My 30th Birthday & 30 Things You May Not Know About Me

Well, friends. It happened. Over the weekend, I turned thirty years old. Thirty! Woot. I celebrated by having a night out with my girlfriends, spending some quality time with David and HDawg and... packing. Our big move is this Friday! 

In honor of my big birthday, I though it'd be fun to share with y'all thirty things you may not know about me. Some are fun, some are serious and some are just random. Here goes!

1. I am obsessed with the ridiculous reality TV show Big Brother. Seriously, I get way too excited when it's on like 45 nights a week during the summer. I don't think I'd ever actually participate in the show, but I am definitely a huge fan.

2. Most of the time, I can't stand my hair. I usually love the cut but either I can never style it right or it goes flat in 2.1 seconds after styling it. It drives me crazy!

3. I was an NCAA Division I college swimmer. And had a totally different body back then, too... I was jacked!

4. I am a list maker. To-do lists, grocery lists, long-term lists, I love 'em all.

5. I used to have my eyebrow pierced when I was in college. For real.

6. About 99% of the time, I wear a white tank top under everything I wear. Such a weird habit!

7. I type really, really fast. I won "Quickest Typist" at my high school, actually. Okay that last part is a lie, but it is kind of crazy at how quickly I can type! Vrooooom.

8. I'm always cold. I always have a sweater or jacket with me and keep a space heater in my office at work. 

9. I am so weird about using natural products and eating "whole" foods, but I legit love Taco Bell. Two Double Decker Taco Supremes and a pintos and cheese, please. And Fire sauce. So gross, right?!

10. I'm still pretty anal-retentive but I used to be incredibly OCD about certain things. I think marriage and being a momma has helped me to loosen up!

11. One of my biggest fears in life is raw chicken. We cook it a lot, but I literally obsess over the cleanliness in the kitchen if raw chicken is involved. David caught salmonella a few years ago and it pretty much scarred me for life seeing how sick he got. It terrifies me!

12. If I don't write it down, I won't remember it. I try to blame it on old age (ha) or pregnancy brain, but honestly, I've always been like that. Which is why I carry my planner around 24-7!

13. You guys know I'm an attorney, but I don't think I've ever shared that I practice commercial real estate law. I do a lot of loan and purchase/sale transactions as well as land use law, which is zonings and that kind of thing. So, yes, I'm that girl that oftentimes gets yelled at during local community council meetings as I try to get a piece of land rezoned for my client! Love it.

14. Considering I'm a blogger, I'm pretty awful at technology. If my iPhone breaks, I'm screwed. If I need some coding done on my blog, I have to call a professional. I'm as hopeless as your grandma!

15. While I sometimes wear them out to certain social events, my eyes hate contact lenses. My eyes stay bone dry the entire time I have them in, it's miserable! So you usually see me sporting my sick glasses. And by sick I mean extremely dorky : )

16. I'm kind of a germaphobe. Of course, it got kind of crazy when HDawg was a newborn and has calmed down since then. But I'm definitely that girl who uses hand sanitizer a couple of times after pumping gas and that kind of thing.

17. I don't exercise. It's terrible. After my swimming career ended in college, I was really into running for awhile. Then I just got kind of lazy! I was good about practicing yoga and walking when I was pregnant with H, but we've been so busy lately that I haven't focused on exercise at all. I also had a hard time keeping weight on while I was breastfeeding H, so exercise was not a priority and still is not. It's so bad! Once we get moved and settled, that's first on my agenda.

18. I usually only write with a freshly sharpened No. 2 wooden pencil. Like, the kind you have to sharpen with a pencil sharpener. Ain't nothing wrong with old-school, baby.

19. I've never broken a bone! Or even sprained anything, for that matter.

20. I refuse to learn how to drive a stick shift transmission. I just hate it. What's absolutely crazy is that David's car is a manual transmission! So I literally can't even drive his car because I refuse to learn. I could probably do it in a pinch, but it's definitely not something I'm comfortable with.

21. I'm the oldest of three girls.

22. Unlike a lot of girls, I love to camp! I grew up camping with my family, so it's just sort of one of those things I love to do. There's nothing better than s'mores by the fire or a campfire breakfast. Okay... maybe I just really like camping food?

