Bucket Garden Wall

While I'm out loving on my brand new baby boy, I hope you enjoy this series: my favorite DIY rerun posts! Learn more about the series here.

A few weekends ago, I saw a little contraption at Ikea that I just love.

It's a metal tin that hangs on the wall and can be used to hold anything- utensils, plants, pens, etc. I absolutely loved the concept as soon as I saw the tins and I knew I had to recreate this somewhere at my house. Luckily, my mom recently gave me a bag of our wedding decor that she found in her attic. Part of that loot included some metal tins that we had used to line the chairs at our ceremony with hydrangea stems. Aw, sweet memories. My little love buckets.

This weekend, David and I finally put those love buckets back to good use.

With the help of a few picture hangers, my love buckets (who has love buckets? seriously?) and the garden section at Home Depot, I've got a garden wall. I am sure that there are allll kinds of green thumb no-no's about putting plants on a wall like this, but I don't care. I'm a rebel like that. Each of these are house plants that cooperate well with the indoors. Also, my breakfast room gets a lot of light... hopefully they will survive!

I am absolutely loving the fun, fresh color it brings into my kitchen and breakfast area.

In addition to a few basic house plants, I threw in a few of our favorite fresh herbs. That basil smells DE-LISH! Can't wait to fix up my favorite caprese salad with some!

David and I are loving this fun little update! Before the garden wall, I had some colorful plates hung on the wall, but they never really looked like they fit just right. I'm not sure if it was the size or the plates themselves, but the love buckets work so much better! It really makes such a difference in the room. 

While I was in the gardening section, I also found this adorable little succulent. I couldn't resist! He's sitting in a tiny little watering can on my kitchen windowsill :)

So there you have it, my little DIY bucket garden wall!

Pumpkins + Gourds + Fall Leaves Galore

While I'm out loving on my brand new baby boy, I hope you enjoy this series: my favorite DIY rerun posts! Learn more about the series here.


Psst! This post is slightly off the "favorite DIY project" series bandwagon, but since my house is currently covered in burp cloths and diapers instead of fall leaves and pumpkins, I thought I'd share last year's fall tour to celebrate the arrival of my favorite season. Happy fall, y'all!

I might be a little late jumping on the fall decor bandwagon this year, but fall has officially arrived at the Ten June household! David and I have challenged ourselves with a no-spend October (meaning we're not spending on anything that's not already budgeted for, like household items, utilities and the occasional purchase we've been saving for) but we decided to bend the rules by $20 for our fall decor. So that was my budget, folks. Hey, I like a challenge.

Sit back, pretend you're on a hayride with a hot pumpkin latte in your hand
and welcome to the fall tour of my casa!

I dressed up my front door with my DIY wreath from last season. I also added $6.66 worth of yellow mums and a $3.00 pumpkin to the front porch.

I simply tweaked a few things on our regular mantel to make it feel more fallish. 

The owl was a $4 HomeGoods purchase (which I was pretty excited about, considering I've seen them at West Elm for $20!). By the way, how fabulous is that bright white trim paint looking! Love it.

I did a free switcharoo by replacing the framed botanical print post cards from our regular mantel with beautiful leaves we found on our mountain trip last weekend. Cute and sentimental- I'm sold.

I added a few fall leaves to my DIY paintchip garland, just to step it up a notch.

Fresh picked apples from Elijay, Georgia- yumm!

I spent $5 on an assortment of mini pumpkins and gourds to scatter throughout the house. 

There you have it, fall around my house for under $20! I really like all of the natural elements that I used this year- makes it feel like fall without going Clark Griswold with the holiday decor.

Have you decorated for fall?

Slate Room {Living Room/Family Room} Before/After Reveal

Well hello and happy Monday, friends! It's been a long time coming, but I'm excited to share with you guys our slate room/living room makeover reveal!

I first shared our game plan for the room in this post. Want the quickie version of our goals? Move our main living space from our living room to the empty den/family room in our house, in order to have more space for baby H and his baby goods. Between the toys, the gear, the play areas, etc.,  I never realized how much space one tiny human could possibly need!

David and I affectionately call the den the "slate room" because of it's gorgeous slate floors. Yeah, we're totally genius with that nickname, aren't we? Just call me Captain Obvious. For the past two years, this room has sat completely empty in our house, believe it or not. Before, the room was painted a dark brownish, orange. Also known as hideous. At least in this room- the paint color coupled with the slate floors created a cave-like feeling in the room. Not the look I was going for!


Once we took our house off of the market, I knew I wanted to redo this room before the baby came. If he and I were going to be hanging out around our casa all of the time for the first few weeks of his life, we might as well do it in a space we love, right?!

So I did what I do best and came up with a to-do list for the room. Woot woot. And I've actually accomplished a lot so far from that list! The last you heard, we had painted the room (with Behr's Mineral paint, the same that's in our kitchen). But here's what else we've done lately.

