DIY Valentine's Day Art + Gift Ideas

Heyyyyyy friends. Hope you guys are having a great week so far! So, I've shared with y'all before, but David and I share a tad bit of Grinch in us when it comes to Valentine's Day. We're honestly not really big celebrators of the holiday. Sorry, Valentine's Day. We're just not that into you.

Of course, this year, with our little H Dawg bug around, things will probably be different. And as he grows, we'll obviously start up with the fun V-day treats, notes and love gifts. But until then, we like to keep Cupid's holiday low-key around here. That's why, in years past, I've shared with you my version of a Valentine's Day series- the Ten June Not So Valentiney V-Day Series! In this series, I shared a couple of sweet but not too sappy gift ideas for your love. They're really ideas that you could use year-round, which wins points in my book.

Some of my favorite ideas from the Not So Valentiney series are ideas for "special to your heart" art. I've got some cute DIY art around my house that lends more than just decor elements to each room. These are sentimental pieces I created to remind me and D of our wuv. Yup, just said wuv. Who said I wasn't sappy?

I created this printable by simply finding a sign language "I love you" via Google, printing and gluing on top of some textured scrapbook paper. Now it sits on our dresser, greeting my wuv (see, I've caught the bug) every single day. Boom. Easy peasy.

Over by our bed, we have a framed wedding photo and a couple of pieces I created with chipboard letters, a print from Etsy and fabric as matting.

In the hallway next to our bedroom, I have a shadowbox filled with some of our wedding items.

Can't you feel the wuv? You can learn more about these pieces (and a few more!) here and here.

Do you decorate your home with lots of sweet sentiment?!


  1. love, the sign language art. need to do this. we do that sign w/our kids all the time when they're driving away on the bus and when we tuck them in at night, so it would be so meaningful. thanks for sharing. love it! or i mean "wuv" it! ;) ha.

  2. I too love the sign language art. Our youngest just finished up a semester of American Sign language. This would be a sweet gift for her. I love all the personal touches.

  3. I love the sign language art and the wedding shadow box! I have been wanting to do something with my bouquet for a while! This is it. :) Thank you for sharing!

  4. I'm with you -- we are NOT big Valentine's Day celebrators and I steer clear of V Day decor. I always do little treats for the kids and cards for the hubs, but that's it.
    Love the fabric backing on your bedroom art -- or should I say "wuv nest"? ;-)
    xo Heidi


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