VIDEO: Our Garden Tour (Early Spring)

Hey, hey friends. If you're in the mood to see a little of me and a whole bunch of dirt, today's your lucky day! By the way, why is the opening frame always the most unflattering frame of the entire video?! Thanks YouTube! This little garden is our first attempt at growing things on the farm, hopefully you like seeing it as much as we enjoy being out there! So far, we've got about 25 different things planted out there: herbs, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, watermelon, pumpkins, beets, onions, lavender, sunflowers, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, lettuce, kale and lots more. It's so fun seeing everything come up! Hopefully by the time I do the next video, everything will be in full bloom. Right now it's kind of just #dirt! But I hope you enjoy the dirt tour! : )

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5 Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

Spring is pretty amazing, isn't it? Green is everywhere, warm breezes are flowing and the flowers are like little pieces of artwork in every corner. Yeah, that's cheesy. But it's so true! As soon as the warm weather hits, I start itching to bring hints of spring into my home. I've got a few tried and true tips to make my house feel like spring, so without further ado, here are five ways to bring spring into your home!

1. Is it green? Use it! By incorporating the color green into your home, you will instantly feel like you're bringing the spring outdoors inside.

2. Bring in textures that mimic the textures of nature. Wood, straw, linen, burlap. All of these textures create variety and substance in your decor, just like in Mother Nature!

3. Let's get obvious- use florals. When spring arrives, so do the flowers! Whether you've got access to real flowers or not, fill the vases with pretty blooms. Also use floral patterns around your space to liven up things on items like pillows, blankets and curtains. And if you're lucky enough to have your own garden, check out Wayfair's Lawn & Garden section for tools and fun items you can use in your outdoor space!

4. Keep it light and bright. Whites. Yellows. Blues. Pretty and refreshing is definitely the color palette of the spring and using it in your decor will remind you of an airy spring day... in your living room!

5. Clean and simplify everything. They don't call it "spring cleaning" for no reason. Get rid of the junk and tidy up your space to really welcome spring to your front door. To keep yourself organized as you're spring cleaning, check out Wayfair's Storage & Organization section.

What are your favorite ways to bring spring into your home?!

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