Our Rental House: A Master Bedroom Tour

Hey guess what? We sleep in our new rental house. I promise. You may think we don't because, even though I've shared our new kitchen, dining room, office, living room and laundry room (slash secret passageway!), I haven't shared a tour of our master bedroom yet. #badblogger

So here ya go. Our master bedroom. What do they say on MTV Cribs? "Welcome to where the magic happens...." Yeahhh, that.

Oh, wait. Let me start with an empty before photo.

And our "just started decorating but still have a loooong ways to go" after.

We pulled in the chevron rug from the play room space in our old living room. I wish we could scootch (that's a technical term) the rug all the way in front of the bed, but the thick wool pile prevents the bathroom door from opening if we position the rug that way. And don't think I didn't try that with David- "Babe, do we really need to open the bathroom door? The rug looks so much cuter here."

I sort of recreated our old mantel on our new Ikea dresser with the same large mirror and faux greenery. I also added my grandmother's milk glass lamp and the DIY lovey dovey sign language art I made for David. I think this little vignette is one of my favorites in our new house, so far!

 Peace up, A Town down.

We've got some room to do something fun on this wall between the closet door and the bathroom door. If David ever gets his way, we'll have a TV there eventually. I'm not saying no... watching Real Housewives under the covers sounds great. I just forsee it being lots of Duck Dynasty, instead. Oy.

And I've already got an idea about what to do with this blank wall that sits opposite the dresser wall. Gallery wall, c'est possible?

Did I mention we have a big ol' closet? Well, not grandiose, but SO much more room than our old house, although we did our best organizing our old tiny closet and make it fancy schmancy (including my DIY curtains that replaced the old closet doors, loved those!).

I honestly think this our bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house, right now. It just feels so much more "us" than our old bedroom, which is kind of funny since it's barely decorated! The only thing we've got up is our favorite wedding photo that's been hanging above our bed since we were married. It's kind of disproportionate and tiny in this space, but I wouldn't have it any other way. And the rest of the decor? With time, little grasshopper. 

 1. Hang art on the wall.
2. Add a full length mirror.
3. Add new throw pillows
4. Add roman shades or curtains to the windows.
5. Find furniture if we decided on a TV for the room.
6. Buy/make new nightstands.

A New Blog Find: Made By Joel

I recently started reading Blog, Inc. (have y'all read it?!) and learned about a new blog from the book- Made By Joel. The blog is a chronicle of a man making toys for his children. I meannn, how cute is that? And since I love babies and all things DIY, it's totally up my alley. Check it.

He sorts his DIY tutorials by kids age, so it's totally easy to browse. Genius. 

There are soooo many cute ideas! And a lot of them are projects you can create with the kiddos, which is always a good time. Oh and he's got a great selection of free downloadable coloring pages.

I think I may have to download a few of those coloring pages and test them out myself with my nieces and nephew. Adults who color are weird, don't do that. I kind of want to

So, if you've got kids or know kids or have even just seen a kid at the grocery store, you've got to check out more of Joel's website. You'll be glad you did!

A Vintage Family Wedding

This weekend, David, H and I celebrated the new marriage of my brother-in-law, Gregg, and his beautiful bride, Brooke. I know weddings are always fun, but this was SUCH an amazing occasion. It was also a very special one for us; apart from being his youngest brother, Gregg is also one of David's best friends. Celebrating him and his new wife meant so much to us!

The wedding was held at an urban farm nestled right in the middle of Atlanta. The venue was equipped with a beautiful historic house, pretty landscaping and roaming goats and chickens. Brooke planned an incredible party- the details of the event were awesome. And she looked beautiful. You know what? I'll just let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy.

The wedding party was just adorable. I loved the bridesmaids' mismatched red and blue dresses.

And the groomsmen looked fly, too!

Hey, these two look like... brothers!

My nieces were the flower girls and my nephew the ring bearer. Baby HDawg was walked in during the ceremony by David and got to "stand" up front with the other boys for a little while. The kiddos were so sweet!

David and I had so much fun celebrating with our family. We're lucky to have such great relatives. Check out how sweet HDawg's aunt and cousins were helping him get ready!

I mean, I couldn't stay away from that mini-suit and bowtie either! : )

Here are David and his three siblings with the bride (from left to right: oldest- Jamie, youngest- Greggory, the bride- Brooke, second oldest- Kelly, David).

We tried a few times to get a good family shot, but most of them turned out kind of awkward.

Our babysitter got sick, so sweet little H toughed out the ceremony with us all night. We spent a lot of the night in this pose since he was soooo tired. Reasonably so, he lasted from 1 PM to about 10 PM without a good nap! Don't worry, I danced to T.I. holding H like this. Whatchu know about that?

And for those of you who like to see the details in fun events like this....

