Hot Momma Fashion: Part III

Hiiiii, friends! This wanna-be fashionista (wow, never thought I'd be using that word to describe myself) is back with another "Hi, I'm a mom but I can still look cute" post. I promised myself that I'd keep up with fashion in 2013 (well, to the best of my sweatpants-loving ability) and here I am, keeping myself accountable here on the el bloggo. 

Casual fashion tip: keep it klassy.

And to be reallly classy, you spell it with a K. Duh.

Even though it's fun to bring trendy elements to an outfit, don't forget that all of our favorite good ol' classic pieces can bring style to an outfit, as well. Think something your grandmother would wear. Like what? Try a chunky bauble necklace or a pair of polka dotted tassel loafers. In my opinion, these kinds of pieces scream style. And klass. 

necklace from Charming Charlie's

loafers from Target

Workplace fashion tip: bring in the unexpected.

chambray shirt from Target, skirt- really old from my mom's closet, 
necklace from World Market
 First of all... woah! I have a face! And I'm posing it in my best Zoolander fashion. I'm? Blue? Steel?

Workplace fashion doesn't have to be all pencil skirts and pointy toe heels. And when I say that, I'm directing that mainly to myself. Step outside of the box and add a casual piece to a workplace outfit, like my chambray shirt and black skirt combo. Granted, this was for a more casual Friday at the office, but I still think it was fun to bring in denim to a workplace outfit in an unexpected way.

What are you wearing this week?

Oh, hey...   h a p p y    V a l e n t i n e ' s    D a y !

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  1. This post speaks to last name is Klaas with a ''K"!

  2. Hahaha. So funny!! Girl you are keeping it klassy!! Woo woo. Love the chambray shirt for work. Too cute. And those loafers? I missed those on my latest target trip! Love them. I have to admit---in trying to be "hip"...I just got bangs. Yep. I did it. :) And I love them! Now I just need to some big rimmed glasses.

  3. I love mixing in chambray! Granted, my workplace is a preschool, but it sure beats holiday themed sweaters. ;-)
    xo Heidi

  4. The necklace with the gold cardigan is perfection. I love that! Navy is my new favorite neutral, and with spring approaching (hopefully soon) navy looks so wonderful with brights or pastels. I cannot wait to head over to Charming Charlie :)

  5. Well you're the cutest hot mama! I love that necklace!!


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