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(a typical Rothmeier family photo... one with a marshmallow in his mouth, one singing a song... that's about right!)

Hey friends! Long time no see. While I've got a few fun home decor projects in the works right now, things move at a snail's pace around here (projects get done in 5 minute increments between Little Lady June kisses- "muh!" and helping HDawg pick up the entire basket of blocks... and legos... and train set... he dumped out for his bulldozer to plow through). So I don't have any fun projects to share today, but I wanted to update you on what's been going on at the Ten June house. 

The kids are doing great and melt my heart on a daily basis with their adorable cuteness. Believe it or not, Little Lady June turned one year old at the end of February. Our sweet Lu has been walking for about a month, is obsessed with the remote control, makes her brother laugh uncontrollably just by looking at him and loves to wrestle on the floor.  We are still nursing some- she's about 50% weaned and loves almond milk and table food just as much as her big brother. She also looooves music and busts out her dance moves at the hint of one musical note (wonder where she gets that from... cough, cough). We had a sweet little "winter ONEderland" party for her at our house with family to celebrate her first birthday (maybe I'll share more pics of the party planning if anyone is interested?!). She is such a joy and truly a celebration to us! I can't imagine life without our sweet bean and this past year has been an amazing whirlwind of proof of that.

HDawg is just an amazing kid. I know all mommas love to brag, but this little 2.5 year old makes me proud on a daily basis. His gift is truly the ability to engage people- no matter where we are (school, the grocery store, our living room), this boy loves to talk to people and always makes them feel special. Not to mention, he's a smarty pants when it comes to the alphabet, numbers, shapes and all of that good stuff. It thrills my heart when he sits there and "reads" a book by sounding out the letters. He screams out "mommy! that's a C that says 'cah-cah'!" or "that's a D that says 'duh-duh'!" I have a feeling our little man may be reading at a pretty early level. He's about 90% potty trained (currently hasn't had a wet diaper in 6 days, even at night! hootie hoo!) and basically I feel like he has marched right out of toddlerhood and straight into boyhood. Cue the waterworks. I love my sweet little man.

David is the man of the hour as he is a hard-working, hands-on daddy who is also training for his first marathon! Last year, David lost about 60 pounds on Weight Watchers and started running last summer to keep up his new fit momentum. Running quickly switched gears from a work out to a hobby for him once he realized how much he loves it. I signed him up for the marathon as a Christmas stocking stuffer and now here he is, training 6-7 days a week and ready to race 26 miles in April! He ran a half marathon back in February as part of his training- dude killed it at a 1:34. He even won his age group! Not bad for his first race. I can't wait to see how he does in the marathon!

As for me, I'm doing great. Life is pretty amazing as a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend and more. I'm still crushing hard on my job, working as a commercial real estate attorney. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the ability to work and go into the city to play lawyer a couple times a week while also having the flexibility to work from home on a part-time basis (about 30 hours a week). I just got back from an amazing girls weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico where I spent four days celebrating my best friend's bachelorette party (I could also share a post on San Juan fun if anyone is interested?!). Yessss m'am, it was a good time. Life is good! I'm looking forward to the spring and all the fun warmer weather brings.

I'm also itching to get some home projects going, so maybe I'll be making a few more appearances over here at Ten June soon. Until then, you can always follow my inspiration on Pinterest or a little bit of my daily life over on Instagram

Hope you guys are doing just as great!

Allergy Free Valentine's Day Ideas for the Kiddos

Hello, hello! It's been awhile, but I wanted to drop by, say hi and wish all of my sweet online friends a happy Valentine's Day week. As I've mentioned before, David and I aren't much for V-day celebrations but with kids... well, every holiday is an excuse to celebrate!

But if you're like me and you've got a kiddo with food allergies [our 2.5 year old son has a severe dairy allergy- even simple contact with someone who has touched dairy can (and has) send him into anaphylactic shock much like a peanut allergy), holidays aren't always the most fun time. In fact, they can be kind of stressful. Birthday parties, family gatherings and holiday times cause the most anxiety for me in terms of HDawg's dairy allergy just because he's around different food and more people who don't understand the severity of his allergy. Side note: we purchased H this kids allergy bracelet and he loves it. We let him wear it when we're in new places like birthday parties- he thinks it's cool and I feel just a tad bit better knowing he's got some sort of notice about his allergy on him at all times.

I get lots of emails from readers asking for more posts on how we handle H's food allergy. We cook completely dairy free and mostly gluten and soy free on a pretty solid "whole foods" diet. Would you guys be interested to hear more about that here on the blog? Let me know!

Today, I want to help alleviate some of y'alls fears about Valentine's Day and share some allergy free (mostly non-food but at least free of the main food allergies) V-Day ideas for the little ones. Just like last year, I am using my "main squeeze" printable to send fruit pouches for the toddlers and infants in both kids classrooms. You can download your free printable HERE.

Here's a few more allergy-free ideas I love!

army Valentine from Armelle

dinosaur Valentine from Sweet C's Designs

"you're so sharp!" Valentine from Or So She Says

"blow me a kiss!" Valentine card from At Second Street

And of course you can always search Pinterest for more amazing allergy friendly holiday ideas.

I'm always pinning dairy-free, gluten-free and other allergy friendly foods over on Pinterest, so come follow me! And feel free to share any great allergy friendly ideas you've got.
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