Guest Bathroom Closet Organization Makeover

It's hit. The nesting phase. Hard core. Every nook and cranny in my house better watch out... because I'm ready to tackle it! And my guest bathroom closet is no exception.

As David and I have been unpacking and setting up our little pea pod's items, we quickly learned that he needs some space of his own! All of his awesome baby gear takes up room quickly around our house, that's for sure. So I decided to do a quick, mini-makeover of our guest bathroom closet!

Get ready to be scared by the before shots.

(Psst! This tiny, narrow closet is so hard to get pictures of, I apologize for the terrible shots!)

Oh yeah. That closet was a hot mess, filled with cleaning supplies, medicine and first aid items, bathroom supplies and other random items. 

First step? Clean out the crap!

I took a gigantic trash bag and filled it with most of the closet's content... expired medicine, almost used-up bathroom items and that kind of thing. If it hadn't been touched in a few months, it had to go.

Then I did a deep cleaning of the actual closet itself, wiping down the shelves and walls. 

At this point, I had a fresh, blank slate to start with! Phew. I purchased a few fabric bins from Bed, Bath & Beyond and simply organized my remaining items by category.

It was pretty easy to organize what was left, since I had purged all of the unnecessary items. I had planned to make new tags for each of the bins, but in the spirit of being super pregnant and ready to be done with the project, I actually reused the laminated calendar squares from my DIY calendar, since I don't use it anymore. Voila! Easy peasy labels.

The sweet baby bins are my favorite : )

The floor of the closet has to hold all of our cleaning supplies- we don't have another tall closet in the house to hold items like brooms and mops. So this might still look a little messy to you, but it's definitely organized compared to what it used to be!

Remember the before?

Oh yeah, much better.

I also organized and updated my most used/favorite cleaning supplies and put them in this cleaning bin at the back of the closet. It's perfect to simply pick up and tote around the house to clean!

So there you have it! A mini-bathroom closet makeover! I'm sure it's just my crazy nesting instinct, but it feels reallllly good to have that space cleaned, updated and organized! Now off to find another corner to obsess over.... : )

PS. Want to learn more about my guest bathroom? Check out it's recent makeover here.


  1. Looks good! You can also get those mop/broom hangers to install on the door and that way they're on the door, not adding to the feel of never being clean but always organized. :) We have them and use them for everything, mop, broom, swiffer, dust pan, lint roller.

  2. This looks great! I love the previous commenter's suggestion about the broom/mop hanger. That would free up more space for the bin of bath toys that will eventually take over the bathroom too. :) Our kids love to play toys in the tub!

  3. I love an organized closet! Ditto the others on a rack for your long cleaning tools.

  4. Looks awesome! I loved how much I could get accomplished while nesting. Oh and, you'll want to bring those cleaning supplies up off the floor once your little guy is mobile. Or put a cover on the doorknob.

  5. I love a good organization before and after! Looks like you're all ready for the baby - I don't remember being that organized before my first (or second, for that matter!). Enjoy!

  6. Nice work! I remember the's like an obsession you can't (or don't want to) quit. ;) Your "Before" pics resemble our upstairs bathroom closet. :s

  7. Love this! Having an organized closet definitely helps when you are looking for stuff.

  8. Looks great! I did the same thing today - such a good feeling to be able to locate everything easily.

  9. What a difference! I'm in a major nesting phase too (I'm due just a few weeks after you) and our master bathroom's vanity is on my list to tackle. It's not even that I use what's under there very often, or that anyone can see it - it's just simply a mess and needs crazy pregnancy hormones to go to town on it! :)

  10. I had my first son last October - the month of September was nesting and organizing galore. Makes you feel great!!

  11. Yah! you're all ready for the baby! these after shots look fab!

  12. Why not add ONE more bottom shelf at the bottom to store all that toilet paper and the cleaning cubby? It'd look much better than keeping that stuff on the ground still....or just use the extra shelf to store the cleaning caddy and the floor wipes and you can stack the toilet paper rolls against the wall of one of the existing shelfs and get rid of the Charmin plastic for once.

  13. Ohhhh myyyyy gooooshhh!! Thank you so much for posting this! AND all the PICS! I'm a visual learner and neeeeeeeed photos lol! I am beginnig the nesting phase right now , today was my first baby-minded/promoted cleaning day and I tackled my bathroom. We only have one bathroom in our tiny 1 story home and I was absolutely shocked that your closet looked exactly like mine yay!!!!!! When I googled this topic to find some advice I thought, who would ever have a closet like mine, and with photos etc. and you did! Helped so much thank you. :)


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