Hello, Third Trimester!

Believe it or not, I'm twenty-seven weeks along in this pregnancy! Isn't that crazy talk? Time flies. Some sources say the third trimester begins at 27 weeks, some at 28. Either way, it's just about here. 

My little guy is growing like a weed. He's a great size already and is cracking David and I up with all of his crazy kicking. He's definitely going to be a full-blown ninja by the time he arrives in the world, I'm sure of it. My pregnancy has really been amazing- minus the bout with bronchitis a couple of weeks ago. But my health is just about back to normal, so things are great. Lots of blessings around here! I'm really lucky that I love being pregnant so much.

Both David and I are diving right into this parenting thing... these days, our world consists of chatting about items to add to the baby registry, researching parenting questions and reading parenting books (have any of you read On Becoming Babywise? it seems life-changing!). And don't worry- we're also enjoying our time with each other, our pups and our family and friends.

We're also still keeping up with my weekly pregnancy photo. Wanna see the progress so far? These pictures span from week five to week twenty-five.

Since we were on vacation last week, we missed week twenty-six. Oops. I'll probably fake it when we take the week twenty-seven picture this week. Shh, don't tell baby Ten June ; )

For the most recent update, here's a shot of the bump this week (actually yesterday).

Little guy is a-growing!

Oh and if you missed me being a crazy person and posting a picture of my pregnant self in a bathing suit, you can always check out this post, too. Thanks to all of you who left sweet comments... you make me feel like a million bucks!!!

If any of you have any tips about hot items to add to our registry or any great "how to handle the third trimester" advice, they are certainly welcomed!!

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Yay for the third trimester! I read Becoming Babywise, and it helped TREMENDOUSLY with getting my son to sleep through the night. The first month, he was nocturnal- and my husband I were utterly drained. I started dreading sundown, as I knew I would be so tired but not get a wink of sleep. At 4 weeks, my friend came to visit me and insisted that I get the book. I was so desperate for some sleep, I packed the little guy up, went to Barnes & Noble, and read the entire book in a day. The first day we tried the Babywise method, he slept 5 hours straight! We have very few bumps in the road since then (if any!)- at 4 months he started sleeping 11-12 hours straight! I know some people are very anti-Babywise (as they adopt more of an attachment parenting method), but for us- it was amazeballs! Of course, the first few weeks should be all about cuddles, bonding, and letting the baby know you are there whenever- so I don't know that I would ever start babywising the moment the baby comes home from the hospital (as I know some parents have done...with success too!). So, there's my 2 cents- haha!

    BTW- is that a maternity tank (the striped one)? and where is it from?

  2. Hi! I rediscovered your blog recently and saw you were prego! I'm 27 weeks as of yesterday so looks like we're about the same along! Hope you are feeling great!

  3. You are all BELLY and so stinkin' cute! Love the photo updates :)

  4. Hi there,

    I certainly don't want to start a debate, but the American Association of Pediatricians has labeled Babywise as dangerous. I think there are a lot of other options out there that haven't been condemned by the medical community. I'm a devout attachment parent, so I'm sure my methods wouldn't appeal to you (if you are into babywise), but there are others that don't potentially cause failure to thrive.

    One thing you'll learn is that cry it out is one of the most controversial topics amongst moms - I've had to train my husband not to talk about it at gatherings since you can really offend people one way or the other.

    Anyway, you look awesome!

    1. Amen.

      Baby needs to be fed on demand (not on a schedule - and yes, if you're nursing, this means you're a 24/7 drive-thru and dairy cow for the first two months. You just are) and paid attention to on-demand upon arrival into our scary strange world.

      Scheduling an infant is ... well, if some mothers can listen to that crying at night and be fine with it, they are far, far, stronger than I am. You cannot spoil a baby. You just can't.

  5. I would look a little deeper into Babywise and the couple that wrote it. They have very little actual experience and very little medical education. Babywise was struck down by the American Association of Pediatricians as dangerous due to so many related cases of infants who developed failure to thrive or suffered from malnutrition and starvation. Im a nurse practitioner at a children's hospital and strongly discourage Babywise parenting due to what I have seen. There are other parenting books out there that help you get baby on a schedule safely.

  6. You look adorable!! I love your weekly pics. And baby boy will never be the wiser if you have to fake a week in there :)

    Good luck with Babywise. I know it's fairly controversial among moms, but really, you just have to do what's best for you and your babe! Listen to your gut when you try out anything- that motherly instinct won't fail you. I had a really hard time with my daughter in the beginning and read, oh, a million books trying to figure it out. But you do figure it out!

  7. How fun! My advice on the third tri is to sleep sleep sleep ;)

  8. I followed Babywise and both of my girls slept through the night at 6-8 weeks and are thriving 18 month and 2 1/2 year olds.

    You look adorable pregnant and I love that bathing suit! Where did you get it from? I am looking for something similar as I am pregnant with my third!

  9. Babywise is atrocious. Good luck with that. I think you'll find that the recently much-maligned attachment parenting will line up with the VERY REAL biological instincts that are going to kick in after the little ninja arrives. He will cry and You Will Go To Him. You won't be able to not. Resist that and your mind may fall apart. That's evolution keeping human babies alive by causing parents to respond to their needs. Don't mess with science.