1. Paint the room, including ceiling, walls and trim. 
2. Move living room furniture into the room.
3. Potentially buy a new sofa/ sectional.
4. Purchase a new console table.
5. Purchase a new rug to anchor the baby's play area.
6. Decorate/accessorize the room. 
7. Add window treatments.

Want to see all of this in action? Welcome to our revamped slate room!

I had mentioned that I wanted to purchase a console table to break up the space between the TV area and the baby's area. But I decided that my old living room Target slipper chairs were enough to do that. Instead, I bought new end tables! They're the Gia Showcase table from World Market- I picked them up on sale for $99 each plus I had a 20% off coupon. Score. I love the rough natural wood finish of the tables- they bring such a great texture to my living room.

All of the other furniture and decor in the room came from our living room. The room is certainly not decorated exactly the way I want it right now (yes, those are empty picture frames at the end of the ledge!), but it's certainly getting there.

The baby's space is on the far side of the room, near the window wall. And the other half of the room is a more traditional living room format for TV watching, etc.

Just like I planned, I picked out a fun rug (the Hayden Zig Zag rug from Pottery Barn) that matched our current living room rug to sort of define the baby's play space. Check out all of the rug options I contemplated here.

See how all of little man's gear fits right in?!

David and I also bought this cheapola bookshelf and baskets from Target as a quick storage solution. The jute rugs are from World Market.

All in all, I'm absolutely loving the space. It is filled with light, which makes spending all day in there a dream come true. And I absolutely love that my little man will rock in his swing and stare outside at all of the pretty greenery and natural light. It's perfect!

Of course, you can see from my list that we still have a few more things to do in the room.

1. Paint the room, including ceiling, walls and trim. 
2. Move living room furniture into the room.
3. Potentially buy a new sofa/ sectional.
4. Purchase a new console table.
5. Purchase a new rug to anchor the baby's play area.
6. Decorate/accessorize the room. 
7. Add window treatments.

But overall, we're on the road to completion! So, whatcha think? Do you want to come kick me the same way I want to kick myself for not making over this room two years ago?!

Stenciled + Painted Built In Wine Rack

While I'm out loving on my brand new baby boy, I hope you enjoy this series: my favorite DIY rerun posts! Learn more about the series here.

Who wants to check out my rack?

For those of you who are new 'round these parts, I'm talking about the built-in wine rack on the wall between my dining room and kitchen. As I was repainting my dining room a couple of months ago, I decided to do something fun with the back of the wine rack. Thanks to the input from many of you, I finally made a choice and set a game plan into action.

And I chose option number.... none of them. I know!! I'm awful. So anti-climactic. I really loved all of the options in my post, but none of them ended up working with my new Ikea rug. With that said, I went on the hunt for wallpaper that would work with the new colors in the room (hence the reason we are fast-forwarded about a month!) but didn't really find anything I loved. And if I did love it, they wouldn't sell me the small amount of square footage I needed to cover the area behind the wine rack. Back to square one.

I think it was my girl Bailey who suggested that I paint the back of the rack. Bing bing! We have a winner. 

Yup, I stenciled my rack. For all of you who have tackled a stencil project before, MORE POWER TO YOU! You might be a saint. I quickly learned that stenciling is seriously tough. I also learned that I do not  have the patience to work with stenciling! Ah well. Luckily my project was just a mini-one.

My tools: stencil (from Hobby Lobby), stencil brush, foam roller, paint.

I painted the back of the rack the same grey color as my kitchen. The first medium I tried was a silver craft paint. Definitely hated it and definitely had to go.

After dealing with the ugly silver paint and the stencil itself, my patience was wearing thin. I thought it was best to make a decision that was easy, so I went with an old trusty friend.

White paint.

I love it! But it is seriously the worst paint job I've ever done- I just could NOT get the stencil to match up with my incredibly uneven 1952 walls + uneven built-ins. So this shot is as close up as you get ; )

Oh and you can judge me, because these are all empty vino bottles. Yup, I'm that girl that has zero full bottles of wine at my house, but has four empty bottles sitting in our recycling bin (which is emptied once a week).  Heck yeah. And I've learned from some of you awesome wine connoisseurs that I was storing the wine bottles the wrong way (corks should be angled down), so I've since remedied!

Oh by the way, here is the previous owners' version of the wine rack right before we bought our house.



Hm. Maybe one day I'll actually hang that art on the wall, instead of leaning it on my floor. One day.
I love how the wine rack incorporates the grey and white from my kitchen. 

Nope, didn't clean for you guys!! Sorry.

And I'm loving how it works with the dining room as well! 

Now that the stenciling is done (all it took was four bottles of wine!! ha), I am a happy camper!! : )
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