A Blogging Break

Hey hey hey. I hope you guys are doing great on this beautiful summer Monday. I have some exciting news... after a six month hiatus, I am officially back to work this week! I found a great job that I am truly excited about and I feel will be a great fit for me professionally and for my family. Can't beat that.

Miss June bug started daycare today (momma only cried for a minute in the parking lot!), so this week will be filled with lots of new but exciting adjustments for our little family. 

I'm not sure what my new job will mean for the ol' blog, but I plan on slowing down a little bit in these first few weeks as we adjust to our new normal. I am certain that I will be able to adjust back into a routine of loving on my hubs and babies (clearly priority #1!), working my butt off at my new job and keeping up with the things I love, like blogging and doing projects around the house.

Until then, don't be surprised if you hear a few crickets over here on Ten June. I'm still here, I promise!
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