My Favorite DIY Rerun Posts

Hi friends! As y'all know, I'm due any minute now with our little pea pod. Once he gets here, I plan to spend the majority of my time kissing his little toes, rubbing on his sweet fat cheeks and enjoying every single minute as a brand-new mommy. 

So who's going to hold down the fort over here on the ol' blog?! Well, that'd be me. 

Let me explain.... I've gone back and pulled some of my favorite old posts right here from Ten June. I've tweaked the posts a bit, but they're more or less just good ol' flashback posts that I plan to rerun throughout the next few weeks. Each post is from 2010 or 2011, so the likelihood is that you haven't seen the projects. Let's be honest, I ran most of these when I had about three readers (including David, my mom and my best friend) so this should be a whole new world for all of you!

Of course, I'll still pop in live and in person here and there. I've got to smother y'all with baby boy pictures, right?! : ) But in between, when you see the rerun post banner at the top of a post, just know it's a project flashback from the past.

Hope you enjoy all of the projects!


  1. This is perfect! I have recently started reading, so I am so excited to see all of your older projects.

  2. Oh I'm so excited for this!! I've only been following your blog since about a year ago, so I'm excited to get a recap of the posts I missed :)

  3. Enjoy that sweet baby boy! :) A recap series is a great idea!

  4. Michelle, I'm excited for cameo performances of your projects Michelle!
    This post reminded me that once upon a time I was due right now too - I thought Labor Day weekend was so appropriate!! Can't wait to see the little fella… well my friend.


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