Free Printables: Monogrammed iPhone Charger Labels

Have you ever let a co-worker or friend borrow your iPhone charger, only to never get it back? Or maybe lost your charger in a sea of identical chargers at the office or at a friend's house? It's hard to track down which one is yours if it's not labeled! Well, have no fear... the adorable team over at For Chic Sake has created a fun (and FREE!) printable to help you personalize your iPhone. You can check out the article on this fun printable right here.

And guess what? Jenny, the creator, offered to let me share their fab creation with all of you!

You can download the printable right here! They've got great instructions to download, so it should be easy as pie. As soon as I get my butt in gear to go buy a new printer cartridge and some label paper, you can be sure my iPhone charger will be sporting one of these bad boys.

Hopefully this fun, fab freebie will lighten up your Tuesday. Thanks again to the ladies over at For Chic Sake for allowing me to share. Have a great day!


  1. This is so cute. My nieces will love these. They will also be able to know whose charger is whose. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is just darling. Never even thought of something like that. And I am a bit behind. . your nursery is just darling. So precious, Michelle. Dying to know what name is behind those white blur out bubbles.

  3. How cute! This would totally clear up whose charger is whose...'cause I'm pretty sure that T wouldn't want a pink one.

  4. So cute! Then we would finally solve the mystery of who keeps up with their cords better, me or the hubs. (It's totally me btw ;))

  5. SO adorable! I need this...I mean, with everyone in our house with Macs and Apple everything, it does get confusing!

  6. I did this for myself and now my both my son's girlfriends want me to make them but, how can I just make one letter for the top ones? the bottom ones in script works with just one...just wondering ..thanks--Tommi Sue


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