And my most favorite detail, H's shoes! : )

A few of you already asked me on Instagram where I found HDawg's outfit. His suit is from here (the exact suit I bought isn't available anymore, but it's the Kid's World brand like those I linked to), shirt from The Children's Place, bow tie from Etsy (don't know the shop, Brooke bought for him) and shoes from Target. He sho was styling!

All in all, we had an amazing weekend celebrating my little brother-in-law and his new wife. They are the sweetest couple and I'm so proud to call them family.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, Nate, for letting me borrow most of these pictures!

Wallpaper Sneak Peek + 30% Off Sale

Guess what I'm working with right now? 

A little bit of this...

...and a little bit of this.

Oh yeahh. Thanks to Sherwin Williams, I'm hooking up the rental house with some new wallpaper. Momma likes. I can't wait to see this fun little project come together.

Annnnd I just had to share with y'all because Sherwin Williams is having a 30% off sale this weekend! Through the 24th, all HGTV products (these wallpaper samples are part of the HGTV collection!) at Sherwin Williams are 30% off. That's HGTV wallpaper, paint, etc. That dolla makes me holla, baby. I can't believe I just said that. Stop me next time, please.

Find out more about the sale here!

I'm off to celebrate my little brother-in-laws wedding this weekend. What are you up to?!

Bookshelf + Built-In Shelf Styling

Earlier this week, I shared with y'all that I'm having a little trouble decorating the built-in bookshelves in my new living room. Sure, there's the obvious... books. But what about accessories? Picture frames? Tchotckes? I think it's one of those "the possibilities are endless" kind of things... I don't even know where to start. Good thing it's 2013 and we can call on Pinterest for help.

Say hello to these really bomb-styled shelves (that's a technical term). I've been jotting down mental notes and learning from these inspiring spaces. Aren't they amazing?










See what I mean? I could go on forever... there are a million fab ways to style a bookshelf. I think I just need to lay all my decor out on the floor, grab my friend Katelyn and a bottle of wine and go to town styling. Yee-haw! Any bookshelf styling tips you'd like to pass on?

Our Rental House: A Dining Room + Living Room Tour

Welcome, welcome to the next installment of our new rental house tour. I realize that this house is, um, not quite like our old house. But hopefully, like us, y'all see it's potential. And, of course, remember that it's only temporary! Once we sell our old house, our dream house is right around the corner.

On with the tour. Here's the dining room the day before we moved in. The handyman is still finishing up some of the kitchen renovations, so don't mind his rear end.


And what it looks like today!

Clearly, I didn't stage the room for pictures (this is a "keep it real"/before house tour!), so there's still a ways to go for a true "after" photo. But it's a start! David and I brought our furniture and rug from our old dining room. Right now, the leaf in the table isn't pulled out, but there's plenty of room in here to extend the table fully. Which is great for dinner parties.

You may notice that the table is off-centered in the room... it's actually centered to the light fixture. Which is kind of weird, by the way. Well, different. I haven't decided if I like it.

But anyways, the fixture is hung off-center to provide a hallway type walking space on the side of the table. That's the only access to the kitchen (besides the secret passageway) so I guess it makes sense. Slash it kind of drives me crazy. But I'll go with it!

Here's the dining room view from the kitchen.

What, you other bloggers actually clear the kid junk out of your frames before you snap photos? Oops.


1. Hang art on walls.
2. Paint walls?
3. Switch out light fixture?
4. Curtains for the windows. 
5. Go buck wild and paint the chairs?

On to the living room. It's a really good sized space, which I love. Here it is before we moved in.

Ah, a little scary, I know. I'm not a huge fan of the Berber carpet in the room (which is in okay condition, it was cleaned before we moved in, of course), but I layered our big Pottery Barn rug over it to hide most of it. David and I basically just transplanted all of our furniture/design elements from our old living room into this space. I think it works well!

Keep in mind that I haven't decorated at all in these pictures. The stuff you see on the mantel and on the floor are just thrown around randomly! Definitely not intentional.

I'm trying to create a little mudroom/entry space on this side of the room.

You like that over-used coat rack? Mhmm. You'd think 900 people lived here with us! Coats for all!

There are built-in shelving units on one side of the room, which are great. I need some major how-to-style-a-bookshelf tips, though. I'm having such a hard time getting it decorated!

I think it's a great space for us. The mantel is a little bit wonky (not sure what's up with the actual wood mantelpiece being so high? and the brick is sort of half-distressed, half-painted?) but I actually don't mind it too much.


1. Hang art.
2. Organize baby gear in room. (is this possible?!)
3. Decorate the built-in bookshelves.
4. Decorate the wonky mantel.
5. Add another rug to the entry area?

 And I'm sure there are a million more things I could do to the room. I can't even get on Pinterest anymore, there are so many fabulous DIY ideas floating around that I want to get my hands on! What do y'all think? Love our new rental space? I'll be back later this week with the last part of the tour... the bedrooms and bathrooms! Duh duh duhhhhhhhh!

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