    I certainly didn't intend to go AP and I don't really strictly adhere to it, however, I found that the things that came most easily and naturally to me ended up falling on the AP side and NOT the babywise side. Google that book name and you'll find ample discrediting information.

    I didn't even mean to comment on this - it's like the third rail of parenting. But I just think that there is SO much pressure on a new mom's mind and those hormones are going to rage in ways you can't possibly prepare for right now that setting yourself up to go against nature could put you at risk for post-partum depression past the general "baby blues" which are very real, too.

    Now, on to the happier stuff:

    Here's my unsolicited, but hopefully helpful list of top 5 things - and only things - you really need for baby:
    1. Side-snap shirts. Because babies have bobbly little heads and even the cutest onesie is kinda scary to stuff baby into and peel baby out of. Our kid live in side snap shirts for the first month. That and a blanket - all the clothes he needs!
    2. My Brest Friend nursing pillow. Everyone registers for the Boppy. It's everywhere. It's not nearly as helpful as the My Brest friend. Terrible name, great product. Seriously. Even if you don't nurse, it's a good platform for bottle-feeding.
    3. SwaddleMe swaddling blankets. Because trying to swaddle with a regular blanket makes sense on a stuffed animal during birthing class but markedly less sense at 2am when you're trying to soothe the baby. And the "Miracle Blanket" has too many steps. Get this one. You can find it Ross or Marshalls nearly all the time for cheap.
    4. A swing. So necessary. Babies love movement! And mom and dad love a few second off to eat or shower!

    5. And the MOST important: a good baby carrier. DO NOT get a baby bjorn. Like the Boppy pillow, they are everywhere and you see tons in use, but it's such a vastly inferior product I cannot for the life of me figure out why it sells like it does. It dangles your child from his crotch. It crosses your back at precisely the point guaranteed to fatigue you quickly and ensure you Stop using a baby carrier early in baby's life. It's awful.

    Instead, I recommend two carriers: a Moby Wrap for when he's brand new. And then an Ergo baby carrier when he's older. Both carry the child in a far healthier position with less risk of hip displaysia than the bjorn. And they are far more comfortable for parents as well.

    Yes, "babywearing" is one of those obnoxious attachment parenting things, but darned if it doesn't work. I made fun of it. Then I tried it. It gave me back my freedom and my sanity. Baby fussing? Strap him on! You want to eat lunch? Vacuum? Go for a walk? Go to a crowded mall? not have to find/wait for the elevator, ramp, other stroller-friend entrance? Strap that baby on and get going! Baby's happy. You're happy. Daddy and grandparents can wear the baby, too. It really is lifesaving. If you're going to nurse, you can nurse in a carrier and you can do it while shopping at the mall and no one will even know what's going on. You'll feel like a MamaNinja with crazy covert skills. And you'll feel like a bada** when you aren't struggling with a giant stroller and when you've got the quietest, happiest baby around.

    Go forth and arm yourself for parenthood appropriately!

  10. I hope I didn't sound too negative. Now I'm worried I sound like a Negative Nancy!

    To be more positive: the first few weeks are going to be like the worst college all-nighters all strung together and you'll be insanely fatigued. Make sure someone is around to keep you fed and watered ;) You and your husband learn to care for the baby and everyone else cares for you - that's the perfect-world version of how it should work. The real world version is everyone wants to see the baby and feed the baby and hold the baby and oh, hi, mom, are you still here? haha. But really, tell them to keep the food and water coming - especially if you're nursing!

    And when baby learns day from night (and he will) just watch him for a few days. He'll present a schedule to you that includes regular hungry times and regular nap times. Then you can build on that to build a routine. It's so much easier than the pressure people (and babywise) put on you to impose something on the baby. Ride the waves. The current still flows in the right direction.

  11. Stop it, just stop it w/ your adorable prego self!! You look amazing & that gorgeous swimsuit pic is the icing on the STOP IT cake. =]

    I devoured Babywise(fun fact: the author's pediatric practice is minutes away from where we live). Some people think it's too "military" of an approach (don't even get me started on that...we live in an area where attachment parenting is THE way. I can't tell you how many moms have gaped at me when I mention our parenting philosophy--only when asked of course!) but meh.

    I think it's important to start somewhere, you know? We used Babywise as a foundation/starting point & tweaked it from there to fit Quinn's sleep needs & such. You'll know your baby best & as with any baby book out there, use the knowledge as simply a guide & not law. Otherwise you'd be miserable. It's not for everyone but I recommend it. Just my 2 cents! =]

  12. Hey guys! First off, thanks so much for the sweet comments : ) The striped tank top is a maternity top from Old Navy and the bathing suit is from Pea In the Pod... but I think it's sold out for the season!

