My Top Favorite Baby Registry Items

Hello, hello ladies and gents! I've received several emails asking for me to do a post on some of my favorite baby items that I registered for. I'm only happy to oblige! This will be a great post for those of you who are pregnant and looking for information about baby gear or even if you just know somebody who is pregnant and are not sure what to buy them! Or maybe you see pregnancy in your near future- you could bookmark this post and come back to it later! No matter which way, I found that lots and lots of advice is really helpful! : )

Of course, I haven't actually gotten to use any of these products yet (does snuggling with the baby's blankets by myself count?), so take my advice with a grain of salt. But I have done a ton of research on my own and asked a bunch of new mommas out there (like Kim and Natasha!), so hopefully these are some pretty sound suggestions. And if not, I'll certainly let you know in a few weeks what registry must haves are actually real-life must haves. : )

First off, I registered at Babies R Us (our local baby superstore), Target and Amazon. I chose each for a certain reason... Babies R Us for its selection, Target for its convenience for most of my family and friends and then Amazon for far-away family and, honestly, because you can add adorable Etsy products onto your registry!



I've been told by several moms that Aveeno is one of the best brands to buy for a baby in terms of toiletries- it's great for sensitive skin. And what better a place to wash your babe in than this adorable whale tub? I really like how it has a removable "infant stopper" (the green thing) so that small babies don't slide down the tub. In terms of breastfeeding, I decided to use the Medela pump and all of the Medela accessories, which I've heard great things about. Two "must have" breastfeeding accessories according to many new mommas? Breast milk storage bags and nursing pads. Check check.


crib mattress

I love the striped sheet set (along with a few other coordinating items!) we got from Target. A wise mom tip: layer your bed linens with the multi-use waterproof pads to prevent any major accidents. Sounds smart to me! After looking at reviews and testing them out in the stores, David and I chose this mattress for its high-quality support and other awesome features for baby. The Aiden + Anais swaddles are SO soft and cuddly... among other types of blankets (chenille, plush, flannel receiving, etc.) we have stocked up on a few of these swaddle blankets so far! Also, don't forget to buy a few crib sheets for your pack-n-play if you are buying one! I believe most are sized different than your regular crib sheets.


nursing scarf

Whew, there's lots of gear to discuss in this list, so hopefully I don't start to ramble! First off, we chose this carseat + stroller combo because they have great ratings and work together well. I couldn't believe how easily one just pops into another. And yes, we chose this awesome red color... why not?! I've heard amazing things about the Bumbo seat (don't forget the tray, as well!), the swing and this pack-n-play from other moms. We plan to use the newborn bassinet on the pack-n-play for some of baby's first few nights, so that's a really important feature to us. Let's see... what else.... Oh, while the video monitor is a major splurge, I'm excited about it. I think there will be a big sense of relief to be able to see my baby via the video monitor AND have a system that alarms me when he stops breathing!

*Quick update- the Bumbo seat has been recalled! For more information about the recall and the update parts you can order, check out their website:

There's also some important momma gear to stock up on. I love this scarf/nursing blanket... it combines function (allowing you to nurse in public) and fashion! Initially, we registered for two diaper bags (one more purse-like for me and then this basic "family" one for David to carry) but I think I like this one enough that it will be all we use! It's roomy, sporty and doesn't scream diaper bag. I love it!


stuffed dog

 So these items aren't exactly necessities, but more so just fun items for you to start collecting for baby. : ) I registered for a ton of books so hopefully my little one will start his life off with a great library! And while I tried to keep it light (because you know people will buy you cute baby clothes whether they're on your registry or not!), I did register for one or two adorable sets like these striped onesies and the monogrammed outfit. Oh and I had to throw in some UGA gear, just because he has to be ready to cheer on the Bulldawgs this fall once he arrives! Finally, I added a few rattles and learning toys just to keep things fun.

I've been really blessed to have family and friends throw me showers... it's so special and precious unwrapping and seeing all of these little items in real life. My family kept laughing at me at my first shower because I kept saying, "oh my gosh, this baby is real... he has his own possessions!" Ha ha! Even if you don't have any showers planned for you, I would suggest that you go ahead and register where you'd like. Most retail stores offer you discounts and coupons for the items on your registry, so when it comes time for you to purchase them, you'll get some good deals!

