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I've been all over the blogging world this week! And in two of my favorite spots, as a matter of fact....

On Monday, my love Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs had me over to share my favorite room in my house. Check out my choice here! And just because I can't keep a secret, here's a sneak peek.

Yesterday, I was over at my homie Cassie's blog, Hi Sugarplum. I participated in her ever-fun series, "Make Out, Marry, Muzzle" where I proceed to tell all of you what the pages of my diary says in terms of who (besides David, obvie) I'd love to make out, marry and muzzle. You can find my hunky choices in my post, right here! And because I have to give you a hint (and because who doesn't love a gratuitous picture of a hot man)....

So make sure you stop on my Michaela's and Cassie's blogs to read my posts and say hi!

Also, you can find me over at BabyCenter, continuing my "Design A Dream Nursery" series. Come help me pick out some fun design elements for a gorgeous nursery we're dreaming up! This week, we're voting to choose a glider... so get your tushies ready to virtually test drive some chairs! Head on over here for the post.

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  1. I've been here and there too...and have seen both posts! So fun! ;)


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