23. I don't have a favorite food. I am the least picky eater in the world... I really love it all!

24. I actually really like Duck Dynasty. It's hilarious! David watches a ton of stupid guy shows (Fast N Loud? How It's Made? Dual Survivor? Gold Rush?... those are terrible) and this is one that I can actually stand. Slash I sometimes watch it by myself. Just saying.

25. One time in college, I gave my phone number to the Ying Yang Twins. True story. But that's another story for another day.

26. I love hanging around the house in David's old basketball shorts. You may look cute in your little yoga pants, but I am ridiculously comfortable in shorts that come down to my shins.

27. I don't wear a lot of jewelry.

28. I'm a beer and red wine girl. I cannot stand fruity cocktail drinks and very rarely drink liquor. Except for a fantastic extra, extra dirty gin martini. I drink those with the 60+ crowd at the bar.

29. I've never professionally dyed my hair. I dyed it out of a box a few times in college, but haven't touched my color in many years and have certainly never done it professionally. I need to get on that, right? I've always secretly wanted to go strawberry blonde....

30. I'm secretly in love with the fact that I'm surrounded by boys. Between David, HDawg, Tucker and our baby boy bean #2 who will join the motley crew in March, I'm the princess among these men!

So there you have it... thirty things you may not know about me. All in celebration of my thirtieth birthday! What fact surprised you the most?! What fact didn't surprise you (I am sure none of you are surprised I flirted it up with a rap superstar, let's be real)?!

The Friday Jot List

It's Friday! Here are a few things on my mind right now.

1. "Autumn Essentials" printable. Every morning, I find it so refreshing to walk Tucker outside in our crisp, cool fall weather. It totally beats opening up the door to muggy, sticky summer weather! I love fall more than any other season, hands down. Needless to say, I am SUCH a huge fan of this adorable, FREE!, printable from Jones Design Company. It's a beautiful watercolor print with some of her favorite autumn essentials. I have it as my desktop photo right now! You can download your own here.

2. New Lulu and Georgia furniture. I am loving some of the new Lulu and Georgia furniture that has been released lately. If you remember, I'm a big fan of their rugs- I decorated our outdoor space with a fabulous red and pink outdoor rug. Right now, I'm crushing on some of their new furniture as I think about what new pieces we may need in our new house....

We have an island in our new kitchen. I may need a couple of these awesome stools to cozy up to it!

We also need some new dining room chairs and I'm absolutely crushing on this nail head trim chair as an option.

I really can't wait to decorate the new house!

3. Our weekend. Speaking of the new house, we've got one more week until the big moving day. I. Cannot. Wait. This weekend, we'll be spending our time packing up our lives into boxes and getting ready to relocate. Again. Ha! We'll also be doing a little celebrating... on Sunday, I'll be celebrating my big 30th birthday! David and I did most of our celebrating a few weekends ago in Chicago, but I do have some dinner plans with girlfriends and lots of quality time planned with my boys... and some boxes : )

4. New fall purse. I never really ask for anything specific from David for my birthday (sometimes we don't even exchange gifts- we're more vacation people than gift people!), but this year is different. Momma needs a new purse! I really want a medium sized leather cross body. Preferably two-toned but either black or brown would probably work. It needs to be big enough to hold my wallet, Kindle, planner, bags of Cheerios, pacifiers, ha... you get the drift. It needs to hold a lot but I don't want it to be the size of a briefcase! Because it's an investment piece that I will use for awhile, I don't mind splurging either. Here are a few options I'm shopping.




I don't know, I need help! Any suggestions?!

5. Fall Tuesdays at Ten June. Don't forget to submit your fall projects for next week's feature Tuesdays at Ten June! It's a fun way to inspire the rest of us and get your awesome projects in front of thousands of readers. Shoot me an email with a link or photos of your DIY to with the subject "Tuesdays at Ten June" or tag your photos on Instagram with #tuesdaysattenjune. Can't wait to see what you're working with!

Have a great weekend!

Dairy Free + Vegan Vanilla Cake Icing Recipe

About six months or so ago, when we started feeding HDawg solid foods, we quickly learned that he did not handle dairy well. In fact he broke out in hives (they start around his mouth and crawl up to his eyes with big red welts!) every time he ingested cow's milk dairy or even if his skin came into contact with anything dairy. Same with eggs (although egg yolks are okay, the egg whites affect him). Although he's too young to be officially tested, the poor kid is at least intolerant, if not allergic, to cow's milk dairy products. 

