Sea Shell Decor

Like it or not, summer is upon us! If you're like me and you like to add a touch of the season to your home, it's time to liven up the old casa with some fun summer nostalgic decor. In the summer, I love adding sea shells around my house to remind me of great beach vacations that we've taken in years past. Of course, I try to limit the shells to vignettes throughout the house so we avoid a full-on sea shell theme.

This photo actually shows our sea shell haul this year from Florida. I think we did pretty good! As David would say, the mini shells are for the little pea pod and the big shells are for Me-shell. Get it? Sea shells for Me-shell. Never gets old. 

Now that I've got a loot of awesome shells (and a collection from other trips), I've been doing a little Pinterest browsing for sea shell home decor projects. I've found some really great ideas! 

 sea shell lights from Martha Stewart

sea shell mirror from HGTV

sea shell monogram from Etsy

shell art from Sand & Sisal

sea shell picture frame from Beach Grass Cottage

sea shell candles from Martha Stewart

sea shell chandelier from Beautiful Beach Weddings

sea shell flower pots from Martha Stewart

sea shell wind chimes from Live Free

Hmmm! My little brain is a-spinning with options. It seems like Martha has some great ideas- she really knows how to tear up a sea shell project! Needless to say, I spy a DIY project in my near future....

So tell me, have any other awesome sea shell decor ideas to share?


  1. We have a ton of shells from the beach and a few months ago I made a 'sea shell wind chime'. I got a good sized {thick} stick as the top piece. Sanded it down to make it look 'aged'. After drilling small holes through each shell, looped some twine through and attached 4 different sections to the large stick. It now hangs under our patio and when it's breezy it really does make sort of a wind-chimey sound :)

  2. I love the shell art from Sand & Sisal; I think I'll try this with my large collection of shells collected when I was living in Florida. I do not have a specific beach themed space but I do have a bathroom that could use some aretwork on the walls. Thanks for sharing.
    Lori D.

  3. We used to just throw ours in a huge vase when we lived in FL, but I love the idea of turning them into a fram! Can't wait to see what you come up with!:)

  4. Gorgeous coastal chic inspiration! Makes me wish we lived by the ocean again!

  5. Love all the ideas! I have shells displayed in shadow box frames and love them (similar to the pic you posted) however mine are single starfish. I love the small rows of shells in frames too!

  6. These are great. I always collect a million shells each year when we go to the beach and then they just sit in a box. I love these ideas!

  7. I just pinned this idea a few days ago! Spray paint them metallic for an unexpected twist. Would be cute at Christmas with pinecones.

  8. I especially love Sand and Sisal's wall art. So pretty!! Enjoy the conference!

  9. I'm from Florida so sea shells make me feel at home. I love these ideas for decorating with them, especially the framed ones.


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