Any other thoughts about awesome items to register your baby for?!


  1. I have to agree with most of these!! Each baby was different too. Gabriel loooved his seat and bumbo and Veronica is miss squirm and never sat in either! You know what else should be on this list? Boudreux's Butt Paste! A miracle for baby bums!

  2. With three kids all sixteen months apart, everyone is always asking me what to register for. I recently wrote a post a few weeks back about it to my gal pals who have little ones on the way. I actually gave birth the day of my baby shower! So a few weeks after my Mom had a meet and greet so everyone could meet my new baby and shower us both with the gifts they had bought for my shower. It was rough getting through those first few weeks without some of the essentials. Good luck with everything!

    Here's the link to the post of my baby registry suggestions:

  3. Great list! I would only take away the Avent bottles...mine leaked and took up a lot of cabinet space. I used the Platex with liners and only had to buy 3 bottles! The other must have for when he gets bigger are rings to attach things to the car seat handle...Best idea for keeping baby entertained while you try and scarf down lunch!

  4. Make sure you come back to this post 6-9 months after you give birth. It might surprise you how little you need and what you've shoved in the back of a closet. Keep receipts and tags for everything that won't be used immediately in case you wish to return something. Not trying to be a downer, just practical. I got rid of more and more with each additional child.

    Anyway, my favorite baby product of all time, is the Fisher-Price RocknPlay. It's affordable compared to most extremely expensive brand-new baby gear, and my son loved it to sleep in. I wish I'd had it for all three of the children!

    1. I completely agree about the Rock N Play sleeper. After a long first night home from the hospital this was a life saver. Our little man slept great in it. It is the one thing I tell anyone pregnant they must register for.

      I also agree about taking things back. I probably took back half our registry because we never used it (my son is 9 months now). While I didn't feel 100% prepared because so much was still in boxes when he was born, now I am so happy that I was able to return things that I did not need. It is also nice because it allowed me to buy what I found we needed with store credit:).

  5. I layered several waterproof pads and sheets so that a quick change in the middle of the night was as easy as ripping off the wet/soiled top layer. Great tip my sister shared with me, along with many others. I'm so excited for you and this new baby of yours!

  6. Hi Michelle! Wow seeing your post made me realize how fast time flew by with my little boy. He just turned two and now I'm sad thinking about how fast he's grown up! Anyways, totally agree with what the ladies said above. After 6-9 months, you'll definitely realize how much you end up not even using. For me, I'd have to say that my Moby, ErgoBaby Carrier (LOVE and used everyday after he turned 6 months), Primo EuroBath ( - two different ends work for babies and toddlers), Born-Free bottles, and Halo Sleep Sack were my favorite and useful items.

    So excited for you and your husband as you await your precious boy! Hope he's been treating you well these last few months! :)

  7. Times have changed! Forty-four years ago, my first born came into the world with none of these items - not even a car seat - just diapers, nitegowns, and a couple of receiving blankets. Sally

  8. OH this take me back! I have such great memories of Riley in her bumbo seat. My favorite thing was the shopping cart cover. The really nice padded one that zips up into a duffle. We used it everyday.

  9. We have a 7 month old and our registry looked a lot like this! Like others, you really need a lot less than you think. We cloth diaper, so we needed those, cloth wipes and solution, and cloth-safe rash cream. I LOVE my Moby, bumbo, snuggabunny swing, and play mat. The Baby Bjorn was great for my husband when our little man got a bit bigger. We use Dr. Browns bottles and LOVE them. Our little man LOVES the taggies toys - they are his absolute favorite. He wasn't a swaddler, unfortunately, but we tried! And we LOVED the idea of the Angelcare monitor, but after 3 false alarms in the middle of the night, we took the sensor out. It was fantastic for those first few weeks in his crib, though. We also have that pack n play and it's fantastic. Worked great with the newborn napper when he was little and he slept in it in our room for weeks. Now we use it to keep him occupied and contained! :-) Good luck!!

  10. So true about needing a lot less than you think you do. But the fun part about having your first is that you get to splurge! I also got the Chicco infant seat and loved it. I opted not to get a big stroller. It gets really heavy/annoying lugging that thing around. I chose instead to get a carseat carrier which is just a frame you lay your seat in. And I got the Chicco Liteway umbrella stroller. I love it because it lays completely flat unlike most umbrella strollers so your baby can sleep comfortably. Loved my moby wrap and medella pump. I would recommend Tommee Tippee bottles for a nursing baby. They are wide and are similar to your breast.