I know, that's the pits, right? Because it also affected him through my breast milk, I actually had a dairy-free diet for the first few months of his life. It was torture not to be able to eat pizza or chug a glass of cold chocolate milk at night (which I do quite often!). But I learned some tricks then that I'm now passing on to H. His main allergy is to raw dairy, like cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, etc. He doesn't seem to have much of a problem with dairy and eggs baked into products like bread, crackers, cake, etc.

So for his first birthday party, I decided to make him regular cupcakes with dairy-free icing. I combined a few different recipes and came up with my own. I think it turned out pretty well! When I mentioned that I had made dairy-free icing, a few of you emailed me and requested the recipe. So here ya go!


-1.75 cups powdered confectioners sugar
-half a stick softened vegan butter (I used Earth Balance brand, which honestly I didn't love... it tastes a bit like straight canola oil just FYI)
-0.25 cup almond milk (we drink the regular, not the unsweetened)
-half teaspoon vanilla extract


1. Combine sugar and butter in a mixing bowl with an electric hand-mixer. The consistency will be thick and creamy.

2. Add milk and vanilla to the sugar + butter mixture. Continue to mix until smooth.

And that's it! I refrigerated this mixture for about 24 hours before use and it held up well. Like any homemade icing (well, like all of my homemade icings), I think this version tastes a little sweet but it was really good. In the end, it only gets a B from me because I didn't like the vegan butter flavor, but it was certainly a sweet treat for my sweet HDawg. In fact, as I shared before, he loved the cake and icing so much that he rubbed it all over his belly! Get in mah belllyyyy.


Tuesdays at Ten June

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Tuesday! And time for a round-up of your best projects this week.

How adorable is this vintage headboard turned Instagram holder by Cassie of Primitive and Proper? This project makes me want to finally go print out all of my IG shots and find a cute place to hang them!

Talk about using your resources to make what you want... Kayla and her hubs DIYed this designer piece inspired coffee table and end table. Don't they look amazing? She has a super detailed tutorial here.

The ever-creative Kim at Newlywoodwards DIYed this cabinet door turned chalkboard display. I love that it has a double-sided display!

As you guys now know from yesterday's post, I'm busy packing the house up. Eek, I can't believe it. But that means that I'm not able to decorate for fall until we're settled into the new place in a couple of weeks. It's killing me! Fall is my favorite season! With that said, I want to see your fall decor projects. For next week's Tuesdays at Ten June, send me your fall inspired projects, recipes and more! Send them to me via email at, subject "Tuesdays at Ten June" or via Instagram with the hash tag #tuesdaysattenjune. Can't wait to see what you're working on!

Selling Our House: An Exciting Update!

I'm on a roll lately with big news... HDawg turned one, we announced that I'm pregnant, we shared the gender reveal of baby #2... it's been quite an eventful end of the summer! But we like to keep things interesting around the Ten June house, so let's throw out a bit more fun news... we officially have an update on selling our old house!

For those of you who are new around here, the quick version of our house selling story is that David was given an opportunity at his dream job 75 miles away from our house back in January 2012. We immediately put the house on the market to sell. For over a year, he drove that distance (150 miles round trip!) while we showed the house non-stop. We had a lot of interest and even some offers, but nothing panned out. Chalking it up to bad timing, we took the house off the market in July 2012 before we had HDawg in August.

In November 2012, the house went back on the market. Again, lots of showings and even a few offers, but for various reasons (lost financing, etc.), everything fell through. Finally, in February 2013 we were sick of David making the drive and decided to move into a rental house closer to his new job while keeping our house on the market. Unfortunately, that meant not only paying a mortgage payment, a rent payment and two sets of utility bills each month, but also maintaining two houses. For the last six months, we've spent our weekends shuttling back and forth between the two homes to clean, cut grass, etc. Phew. It's been exhausting, needless to say. 

Then, a couple of months ago, we had another offer. It wasn't a true purchase offer, but a lease-purchase offer which means that the purchasers offered to rent the home for one to two years and then they are financially obligated to purchase the home at that point. It wasn't exactly what David and I were expecting (we were hoping for a true purchase offer), but we were excited that there was finally some serious interest in our beloved home. To tell you the truth, but without getting into the gory details, we are still losing money with this deal, but we believe that's a product of when we bought versus when we are selling. So for those of you out there who are struggling with a financial loss when selling your home, just know that you're not alone. Luckily, David and I have had plenty of time to save and plan for this moment, so we're in a position to handle the loss appropriately. That certainly doesn't make it any more fun. We've simply had to accept that it's just part of this process.

