pinterest are having a good ol' time lately pinning fun blue spaces. Don't these indigo hued interiors make you want to bring some blue into your space?





 Yes... the foyer and the kitchen are from the same house... incredible!



One of my favorite rooms ever... the Lonny dining room that inspired my dining room!


And did you see Jenny's latest blue DIY over on Little Green Notebook? That girl is amazing, seriously.

I could go on forever, swimming in these shades of blue. 
Have you added anything blue toned to your house lately?!

Selling Our House: An Update

Hi folks! Whew, it's been a whirlwind week already. I fully intended on posting yesterday, but time sort of got away from me with a busy work day. No worries, I'm back today with the update I promised you. 

 I've received a few emails and comments asking what the status is with selling our house. I've got a pretty short answer: we're still chugging along. Our home has officially been on the market for exactly a month now and we're sort of off to a slow (but optimistic!) start.

To start, we've decided to leave all decisions about pricing, market evaluation, etc. in the hands of our extremely capable listing agent. In the last month, we've had one showing (although we've got one scheduled for today-  fingers crossed!) with very positive feedback. Our house just wasn't "the one" for them.

Honestly, we're still really positive about the entire process. We understand the market is what it is and we're willing to be patient. David is absolutely in love with his new job, so the long commute is worth it. We know we made the right decision in that respect and can only hope that it's part of God's plan for us to move closer to David's new job, as well.

But... if not... I am not so sure I'll be devastated : ) Ol' preggo over here is getting a tad bit sentimental about leaving this house before the baby comes in September. David and I planned to raise a family in this home and it's kind of hard to let go of visions of our tykes scampering around. In fact, we were hanging out in the backyard Sunday afternoon and I couldn't help it, but a part of me thought: are we crazy for leaving this beautiful home of ours?!

{David swinging a golf club with Tucker & Maggie}

But, again, I think it's just the sentiments getting the best of me. 

For those of you wondering how we're handling selling the house + baby... as of now, we plan to pull the plug on selling the house by middle summer or so. We want the ability to settle down, complete the little guy's nursery, give me some time to nest, etc. And then maybe we'll put the house back on the market next spring. But then again, never say never... who knows what lies ahead.

In the end, David and I are fully invested in what the big man upstairs has ahead for us, so we're willing to sit back, have faith and find out what that is along the way. We're completely dedicated and committed to selling this house in the next couple of months (hello, we keep this place spotless and ready to show 24-7... now that is tough work!). We really appreciate all of your thoughts, prayers and support... it means the world to know we've got a great group of people behind us! So thank you.

And hey! Maybe today's showing will be fruitful... here's hoping!

Ten DIY Spring Projects

There have been so many amazing spring DIY projects out there already this season. Head over to BabyCenter today for a round up of one of my own spring projects and a few of my favorites that you guys have done!! Check out the post here.

Psst! I'll be back soon with an update on our moving situation!

DIY Spring Wreath

Hello hello! I don't know about you, but I am on a high from the all of this beautiful spring weather that we're having! I spent as much of this weekend as I could outside, soaking up the sun. Oh, and the pollen. But let's just pretend that nearly everything in the state of Georgia is not coated in about two inches of the yellow gunk. 

This weekend, I decided to dress up my front door with a spring wreath. I really just wanted something simple, organic and natural. Here's what I came up with!

Some might think it's a little sloppy looking, but it's exactly what I wanted! 

I simply wrapped faux greenery strands around a grapevine wreath, tucking in some stray wandering pieces while letting others hang. I think it's got a really natural, organic feel, don't you?

And it's the perfect spring compliment to our front door. (Get excited, Tucker & Maggie are peeking through the door on all of these shots. Duhhh... whatcha doin, mom? Ruff.)

Yes, I blurred out our address just like the press blurs out certain lady shots of Britney Spears getting out of a car. Got to keep some things private, right?

I think Mother Nature gives us some pretty good curb appeal, don't you?

Our new green spring wreath even looks pretty from the inside!

So there you have it. A simple and sweet DIY spring wreath. Have you cooked up any fun DIY spring projects lately?

The Hunt for A Journal


Hope you and yours are enjoying this lovely spring weekend! I just wanted to pop in to let you know about my latest post over on BabyCenter. I'm sharing all about my hunt for the perfect pregnancy journal and the types of memory keeping books that I found. I'd love some insight about whether you journaled your pregnancy and, if so, what methods you used. It's really a fun article if you're pregnant, shopping for a gift for a pregnant woman or just remembering your pregnancy! :  )

Head on over and check out the article here!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Friday Finds

This Friday, I thought I'd share a little retail loveliness from a couple of wonderful blog friends. Both of these ladies have recently decided to take the world into their own hands and open up a shop filled with amazing wares. Pretty cool, right? But the best part is... their stuff! I looove everything!

First off, my love Megan from Across the Pond (you might remember her after she popped up here on Ten June) just opened up a fabulous jewelry shop. Megs has handcrafted lots of fun necklaces, including these shiny beauts. Come to momma.

The best part is that these pieces are all reasonably priced. Makes them even more lovely! And yes, that is Megan herself modeling the necklaces. She's a model... and a neuroscientist. You can hate her, it's okay. But definitely check out her shop here!

Next up is my sweet friend Mackenzie from the adorable blog Design Darling. She and I actually got the chance to meet while in San Francisco last summer.

Michaela, Natasha, me, Tori (my sister), Mackenzie, Cristin and Kate
picture from Courtney

Mackenzie just opened up the smash hit shop, Design Darling. It's filled to the brim with beautiful preppy wares, like trinkets, home goods, office supplies, accessories and more. Here's a little sample of what you can get from her store. Trust me, it's yummy.

Some of my favorites?

The monogrammed lucite business card holder. Be still my heart.

The framed vintage silk scarves.

And the color block navy clutch.
Again, everything in Mackenzie's shop is reasonably priced as well. Makes you want to take it all home, right? Head over to her store here and shop away!

So those wonderful women have inspired this week's Friday Finds. 
Have you found anything fabulous out in the retail or thrift world lately?

Psst! Neither Megan or Mac sponsored or endorsed this post. In fact, they have no clue I'm even writing it! My Friday Finds series is about sharing great shopping sources, deals and steals from my world, and  I simply love the items in their shop and wanted to share. Happy shopping!

Loving... Buffalo Check

I'm not sure if it's spring fever or what, but lately, I have been drawn to all things buffalo check. Gingham prints are great, too, but there is something about those big fat plaid checks that get me every time.



So now I'm left wondering... where can I put some buffalo check in my house? Maybe some fun spring pillows? I'm more than sure the pattern will show it up in baby boy's room! Or maybe just this adorable Ikea duvet I spied over on my friend Andrea's blog? Love it!

By the way, you guys are seriously so sweet- thank you so so so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your support with this bambino. I know Ten June isn't a baby blog, but each and every time we've mentioned the baby, you guys have shown nothing but amazing support and love. It's really incredible. Makes this momma and daddy (and little boy Ten June!) feel really blessed.

Psst! Speaking of a baby at the Ten June house... check out my second BabyCenter post right here!
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