Light + Bright Decor {Inspiration to Reality}

Holy smokes, guys. It has been a crazy week for me! Since I woke up last Saturday morning (after getting back home from the Haven conference), I have been working non-stop. Luckily, I'm closing up the big deal I've been working on today, so life should be able to slow down. I'm sorry about the light blog posting all week and I'm sure I owe all of you an email... I'm on it this weekend!

Meanwhile, I wanted to share some design images that have been inspiring me lately (you may have seen some of them pop up if you follow me on Pinterest!). And here's a hint: there's a clue in each of these photos that gives you a sneak peek as to what my weekend project is going to be. Mhmmm, this girl has got a little something something up her sleeve!



So, any guesses on what I'll be working on this weekend? Fifty points to whoever figures it out! : ) I know, this is kind of a tough one. Muhahahahahahaha (that's my evil laugh!). Always something a-brewing at the Ten June casa!

Happy Friday, friends!

Multi-Colored Spray Painted Rocking Chair {A Nursery DIY}

Hi friends! I am sooo excited to share a fun little DIY project that we recently did for our little guy's nursery. In fact, this is DIY project #1 for that room! Exciting times : )

Throughout our life, my grandmother, otherwise known as MaMa (or my mom's mom) let us play on this pint-sized rocking chair that she was gifted as a child. I'm not going to date her exactly, but this piece of furniture, which is solid wood, is 70ish years old! Apparently she absolutely loved it as a kid and would sit by the fire on her childhood Georgia farm, rocking the nights away. So sweet and sentimental, right?! Well, she has always promised us grandkids that she would pass down the rocking chair to the first born great-grandkid. And guess what my little pea pod is? The first great-grandkid! So he gets his turn at the rocking chair now and of course will pass it around and share with his siblings and cousins.

Here's the rocking chair before we did any paint magic to it. My MaMa asked me to spruce it up with a little paint since it was chipped in some areas. 

I know, it's so cute, right? Perfectly made for teeny-tiny little bottoms!

The first thing we (and by we, I mean David, since this preggo can't get near spray paint!) did was paint the chair with a coat of primer spray paint. I love Zinsser primer- it's my go to for any surface. Honestly, with that kind of primer, you don't even have to sand down the piece very much! It sticks to any surface. We just wiped it down and sort of lightly brushed off the top layer.

Yes, we spray paint on ripped up dog food bags. And yes, my backyard is really a jungle of weeds. Growing grass in this spot hasn't really worked out that well for us.... ; )

Oh! And before I forget, David got to use a new tool out of my Haven Conference swag bag! Rust-Oleum gifted me with this awesome spray paint trigger, made to provide a little comfort to all of us crazy peeps who like to spray paint everything in sight. Per David, it rocked! It definitely made spray painting easier and more comfortable. You can find one for you right here. And no, the peeps over at Rust-Oleum didn't ask (or pay!) me to say this, we just really like the product. Thanks Rust-Oleum!

Then we painted the chair with a coat of white semi-gloss spray paint. The finish just wasn't doing it for us. It was time for a little more funk. So we broke out the high-gloss white and went to town.

Doesn't he look all shiny and new?!

Nothing screams hottie like a spray-painting project and Crocs. Lay off ladies, he's mine ; )

Once the last glossy white coat dried, we taped off the areas around the bottom so that we could spray the rockers. I had seen this post over on Christine's blog a few months ago and was completely inspired. I love the fun touch of color on the rocker and knew I had to try it with this piece.

You could probably tape off more to protect your piece from over spray (in fact, I was kind of panicking and thinking that we should), but David broke out his spray painting swagger and felt like he could paint slowly and carefully to prevent any over spray. And it worked! Call him King of Spray Paint. No really, he'd probably love it.

Oooooh, yeah. Let the fun begin.

And the finished product? An adorable little multi-colored spray painted rocker for our guy's nursery!

I draped a few of baby Ten June's blankets and swaddling cloths over the chair for these photos, but I'm thinking I'll have to break out the sewing machine and craft a "made-for-tiny-rocking-chair-butts-only" pillow! Everything else is too big to fit this adorable little chair.