As soon as the lease-purchase contract was formalized, David and I got to work moving the rest of our belongings out of our old house. We spent the better part of August selling our remaining furniture and belongings on Craigslist, taking boxes to Goodwill and packing up our favorite things for storage in a POD. 

Then, a few weeks ago at the beginning of September, we met our new tenant-purchasers to hand over keys and get them settled into our old home. It was a slightly surreal and bittersweet moment, especially since this process has turned into such a lengthy one. But the family that is buying our home is so sweet and we feel like they are absolutely perfect for the home. We couldn't be more excited to hand it over to these folks and feel blessed that such great people came into our lives. Perhaps all of the other buyers weren't the best fit for the house? Maybe we were waiting all along for this great family to come love the house as much as we have?

We'll never know why the house selling process took so long for us (besides the obvious... a slow national real estate market and an extra, extra slow local market in our town), but David and I can only think that God has a plan and that everything happens for a reason. Don't get me wrong, it certainly wasn't an easy path. David and I have held many serious chats about the state of our house and have prayed over it for quite some time now. We clearly feel that this is the best option for us right now in our lives. Especially since that doesn't include paying a rent and a mortgage payment each month : )

So, you're thinking... well that's great, Michelle! Now you guys can get settled in your current rental home, let life quiet down a little and have baby #2 happy and content as can be. Right? Well, not yet! Unfortunately, David and I have had some awful mold issues in our current rental home. We've had mold experts in and while there is thankfully no toxic mold or anything scary like that, there are elevated levels of mold and moisture due to a crazy wet Georgia summer and an old home that sits on a poorly ventilated crawlspace. It's definitely not an ideal situation for a pregnant chick, a baby and an asthmatic (David). So we have decided to... wait for it... move, again!

You still with me on this saga? I feel like we're all over the place! I'm exhausted even just typing all of this. 

But seriously. Let me be real for a minute. I'm pregnant (and still nauseous 24-7!), chasing around a one-year-old, just moved into this house six months ago, just finished moving out of our old house last month and now we're packing up again for the next move in two weeks to the new house. Holy cow. Let me say it again... but seriously. When I say life is cra-zay around our house, I mean it!

In the end, we couldn't be more happy right now. I am super in love with our new house. I can't wait to share it with y'all! It is ten thousand times more "us" than our current rental house. It's got more space, more updates, more yard, more community... it really is just incredible. See! Everything really does happen for a reason. It's certainly no fun moving but we are thrilled about the road ahead of us. 

This has turned into a marathon post, so I'll just end by saying that we are happier than pigs in mud and I can't wait to get settled into the new house. And then maybe take a breather? Sit around and do nothing for awhile? Yeah right, y'all know I couldn't do that! Of course, I promise more info and pics on the new house soon. You know I'll keep y'all posted every step of the way : )

If you want to learn more about our moving adventure, including the process we went through from start to finish, our thoughts at various stages of the process and even fun posts like my favorite showing tips, check out our moving posts here.

Psst! Don't forget to submit your projects for tomorrow's Tuesdays at Ten June!

The Friday Jot List

Hey friends! Happy Friday! After our jaunt to Chicago last weekend, we have been on the road again this week visiting my youngest sister at her college. She graduates in December and I've been promising her I'd come visit before then. While David is working, HDawg and I are having so much fun spending quality time with his auntie and exploring her cute little town.

Here are a few more fun things that are bouncing around my brain right now.

1. West Elm. Oh, West Elm.

I think the West Elm gods are playing with my mind. If they send me one more email about their amazing bedroom storage sale, I might have to finally bite the bullet and invest in this mid-century dresser. I freaking love it! They have curtains and rugs on sale too... hide my wallet!

I need these. I really, really do!

2. Thank you so much for all the love about baby bean #2 and our big gender reveal earlier this week! I am beyond ecstatic about this new bundle of joy that we'll be welcoming into our lives next March and I can't wait to share all of the fun we have ahead of us planning for the bean. Helloooo, nursery plans!

