J.Crew at Home: A Brooklyn Townhouse Tour

Have you ever imagined how the fabulousness of a brand like J. Crew would translate into interior design? Yeah, me too. The chic but comfortable style is hard to emulate, but would be incredible in a home. 

As of today, you don't have to wonder anymore. I dug up an awesome house tour of J. Crew's Creative Director, Jenna Lyons. CasaSugar pulled a few images of the Brooklyn town home from the Sotheby's website when it went on the market in December 2011. Sadly for all of us, the home sold in March 2012 for a cool $4 million, which was actually over asking price. Amazeballs.

You're in for a treat. This home is gorrr-geous.

See what I mean? So much style! And that kitchen nook... oh, that kitchen nook. Melts my butter. Hopefully we can find some pictures of Jenna's new place soon- I'm sure it's just as incredible. Check out more pictures of this fabulous Brooklyn town home here.

Have you found any amazing, inspirational homes lately?


  1. It's gorgeous!! I'm actually surprised with how neutral and toned down the space is considering her personal fashion sense! LOVE the dining room!

  2. While I dont really understand the pallet leaning against the wall, I must say that backyard is awesome!

  3. Love that kitchen nook too!!! I agree with Natasha that I was kind of surprised at the neutrals. Of course it's still absolutely beautiful!!!

  4. Love this house! So sad that they had to sell, but hopefully Jenna will land on her feet in an even more amazing place!


  5. Love the house - the wooden kitchen table, wide plank floors, and the bed in the middle of the room! I have been finding amazing homes in a couple of magazines and of course on pinterest. Loving all things rustic...

  6. of course there would be fur in every. single. room. of course i'm officially coveting this amaze-balls house (and everything in it). it's jenna- freaking- lyons! as if i couldn't be more jealous of her, she does it again

  7. Gorgeous! That little nook and the yard are my favorite, beautiful exterior, too!

  8. Holy Cow! I think the kitchen nook is my favorite too, I love those chairs. One day...sigh.


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