Shawdy's looking good from the back, too.

How beautiful is the basketweave on the chair? I'm so in love with this little guy!

So there you have it! Our first DIY for the nursery. I can't wait to see my little man sitting in the rocking chair, reading a book. Thank you so much for passing this amazing family piece down, MaMa. It means so much and I know your sweet great-grandson will love it!! : )

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Haven Conference 2012 Recap {Hanging Out With Strangers I Met On the Internet}

Hi friends! Hope all of you had a fabulous June weekend. I actually had to work all weekend to catch up on the time I took off last week for Haven. One of those crazy end-of-the-quarter weeks filled to the brim with closings... you know how it goes! But it was totally worth it, since I had a blast at Haven.

The DIY + home design + blogging conference was held in Atlanta last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Hosted by some fabulous bloggers and sponsored by some amazing brands, the conference was a hit. Seriously- everyone loved every minute!

This was my first blogging conference, so I didn't quite know what to expect. Let's just say my expectations were exceeded! This conference gave us the perfect amount of time to socialize with our fellow bloggers, network with sponsors and attend really great educational sessions- some about DIY and some about blogging. Seriously, the perfect mix. I took classes on carpentry from Ana White, thrifting from Mr. Goodwill Hunting, blogging from a panel of bloggers (like Sarah, Myra, Tracie, Beth and Rhoda), photography from Layla and Kevin at the Lettered Cottage and a class on home design. One of my favorite classes was the home design class, where I learned so much from blogger Darlene at Fieldstone Hill and two of my favorite Atlanta designers and friends, Erika from BluLabel Bungalow and Sherry from Sherry Hart Design. There was so much talent at the conference, it was crazy!

I was kind of a bad blogger and didn't take too many pictures. I felt awkward enough staring down ladies I thought I "knew" and mustering up the courage to go say hi! We all kept joking and saying, "wow, we're just hanging out with a bunch of strangers we met on the Internet, aren't we?" Ha!

But during the first night's kick-off cocktail party, I quickly learned they were more than strangers... more like old friends who love all of the exact same things you do. It was pretty cool.

Thursday morning started off with a bang as John and Sherry from Young House Love took the stage. They are just as honest, hilarious and down-to-earth as you would imagine. Oh, and they're definitely all kinds of bad a$$ bloggers. Seriously, they're blogging geniuses! I was happy to have a few moments to chat with them at the Wednesday evening cocktail party. Little Clara loved my baby bump and, as she rubbed on it, even guessed that it was a boy! Clairvoyant Clara, I like it.

After the YHL speech, it was time to dive into some classes!

Ana White showing us how to make a shelf unit.

The beautiful (and smart! there are seriously some smart-cookie bloggers out there!) ladies on the "How to Grow Your Blog" panel- Myra, Sarah, Rhoda, Tracie and Beth.

Sherry from Sherry Hart Design explaining how to mix fabrics + patterns. Genius session.

In addition to the great classes, it was also so much fun to meet and network with so many great bloggers. These ladies are incredible- they're kind, they're sweet, they're genuine... I was blown away by all of the awesome folks that I met! Here's a little montage of some of my favorite ladies.

Oh and helllooooo. The swag bag. How have I failed to mention that so far? The Haven conference hooked us up with some amazing swag to take home. From Kreg to 3M to Frog Tape to Annie Sloan to Rustoleum, we got it all. Well, you can see my loot below. 

I actually won the Kreg jig and clamp in a raffle. How cool?! Now I need to come up with a new project to use those bad boys. And thanks to all of you lovely ladies who helped this preggo chick carry all of this stuff around all weekend. Yes, I kind of looked like a hot mess squeezing past the rows of chairs and waddling up to the stage to claim my big ol' heavy tool package. I'm sure it was a sight ; )

Oh and not pictured is a fun new Rustoleum product we got... I've already whipped out a project from it that I can't wait to share with all of you tomorrow. It's a fun nursery project and I'm kind of obsessed with it....