In case you missed it, earlier this week I posted some fun fall baby fashions I picked up from Target recently for both HDawg and the new baby. Way, way too much cuteness.

3. Did you guys see Dina's living room makeover progress last week on her blog, Honey and Fitz? I've been stalking her quietly for quite some time now and I just have to publicize my adoration. I'm not sure if it's the grass cloth wallpaper, the custom window seat or the amazing wall sconces... who are we kidding, it's all of those... but this room is pretty amazefest and she's just gotten started!

4. I haven't received very many Tuesdays at Ten June project submissions for next week, so if you haven't sent anything in recently, this is your chance to shine! Shoot me your latest DIY with lots of good photos and a link to your blog (if you have one!) via email or on Instagram.

5. In addition to growing our family with a new baby boy, there's been a few more fun things going on behind the scenes here at our casa. I can't wait to spill the beans and share more next week! Stay tuned : )

Have a great weekend!

My Shopping Finds: Target Fall Fashion for Baby + Kids + Maternity Momma

What's more fun than shopping at one of your favorite stores for adorable (and affordable!) fall clothes for your kids and yourself? The answer- not much. Which is why I was more than ecstatic when my friends at Target asked me to check out some of their new fall "back to nursery school" clothing in their baby department! 

I scored some beyond hip looks for HDawg, who will officially be the coolest kid in his daycare class room. I love this combo I put together, including this button-up shirt, this vest and these chinos.

Whoever said dressing up a little girl is way more fun than a little boy was wrong! : )

Of course, his new fall wardrobe needed some new footwear, as well. I grabbed some of Target's adorable baby boy shoes, including these, these and these.

And no wardrobe is complete without some basics, like these long-sleeved tops, gray hoodie sweat shirt and pajamas.

As you guys know from yesterday's gender reveal post, David and I just found out that we're having another little boy! I couldn't be more excited and was more than happy to pick up some new fall fashion Target threads for baby bean #2.

Again, more adorableness in the boy department. My two boys will be styling! The sweater + bowtie onesie outfit and the striped romper just scream cuteness. I can't wait to see my new little man in them at the end of winter!

Seriously, I can't even contain myself without how sweet these little comfy play suits are (found here, something similar here and here). Will be perfect for baby bean #2 to transfer from winter to spring for his first few months of life. PS. I love stripes, can you tell? : )

And here are a few more basics I picked up for both boys, including this onesie and sleeper for baby #2 and socks and this backpack for HDawg to take to school!

Oh and don't worry, momma got to participate on the fun with a few Target maternity items!

Ever the practical one, I invested in a few essential pieces for my wardrobe, including these maternity tank tops (perfect for layering this fall!) and this long-sleeved maternity t-shirt.

Of course I invested in a few cute, trendy pieces as well! I can't wait to pair this chambray shirt with leggings and top off a pair of maternity skinny jeans with this striped shirt and this heather gray shirt.

So what do you think? Will we be the most stylish family around, or what?!

Target sent me a gift card to purchase these items, but all clothing choices, opinions and squeals about how cute the baby clothes are are 100% my own.

Baby Bean #2 Gender Reveal! It's A....

Guess what we found out....
David and I are having a baby boy!!! I could not be more excited. HDawg will be the best big brother and I think it's perfect that he'll have a little brother that he'll be so close in age to. They'll be best friends, for sure. I can just see our two little boys running around, playing and lighting up our house with love. And probably beating each other up, right? ; ) 

Growing up as one of three girls, I thought I had a lot to learn about having one little boy. I guess it will be double the fun with two! And I couldn't be more excited!! I've always pictured myself as a mom of a house full of boys, so this is just a dream come true.

Now to come up with a rad blog nickname for baby #2.... Oh and of course a nursery design... can't wait!

Tuesdays at Ten June

There's not much more I love than a good DIY project. And it makes me so happy when you guys share your recent projects with me! Let's dive right in to this week's submissions.

Melissa from HOUSEography got crafty with a candle lantern she found on One Kings Lane and turned it into a working pendant light for her covered porch! Love this.

 Check out the adorable aqua and white stripes on the ceiling of this nursery by Kitty & June.

And since I've got nurseries on the brain, check out this adorable baby's room from Decorating Cents. While I'm not typically a fan of decorating orange, I absolutely love the punches of orange in this room!

