Hot Momma Fashion: Hair Time

Hola! I'm back today with another update on my New Years resolution to stop dressing like a slob. And I've kind of got a dirty little secret to share. Even when I've been stepping up my game in the wardrobe department lately, I haven't really been doing the same in the hair and makeup department. That's why you usually see pics of me without my head in them. Oops. I've just gotten sooo lazy with hair and makeup. Like, I'm pretty sure my blow drying track record was 1:30 last month. And I keep my makeup bag in my car because all I really do is swipe on some bronzer and mascara in the parking lot of wherever it is I'm going. Yes, I'm officially hiding my head in shame.

Butttt, as part of my resolution, I decided that hair and makeup are on the agenda, too. And this week, I took a step towards making my hair look better.

Ok, here's the scary before.

Most of the time, I was so lazy that my hair got slapped up in a (ridiculously messy) bun. With a headband, if you're lucky. Sure, it's cute for one day... but every day and I was looking like a twelve year old coming home from soccer practice.

Sometimes I wore my hair down, but even then, my post-pregnancy hormones didn't really do much for me in the way of hair. Lots of hair loss minus all of my shine equals flat, boring hair

So, yesterday, I got a perm!

I'm just kidding. I went blonde!

Kidding again. I actually went pink!

 Seriously though, how funny are those? I literally spent last Saturday night laughing my butt off at these and texting these pictures to my friends. Oh, the little things. (You can play with your own styles here!)

In true life... I chopped my hair off!

Sorry for the fishy face, I can't take myself seriously in a selfie pic.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll know I've been pinning a few short hair options recently. I decided to go with a Julianne Hough look-alike cut... sort of a long bob with long bangs. I got about four inches off, so the new short cut ain't no joke. I plan to style it with wispy curls like this. At least that's the plan. My stylist said it wasn't too hard!

I love the cut and I really hope I can keep up with styling it. Momma's gotta look fly, after all. Honestly, it really does make me feel better to know I'm paying at least a little bit of attention to how I look. I feel more professional for work and more hawt for life in general. And isn't hawtness really the goal anyways? : )

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  1. i think when you say you got your hair did, you have to say hair like "har". try again.... ok better. :)
    love the new do! adorable!!! you were adorable before though, too, just so ya know. now you just need apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur.

  2. You are hilarious! Love the new cut, very cute!

  3. I remember when my kids were little (a gazillion years ago!) I quit shaving my legs for about a year... something's gotta give, right? Great that you're working on it, but it'll get easier. You're in the middle of a move, have a new baby - I'd say you're doing really well! :)

  4. Your hair looks great! I have a 4 month old and did the exact thing! I found I wasn't spending the time to blow dry my long hair and was always throwing it up in a messy bun. Now that it doesn't take as long to dry I find myself actually styling my hair! Also there's less hair for him to grab onto and yank!

  5. Looking good! I lost SO much hair with baby boy #2 that my family thought I was seriously ill! ;)

  6. Woo woo! I LOVE it! And that photo is hilarious...I feel the same way. That is exactly why there is no pic of my bangs on the ole blog. Something about new hair always feels great! (And makes it fun for me for about a week to style it--and then that wears off haha.)

  7. Cute haircut! It looks really good on you - I would say it's gettin hawt in here :)

  8. I knew you were up to something with those pins! So amazing. It's darling on you. Really really cute. You can pull anything off. Lucky lucky girl.

  9. Hello, MILF, how YOU doin'.....

    You rock that sassy bob!! I freaking love it. I'm laughing my ass off at your Minaj hair, omg.

    P.S. Isn't Mother Nature cruel post-partum? Like it isn't enough what we go thru to give birth but she makes our hair fall out too?! Mine didn't get back to normal until I was done w/ nursing. I still put it in a messy bun....but it's a SHINY, THICK messy bun. =]

  10. I love the way you styled it. I have really short hair right now but I want to grow it out to about this length. How did you fix it like that?

  11. Hahha!! Hilarious. Still.... :)

    Love the new do! Didn't know you got it cut! Very cute :)

  12. Love the haircut! You look awesome - even with the fish face ;)

  13. this is a the perm!!!! but am glad you opted for just the cut in the end. You look fabulous with your new shorter do, fish face and all! hot momma!

  14. Super cute new haircut!! Looks great on you!


  15. Love the new hairstyle, it looks great!! I'm horrible about styling my hair (honestly, it's Wednesday and it hasn't been washed since Sunday morning.....)

    I don't see the winner of the Kirklands Giveaway! Can you tell us who it is?


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