  11. Set an alarm for two years from now to remind yourself to update this list to reflect what you actually end up using ;) Some of the things I thought would be surefire winners went unopened on the shelf.

    I think the traditional baby shower should come AFTER you spend a week at home with the baby and realize what you really need. Especially for things like bottles. And especially bottles if you're planning to nurse. And same goes for a pump.

    I too bought the Medela pump because . . . well, because you just do, right? My unsolicited advice: don't open the bottles or the pump yet. Rent a pump from the hospital to see whether and how your body responds to it. For most women, they work great and being able to pump and store milk is fantastic. For a few women, however, they just don't work well. Maybe hand-expression works better or a manual pump. You have no way of knowing until you have a baby and your milk comes in. So unless you want a rather curious looking $250 paper-weight - don't break that seal yet!

    And likewise, if you're a stay-at-home mom, you might not ever even need a bottle. You won't likely need one right away and babies can be picky about bottles.

    However you're 100% right to stock up on baby carriers (the Moby is an EXCELLENT product. I totally recommend an Ergo, too, for when baby is a bit bigger, or one with the infant insert for early on. No baby-bjorns! Much less comfortable for baby and, more importantly, for parents). Babywearing (the only granola-y attachment parenting things I completely drank the kool-aid on! Having two arms/hands to do things gave me back my sanity. And not having to find ramps and elevators and lug a stroller around is magical as well.)

  12. If you pump you will definitely want some of the Medela steam clean bags! They will save you so much time and you can use each bag up to 20 times. They are also great for sanitizing binkies and bottle parts too. Congrats on your upcoming arrival!

  13. Thanks for the shout out friend! :) We definitely LOVE the whale tub, it's awesome and Ethan just mellows out in there. And of course the swing is a true life saver [he's napping in it as we speak!]. I would also highly recommend the Bebe au Lait nursing cover...seriously amazing. Your little guy is already so lucky to have such an amazing mama in you. Can't wait for you to meet him SOO soon! xoxox

  14. You have a good list going. I loved my Medela. I used it exclusively with both girls (breast-feeding doesn't always work for everyone, despite what the lactation consultants drill into you), for 6 months with Natalie and for 7 months with Michaela. Multiple uses a day, obviously...and I think it would probably be okay for a 3rd kid too. It really is a good brand. Definitely try one at the hospital to see how you do with it! Tip for the Avent bottles: get the bottom of the nipple wet before you screw it onto the bottle, otherwise they leak. They'll also leak if you tighten them too much.

    One of the Fisher Price bouncy seats was always a must-have for me. Even more than a swing. Babies love the jiggling motion and sometimes the music too. It was the only way I could have two seconds to myself to cook/eat/go to the bathroom some days.

    Lots of white onesies are another must! They "go" with everything, especially when you need to layer them under stuff in the winter.

    If your room is very close to baby's, I'd leave the monitor off when you go to bed. You'll hear him if he cries, but if you leave the monitor on, you'll hear every. single. thing. Babies are noisy sleepers, and it took me a few weeks to realize that Natalie was fine and she'd let me know if she wanted to eat. I was freaking out at every little snuffle and grunt and whimper...and sometimes she was really just asleep!

  15. GOOD LIST!! I also received about 4 Sleep Sheep (noise machine masked as cuddly little lamb), which my son loved when going to sleep.

    We just did our Top Ten Mommy Must-Haves:

    You're really in the homestretch now!!

  16. This is great! I think I'm still a couple of months away from being ready to register (when did you register?), but I'm definitely trying to collect as much information as possible!

  17. I'll comment more later, but if any mommies get a pre owned bumbo, make sure you call the company and get the new harness straps :)

  18. Let me tell you the best thing we ever bought and all my friends bought them too and loooooove them- it's an umbrella stroller on crack- UPPA Baby GLuxe - best. Ever. Light, travel strap, cup holder, reclines, breathable , good sized basket underneath. Looks cool too :) perfection!

  19. Me again. Itzy Ritzy breast pads- organic and the softest things ever- (I hated the disposable ones) and their snack happened bags are amazing!