How precious are these DIY super hero capes + masks from Perfectly Prosser? I think I might need to whip up one of these for HDawg! Too precious.

Finally, I love this emerald and lavender design board from Living Pretty. Girl has some talent with design boards, that's for sure! As you saw from my 2014 Ikea catalog picks, I am obsessed with that green velvet sofa. This room implements it perfectly!

Alright kids, it's time for you to send me your recent projects! Send 'em on over to me via email at with the subject line "Tuesdays at Ten June" or tag your photos on Instagram with #tuesdaysattenjune. Can't wait to see what you've got!

Psst! Head over to Instagram (@tenjuneblog) or Facebook later today and vote whether you think baby bean #2 is a boy or a girl!!

Hot Momma Fashion: Fall Maternity Favorites

Hi friends! Hope you guys had a great weekend. David and I snuck off on Friday morning to Chicago for a romantic weekend away. This trip was our first weekend away from HDawg (and actually my first night ever away from him!) and it served several purposes... this year, we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, David's 30th birthday and my 30th birthday just around the corner. We had originally planned a big trip overseas, but we've had so much going on in life that we decided on this abbreviated but perfect weekend away. Oh and it was sort of a little babymoon, too! We had a great weekend spending some quality time together. We shopped, visited some fun sites and ate at some fabulous restaurants recommended by my girl Natasha, who recently visited the city. It was awesome!

While we were in the Windy City, I quickly learned that I am not so ready to dress a preggo bump in chillier temperatures. I was pregnant with H from December to August, so I spent most of my big pregnant summer months in big ol' maxi dresses and sundresses. I'm pretty sure I didn't wear a pair of pants from April to September, for real. Now that I am QUICKLY growing a belly bump here at sixteen weeks, it's time to pick out some fun fall fashion faves in the maternity department!

See? That sixteen week bump ain't no joke, people. It's amazing how quickly you grow the second time around. It's time to get my shop on! Here are some of my favorite cute fall preggo threads that I've found lately.

I actually wore a pair of similar polka dotted pants like those above while I was out in Chicago. Mine were non-maternity that I picked up from Marshalls, but I may have to replace them soon with that Old Navy pair because they are one of my favorite pairs of pants, especially for work.

Of course, I wouldn't share finds like these unless they were bargains. I'm happy to report that Old Navy has 20% off all items online through September 18th if you use the code ONTREAT. Also, Gap has 25% off purchases through September 19th if you use the code GAPNEW. Get on it and go shop, friends!

Psst! If you haven't submitted anything lately (or ever! cough cough, I'm talking to YOU!), shoot me your latest and greatest DIY project for tomorrow's Tuesdays at Ten June feature. Email me at with the subject line "Tuesdays at Ten June" or tag your project photos on Instagram for everyone to see and share with #tuesdaysattenjune.

Double psst! It's just about that time... the gender reveal for baby bean #2! What's your vote, girl or boy?!

Didn't You Just Have A Baby? Our Pregnancy Story With Baby #2

Oh, friends. I am so excited that I finally got to share the news with y'all last week that I am preggo with bean number dos. I'm only fifteen weeks along, but it feels like it has been a wild (and fun!) ride so far. I just love our little announcement pic above, don't you? Totally (and intentionally) reminiscent of our announcement for HDawg!

David and I found out about the pregnancy in the middle of a life insurance exam. Seriously glamorous, right? The nurse was taking my blood and for some reason it hit me... woah. I'm pregnant. Just like with HDawg, I just knew. As soon as she was finished with my exam, I ran to the bathroom and took a test. Positive. Another one? Positive again. A huge smile spread across my face as I thought, holy cow- didn't you just have a baby? 

I was so excited to tell David that I just couldn't wait and immediately spilled the beans. We jumped up and down, cried tears of joy and hugged HDawg about a million times. Our little family is growing! While this certainly wasn't an unplanned pregnancy (we knew we always wanted our kiddos close together so we took the "when the good Lord is willing, it will happen" approach), it certainly was a surprise. I was four weeks along.

