Allergy Free Valentine's Day Ideas for the Kiddos

Hello, hello! It's been awhile, but I wanted to drop by, say hi and wish all of my sweet online friends a happy Valentine's Day week. As I've mentioned before, David and I aren't much for V-day celebrations but with kids... well, every holiday is an excuse to celebrate!

But if you're like me and you've got a kiddo with food allergies [our 2.5 year old son has a severe dairy allergy- even simple contact with someone who has touched dairy can (and has) send him into anaphylactic shock much like a peanut allergy), holidays aren't always the most fun time. In fact, they can be kind of stressful. Birthday parties, family gatherings and holiday times cause the most anxiety for me in terms of HDawg's dairy allergy just because he's around different food and more people who don't understand the severity of his allergy. Side note: we purchased H this kids allergy bracelet and he loves it. We let him wear it when we're in new places like birthday parties- he thinks it's cool and I feel just a tad bit better knowing he's got some sort of notice about his allergy on him at all times.

I get lots of emails from readers asking for more posts on how we handle H's food allergy. We cook completely dairy free and mostly gluten and soy free on a pretty solid "whole foods" diet. Would you guys be interested to hear more about that here on the blog? Let me know!

Today, I want to help alleviate some of y'alls fears about Valentine's Day and share some allergy free (mostly non-food but at least free of the main food allergies) V-Day ideas for the little ones. Just like last year, I am using my "main squeeze" printable to send fruit pouches for the toddlers and infants in both kids classrooms. You can download your free printable HERE.

Here's a few more allergy-free ideas I love!

army Valentine from Armelle

dinosaur Valentine from Sweet C's Designs

"you're so sharp!" Valentine from Or So She Says

"blow me a kiss!" Valentine card from At Second Street

And of course you can always search Pinterest for more amazing allergy friendly holiday ideas.

I'm always pinning dairy-free, gluten-free and other allergy friendly foods over on Pinterest, so come follow me! And feel free to share any great allergy friendly ideas you've got.
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