VIDEO!!: Valentine's Prep & Quick Gift and Card Ideas

Okay, I'm a little nervous posting this one today. I've been wanting to do video on the blog for awhile now and have some great ideas for future content (a farm tour! the building process! Q&A's!). But I've always come up with some great excuses not to... bad quality, silly topics, terrible editing. Truly, though, you've got to start somewhere, right? So, here's my first quick video! It may not be perfect (actually, I can promise it's far from!) but it's fun. At least, I think!

This week's video theme is prepping for Valentine's Day around our house... what we're doing for the kids' classroom cards, their gift and a few other gift ideas you still have time to whip up for your friends/family! Links below as promised in the video.

Cut me some slack, I hope that my video skillz will only get better in the future! Stay tuned and cheers to more videos on Ten June! And don't forget to email me with any video requests or Q&A's! Also, let me know if this format (a YouTube embedded video) works for everyone or if there's a better way to share the video on my blog. Still learning here!

Toddler Valentine's Day Looks for Boys and Girls

I know. Can you even with these two? HDawg and LLJ in the house (er, on the dining room table!), ladies and gentlemen. Spruced up in their finest red and pink, I'd say these two and their kissy faces are ready to go for Valentine's Day this year. This year, I thought I'd skip the matchy matchy and instead let the kids wear some fun not-so-Valentiney red and pink outfits.  Normally I wouldn't pair red pants with a blue + pink shirt but with a holiday, I think anything goes. And I sort of love the mismatchy red and pink- I think they look great! These cute toddler outfits show that you don't have to go too themey but can still have fun as you dress up your kids for the holidays. Happy Valentine's Day to my two love bugs!

*thanks to Children's Place for partnering up with me on this post!
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