    I appreciate everyone's two cents on the Babywise approach. I'm only halfway through the book, but it definitely recommends parenting with both assessment of your child and scheduling... not quite as strict as it may sound having not read the whole book. I'm still chugging through it, though, and plan to read many more parenting books to learn about all of the options. I think FC hit the nail on the head... it's important (to me) to have all of the information so I can sort it out and apply it to my little man once he's born and I learn more about him. Until then, I appreciate all of the insight and advice!

    And I don't think any of you are being negative... to each his own, right? I asked for advice, I like to hear all sides! No judgment here : )

  13. You look fantastic! I am 29 weeks with my second, and am just starting to slow down for this last leg of the journey. My advice is to take it easy, keep your legs up when you can, but still get out in the fresh air each day, too. :) And if you like music, start working on your labor and delivery mix. I'm weird and really enjoy fast-paced, fun music to reduce anxiety...while others of course like calming, or more instrumental music. I think I may annoy some of the nurses with my dance music, though - ha! (First time I had a C-Section and unfortuantely never got to use it.)And I hear that sitting on a big yoga ball each night and kind of rolling slowly around in circles helps to open up your hips? Not sure, but I may try it this time. Enjoy this special time with your hubby until two becomes three!!! Books I enjoyed were You Being Pregnant (Dr. Oz) and Happiest Baby on the Block. And a cute thing I've seen people do (if you haven't had a baby shower yet) is to say in lieu of a card, bring your favorite book for the baby. :)Then you have a fully stocked library for which to read to your new little one!! Take care!!

  14. Gosh it seems like just yesterday that you announced you were pregnant!! I swear you're catching up with me!! ;) You look amazing and it's so fun to see your progression! You know you can ask me about anything re: registering, etc if you need to! XO

  15. Aww!!! You look amazing and your progression photos are beyond classic and stunning. I'm so glad all is well for your family of 3! XO

  16. I've had such fun watching your and Natasha's prego journeys! Can't wait to see the little nuggets.

  17. Me too...it has been so much fun keeping up with all the blog pregnancies and new babies!! You look amazing.

  18. You look so cute!! Love watching your baby bump grow :)

  19. Love your pregnancy photos! My only bit of advice - sleep sleep sleep as much as you can now! ;)

  20. I don't think anyone mentioned these, but Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth was the most beneficial book we read. I agree with Babywise in so much as you should work on a routine, but just know it rarely makes a difference before 8 weeks.

    I had a very colicky fussy baby the first time around, so I read everything. We're just at the 8 week mark with my second, and we still have no luck establishing a routine, although he is less fussy. Just work on it, but don't stress if it doesn't work :)

  21. Way to go on your 3rd tri! What a blessing your little man is!
    Also...anyone who thinks Babywise wants you to let your baby cry it out when they are hungry is straight up wrong. Obviously they have not read the book and understood the philosophy. Babywise says to feed your baby when they are hungry. Even if that means it's not the scheduled time.
    When following AP style...when does a parent stop giving their child anything and everything they want when they want it??? There are not boundaries and therefore your marriage is not put first...very dangerous territory!
    The baby is becoming part of your already established family and will adapt to your world. It is such a joy to add a little person to your family! I'm so excited for you to experience this amazing time with your husband and son!!

  22. Hey sweet pea!!! Happiest baby on the block is great!!! I don't believe in baby wise so I got a night nanny to help me- she roooooocked and still goes on vacay with us - ms pat pat :) you'll figure it all out and you'll do great!!!

    1. Oh and I wasn't good at breastfeeding 24/7 so I supplemented and pumped too- whatever works for you!!! Xoxo

  23. No advice here----but I just wanted to let you know that you look great! That pic of the striped tank is too cute!

  24. WOW! Time flies! So glad you're enjoying the journey -- it flies by and then BOOM your life is forever changed (in the best possible way).
    Looking forward to finally meeting you at Haven next week! You'll be the one with the baby bump, right? :)
    xo Heidi

  25. My advice would be to sleep, sleep, and sleep some more :) Plus, enjoy some "date" nights out with the hubby too - they are few and far in between when baby arrives! There are two must have items in my opinion:

    #1 Summer Infant Baby Monitor (the one with the screen so you can actually SEE the baby and not just hear the baby) This is my all time favorite baby item to date :)

    #2 Nap Nanny. A little pricey ($130 but we used a 20% off coupon at Buy Buy Baby and got it for $111). It was worth every.single.penny. Seriously, my little girl was sleeping through the night within a week of putting her in the nap nanny. It's designed for colic / acid reflux babies but are pretty awesome for general use as well.

    So that's my two cents! Hope everything continues to go great for you - you look awesome!!

  26. Hm well I'm new to this parenting thing since Easton is only 3 weeks old, but I guess I can throw in my two cents? :)

    Baby registry things.... Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, Fisher Price Rock n Play, Boppy with multiple slip covers, breast feeding supplies if you're nursing (lanolin, pads, those microwave sterilizing bags, freeze and store pumping containers... my sister in law told me what to register for and they saved me in the first week), hats for the baby, long sleeved onesies for inside, loads of wash cloths, a good stroller (we walk everyday and he loves it)... hm I can't think of anything else at the moment. I just started using the Moby wrap and that seems pretty good and Easton loves his Skip Hop gym this week :)


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