All in all, Haven was the bomb. Dot com. It feels kind of like summer camp ended and I just can't imagine how I will be able to make it until next summer. Luckily, I collected a big ol' stack of business cards so I can go through those and visit the blogs of all of the lovely ladies I met throughout my time at the conference. Oh and I think my new business card was a hit! I passed a lot out, so hopefully I'll be able to meet lots of new friends.

Thank you so much to Rhoda and her team for hosting Haven. We can't wait until next year!

So there you have it- my Haven Conference 2012 recap! It was great meeting you, if you were there, and if not... I better see you next year!! : )

Feeling Inspired

Hi friends! We've hit the ground running here at the Haven Conference in Atlanta. I am so excited to be attending the conference- it's such a blessing to have the opportunity to be inspired by all of these creative folks. Not only have I already met so many amazing people, I've also already learned about so many great things. Like I said, these people are inspiring! Kind of like the paint chip art wall above... how cool is that? I love when people think outside of the box.

Tomorrow and Friday will be filled with great classes about home decor, DIY life and blogging. I can't wait to relay all of the great information I learn back to all of you! I certainly expect to come back home feeling inspired and ready to crank out some great projects : )

Don't forget to follow me and all of the fun Haven events on Instagram or Twitter!

Have a great end of the week, everyone!

Sea Shell Decor

Like it or not, summer is upon us! If you're like me and you like to add a touch of the season to your home, it's time to liven up the old casa with some fun summer nostalgic decor. In the summer, I love adding sea shells around my house to remind me of great beach vacations that we've taken in years past. Of course, I try to limit the shells to vignettes throughout the house so we avoid a full-on sea shell theme.

This photo actually shows our sea shell haul this year from Florida. I think we did pretty good! As David would say, the mini shells are for the little pea pod and the big shells are for Me-shell. Get it? Sea shells for Me-shell. Never gets old. 

Now that I've got a loot of awesome shells (and a collection from other trips), I've been doing a little Pinterest browsing for sea shell home decor projects. I've found some really great ideas! 

 sea shell lights from Martha Stewart

sea shell mirror from HGTV

sea shell monogram from Etsy

shell art from Sand & Sisal

sea shell picture frame from Beach Grass Cottage

sea shell candles from Martha Stewart

sea shell chandelier from Beautiful Beach Weddings

sea shell flower pots from Martha Stewart

sea shell wind chimes from Live Free

Hmmm! My little brain is a-spinning with options. It seems like Martha has some great ideas- she really knows how to tear up a sea shell project! Needless to say, I spy a DIY project in my near future....

So tell me, have any other awesome sea shell decor ideas to share?

Chillin' on the Beach & A Winner

As y'all know from this bathing suit baby bump post, David and I (along with my sister, Tori, and her sweet boyfriend, Jason) checked out and headed to the beach a couple of weeks ago. Specifically, we went to Navarre Beach, Florida, which is a spot my family has vacationed at for years. We had a ball relaxing in our ocean-front condo, chillin' under an umbrella on the water and doing literally nothing. It was amazeballs.

David thinks it's officially hilarious to try and make the "awkward maternity heart pose" every time we take a photo. So I oblige. We're cool like that.

Isn't my sister the prettiest?! Jason, you're pretty too of course ; )

Navarre has a huge natural preserve that is right next to the condo we stayed in. It was really cool seeing all of the nesting seagulls and signs saying "sea turtle nests" all over the place! The sunsets were just gorgeous.

Um, by the way, I am loving PicMonkey. Look how many cool variations I got from this shot!

Even once the actual sun set, it was beautiful! A moon-set, if you will.

We had some overcast mornings, but the ocean water color stayed beautiful.

While we were in such a picturesque locale, I forced sweetly asked Tori to take some preggo photos of David and I. Minus our windswept hair, I think they turned out pretty fabulous!

Gimme your best "Blue Steel."

Yeah, that husband of mine is pretty handsome, isn't he?

All in all, the trip was perfection. I could actually stand to set up shop on the beach until September, when our little pea pod is due. Whatcha think? Who wants to join me for some virgin margaritas?? : )

Psst! I updated the Shabby Apple giveaway post with the $50 gift certificate winner!
Check it out to see if you won!
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