H was just about ten months old when we found out I was pregnant. That means the kiddos will only be eighteen months apart or so. We said we wanted them close! I'm actually really excited about how close in age they'll be. I can just picture them as best friends : )

The only tough part so far with H being so young is that I was still nursing when I found out I was pregnant. Nursing took a major toll on my body (I required a lot of calories to maintain weight, was slightly anemic, etc.) so my doctor recommended that I immediately quit to make sure I was providing the new baby with enough calories, etc. Now that was an emotional roller coaster. H actually weaned in about a week and took his soy-based formula like a champ, but I couldn't help but feel the (pregnancy-induced hormonal rage) feelings of mom-guilt. I was already having to sacrifice something for H to give to the new baby! Wah. But like I said, I think it was time to wean anyways because H didn't bat an eye to the formula... he was ready for it. Everything happens the way it's supposed to!

Just like with H, the 24-7 nausea and extreme fatigue set in at about six weeks. Here at almost sixteen weeks, I'm still feeling about the same. I definitely feel the nausea subsiding but I have never been so tired before in my entire life! Seriously, will I ever have enough energy to get through the day ever again?! I should have guessed, but being pregnant and chasing around a one year old is exhausting! Some days I can barely hold my head up. But of course, it's all worth it to make sure my body is giving all it needs to our little baby bean.

Sadly, my diet is in the dumpster right now. Well, not literally, thank goodness, but figuratively. I am seriously surprised if most of you didn't already figure that I was pregnant just from the food pics on my Instagram feed. And this was me holding back.

Mhmm, you knew I was preggo, didn't you? I am sure one of those gave me away!

Since the nausea started, I haven't felt like eating much besides carbs and sweets. And sweets. And carbs. I'm pretty sure my Starbucks barista knows my daily order better than I do (nonfat decaf latte with a slice of lemon cake... and sometimes a chocolate chip banana muffin, as well... yes seriously). Oh and let's not forget to pay homage to the Panera Bread guy. His Cinnamon Crunch bagels make my world go round. Hopefully one day in the near future, I can stomach something green again. My thighs will definitely be thankful for that.

We will definitely be finding out the gender. In fact, we may find out pretty soon... I was about fifteen weeks when we found out that H was a boy. I'll certainly keep y'all posted!

I totally feel bad that I had to fudge the preggo news at the Haven conference this year! I was only about ten weeks along so I was still keeping the pregnancy a secret. All of you were so sweet laughing with me about how pregnant I was the year before at Haven and how it was great that I wasn't pregnant this year. Oops. I'm officially that "come to Haven pregnant" chick. I did tell Cassie and Courtney so they could help me avoid weird looks for not drinking and for ducking out of presentations when I thought I was going to be sick. My sidekicks even took this picture of me at the hotel... that bump was already growing!

Oh and speaking of bumps, how could I forget... they say that the bump grows faster the second time around and dang, are they right. Here I am last week at fourteen weeks, looking like I'm 20 weeks along!

I'm even bigger already this week. Crazy pants.

So that's where we are so far! 15 weeks along, nauseous and tired, eating every carbohydrate in sight and pretty much happy as a clam : ) David and I feel so blessed to be given this sweet child. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl... to see HDawg be a big brother... to design a nursery... and to meet this sweet baby in March! There is lots of fun ahead, that's for sure!

Tuesdays at Ten June

It's Tuuuuuesday! And time to share some of your amazeballs DIY projects rounded up from your submissions over the last week.

I was absolutely blown away by Kelly's submission of her little girl's playroom makeover. She and her husband smartly transformed an unused dining room space into an open family-friendly playroom! Your socks are gonna be knocked off, I promise.

 I'm totally digging this spray-painted "peace" globe by Deepest Ocean Blue.

Tracie repainted her prefinished hardwood floors white and basically got a custom flooring look for only $106! Check out this awesome before/after view of her kitchen.

Hopefully I can woman up and get some sewing done before baby #2 comes! (It boggles my mind that I did so much sewing and so many DIY baby items before H was born!) If so, I am totally copying this DIY baby snuggler tutorial by Davenport DIY. How precious!

Don't forget, if you've got a recent room makeover or update, DIY project, recipe, kids project or anything else you think I'll love, send it my way! Email me at (please put "Tuesdays at Ten June" in the subject line) or Instagram your photo for everyone to see with the hashtag #tuesdaysattenjune.

I'll be back tomorrow to spill to the beans and share more details on baby #2. It's been a wild ride so far, I can't wait so share our story! : )
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