At Home Office Updates- the To Do List

A cush home office is really important to me, as I work mostly from home. If I'm going to spend 20-30 hours in a room each week, I want it to look goooood, amIright? So while I really like my current set up, I'm ready to make a few changes to my at home office space so that I love it. Here's my to do list.

Replace the chevron rug with a rug that fits the room. This too-small rug is super cute (I know chevron is soooo 2013 yet I still love it), but the too-small size (5x7) drives me craaaazy. Every time I scoot my desk chair back to stand up from the desk, the chair hits the edge of the rug and curls up. Ugh! This room needs an 8x10.

Update the desk chair situation. While I still love my bamboo chair, it's time for a more grown up situation. If you follow me on Instagram, you got a peek at my new find!

Install new art over the desk. My makeshift washi tape + photo gallery wall is cute, but I'm ready for something a bit more clean and sophisticated. I want something that inspires me every time I look up!

Rearrange the furniture in the room. A small part of the room is dedicated to the kids' play kitchen and play table. I want to move that and my craft table (which clearly needs to be organized!) around and play with the furniture and room layout.

Those are the main items on my list. I think these small little tweaks will make a big difference, don't you? Maybe I'll also add in a few things like: trash dead orchid (sorry, Sarah!) and straighten up paperwork, but let's not get ahead of ourselves!

DIY Hanging Wooden Large Print Frame

A few weeks ago, I crafted up a new DIY hanging wooden frame for a large photo print I recently ordered. You saw the final product in my entryway refresh reveal. The photo is an untraditional size, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a custom traditional frame. So, I decided to make my own. After weighing a few options, I chose a hanging frame, as it lends a touch of character and almost a vintage science poster-y vibe. Here's what you need to do to complete this simple project.

-1"x whatever length you need wooden strips 
-acid-free glue or double sided tape
-staple gun
-paint or stain


1. Cut your wood strips to the length you need (or have the hardware store help you cut them!). I would measure out (on either side) a couple of inches past the width of whatever art piece you're hanging so the frame hangs past the art.

2. Paint or stain (or leave natural!) the wood pieces. I initially planned to stain these a nice walnut stain, but decided to just paint them white so as not to take away from the character of the piece. I really love the contrast of the faux flowers and the rusted gate in the photo and I didn't want to add another textural element to take away from that dichotomy!

3. Measure and cut your twine to create the hanging loop. Don't cut this too short or too long- you want the effect to be a tight but long enough string so it's not drooping or pulled too taut. 

4. Depending on whether or not you want this frame to be permanent or temporary for this art piece, use acid-free glue (permanent) or double sided tape (temporary) to connect the art and the wood strips.

5. Hang 'er up.

Photos: Michelle Rothmeier, Ten June
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