  20. Ps- I agree on renting the hospital pump- I used my backpack Medela for the car only- bc it is SO much more efficient !! Tons more milk in way less time. Soooo worth the $50 a month- I kept it for 6 months!!!

  21. I agree with the posters above who say to be sure to keep the tags & boxes - you may not use a lot of this! I have a 14 month old and didn't use most of the things I registered for. At the very beginning stock up on diapers, onesies, dreft baby stain remover, and some butt cream (I like lansinoh diaper rash cream). You might also pick up some California Baby Calendula Cream (and I like their soap too for tiny babies). Also consider a Moby wrap or some type of sling and a safe place to put the baby, a soft blanket, a rock & play, or a bassinet could work. Plan on buying anything else you realize you need via amazon as you find you need it - each baby is SO different!

  22. Great list! The Whale tub is hands down the best bathtub and the classic Aveeno baby wash smells better than anything else out there! I also say to add the Fisher Price Rock n' Play sleeper. I couldn't live without it, perfect for baby to sleep by your bedside from birth until really about 4 months. I also LOVED for the first couple of months the Boppy Newborn Lounger, it's like the traditional boppy without the hole. We used it a TON. And, the Bumbo chair, I would definitely scratch off your list, they just got recalled again ( like 2 days ago). Check out the Mama's and Papa's snug chair, it looks a lot better and safer. Oh, and lastly, Avent has a new bottle out called the Natural bottle, it is PERFECT for breastfeeding babies, and it doesn't leak at all! Super simple only 3 parts to it, versus their classic that has 4. I highly recommend! Best of luck!

  23. Great list! The Whale tub is hands down the best bathtub and the classic Aveeno baby wash smells better than anything else out there! I also say to add the Fisher Price Rock n' Play sleeper. I couldn't live without it, perfect for baby to sleep by your bedside from birth until really about 4 months. I also LOVED for the first couple of months the Boppy Newborn Lounger, it's like the traditional boppy without the hole. We used it a TON. And, the Bumbo chair, I would definitely scratch off your list, they just got recalled again ( like 2 days ago). Check out the Mama's and Papa's snug chair, it looks a lot better and safer. Oh, and lastly, Avent has a new bottle out called the Natural bottle, it is PERFECT for breastfeeding babies, and it doesn't leak at all! Super simple only 3 parts to it, versus their classic that has 4. I highly recommend! Best of luck!

  24. Well, you know how I feel about most of these items. I think you'll have a very solid start, but if youre anything like us, you'll have a few baby runs in the early weeks. Those babies keep us on our toes. ;)

  25. I noticed that some commenters recommended the hospital grade pump - I d you are anything like me, the Medela will do it for you and get all the milk you need and more. But, I did pump in the hospital to try to get my milk to come in. They let you keep the pump parts you use and they totally for the Medela. It's handy to have an extra set of parts. I actually lead them at work. They also sent the Tubing home with me and the little pump piece which can be used as a manual pump. So, that's just a tip.

    And as an aside, I've found it simpler to just wash my pump parts with soap and water right free I used them. The microwave steam bags just seemed like extra work to me and you don't need to sterilize bottles and parts unless you have well water. Some of the advice online about this is out of date.

  26. Get a Beco Gemini, totally worth it when you need your hands free. My daughter would just fall asleep in it. The Ergo is similar, though I prefer the Beco.
    I also LOVED my Boppy pillow for nursing. Used that things for almost the whole first year. It's great for when you need tummy time, too.

  27. A great list you have compiled for your little one. I can be a little "crunch granola" at times so I went with Dr. Browns glass bottles and they were great. Of course, my smiley girl only took a bottle for a few months and then she only wanted straight from the source. I also found that the disposable nursing pads were a bit scratchy on the girls so I ended up going with homemade ones (two piece of flannel cut in a circle and sewn together) and they made everything feel so much better.

  28. I loved your favourite stuff it is really cute

  29. I really like the sensory elephant. It is just so adaptable for the child. It would be a great cot or pram toy to satisfy the child.The rest of the items you have provided are great also but the elephant is the one that stood out the most for me. Thank you for the many gift ideas.

  30. i wish i read your article earlier. i have a son who is 3 months old. i prepared something but we did incomplete and when we need, we buy more so it is waste time. your article is very useful for pregnant woman


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