Everbest Market

Wanna hear something cool?

One of my dearest friends, Katelyn and her husband Max, just opened a restaurant in Atlanta. How neat is that?! So neat. And I would love it if all of my lovely readers (especially those located in and around Atlanta!) could help give the new restaurant, Everbest Market, some love!

me & Kate! (please ignore my work clothes... it was a long day!)

Named after Katelyn's grandfather's farm, Everbest Market is a fresh gourmet sandwich shop. Their menu selection is ah-maz-ing (trust me, I stuffed myself on their truffle chicken salad and fried green tomato + goat cheese BLT the other night!) and their location in Decatur is unbeatable.

The menu changes daily, but consists mainly of gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups and homemade desserts. They've also got a daily take home menu, consisting of pre-made meals that you can just grab and pop into your oven, ready to eat! All I have to say is... yum.

Also, Katelyn has an incredible eye for design- she turned the outdated restaurant space into a chic little cafe which fits Everbest Market perfectly. Check out the before and afters!







 David was too busy watching the Braves lose to get out of the picture! : ) 

Everbest Market is located at 3125 Briarcliff Road, near the intersection of Clairmont and Briarcliff. You can learn more about the restaurant, including their daily menu choices, on their Facebook page. Let me know if you stop by! And if you do, be sure to ask for Katelyn and tell her I sent you : )

They Say It's My Birthday

Hi there. It's my birthday, which means I have an excuse to go all cheesy on you guys.

I love life. I'm incredibly blessed with so much love (from my sweet husband, wonderful family, beautiful friends and all of you! my amazing readers!!), a world of opportunities and lots of laughs along the way. So cheers to another year of life!

And yes, that is me with a mustache. It's how I roll. Especially on my birthday : )

This is the day which the Lord has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Living Room Updates: Fresh White Trim

First off, thanks to all of you for your crazy nice words about my feature on Young House Love yesterday. You guys are the sweetest! Almost makes our ten month bathroom renovation craziness worth it ; ) And welcome to all of you who stopped by from YHL- I'm so glad to have you!!

Last week, I shared my living room tweak to do list. If you missed the post, you'll have to check it out to get a better understanding of what I'm chatting about, but here's the quick rundown.

1. update mantle
2. add a gallery wall next to TV
3. update TV stand
4. paint trim a crisp white
5. paint walls a new neutral color
6. add new rug
7. figure out pillow sitcheeyation

Oh and don't forget that I now have to add a #8: Finally decide on what to do with the windows. You guys were fabulous and chock full with advice when I asked what you thought I should do with my plantation shutter blinds. Bloggers certainly tell it like it is, which I love!

About 40% of you thought I should keep the shutters, while about 60% of you voted to give them the old heave ho. So what did we decide to do? You'll just have to find out another day : )

Because today is alll about some white paint. That's right, the living room trim is painted! It went from a dingy yellowy before to a bright white after. Or as I like to say, so fresh and so clean clean.

(pardon the evening pictures, I told you light isn't very good in this room!)



As we were painting, I kept letting out little Joey Lawrence type yelps of surprise. I cannot believe the difference that a little white paint makes! Look at the difference in the corner of this shot.

Feel free to ignore the haphazard pillows, millions of cardigans on the coat rack and our front porch flag next to the door... sometimes you've just got to keep it real, right?! : )

A close up view of the before/after.

Preeeetty white............................................... dingy offwhite.

It's kind of hard to tell in this picture, but since we've painted the trim in the kitchen and living room, I'm now going to be itching to paint the hallway as well!

We're pleased as punch with the results! One more thing to cross off of my list : ) Which helps, since not only did I add "handle the plantation shutters" to my living room tweak list, but a few readers very thoughtfully pointed out that the wall behind my couch could use a little work, which is definitely a keen observation. So now my little list looks like so:

1. update mantle
2. add a gallery wall next to TV
3. update TV stand
4. paint trim a crisp white
5. paint walls a new neutral color
6. add new rug
7. figure out pillow sitcheeyation
8. deal with the plantation shutters
9. spruce up wall behind couch

Next up? I'm thinking the wall color....!

Have you freshened up anything with a coat of white paint lately?

Wedding Photos & A Challenge!

I spent this past weekend celebrating the marriage of one of my best friends, Ashley. In addition to Ash being one of the sweetest and funniest girls around, she and her now husband, Ryan, are basically mine and David's partners in crime, so it was a very special weekend for all of us!

Surprise, surprise, but I used this beautiful weekend and all of its gorgeous details as an excuse to break out the new camera and snap a few pics! Or 407, either way : ) No but seriously, I took 407 pictures before we even got to the ceremony and reception, where I had to stop snapping pics and perform my bridesmaid duties. Just call me papa- paparazzi.

Here are a few of my favorites.

She was beyond a stunning bride, wasn't she? Like something out of a magazine! I cannot wait to see her professional photographer pics, they will be beautiful!

All of this photo talk has got me thinking... I've seen a few "30 day photo challenges" out there and they've definitely peaked my interest. Like this one.

I think it'd be a good way to practice shooting in a lot of different settings. You know what they say, practice makes perfect! Would you guys be interested in jumping into a challenge like this with me? It seems like a lot of you are into photography and learning about your camera. We could each take the challenge and then come back here to share once a week for the month of October. 

If you're interested, please leave a comment and let me know!

And congratulations to my sweet Ashley and Ryan- we love you!!!!

Psssst! A big, fat THANK YOU to all of you who have been voting for our sweet little bathroom renovation in the One Project Closer Before & After competition. I think the winner has taken the lead at this point, but we have until Friday to vote! So if you'd like to stop by and shoot me a vote, you can head over right here. Thanks again, guys!


I've been waiting for this day since last spring.

Ok, so maybe that's a little dramatic.
But it's true... tonight is the season premiere of my beloved Gossip Girl.

Even though it's quite clear that I have the world's worst taste in television (my favorites include Toddlers & Tiaras and Jersey Shore), this show really is my favorite guilty pleasure. The drama, the fashion, the drama, the culture, the glamour... did I mention the drama? I love it all! 

And since I'm head over heels with all things abode, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Gossip Girl set pictures in honor of tonight's premiere. Think old Hollywood glamor meets contemporary chic. 

the Van Der Woodsen apartment


the Waldorf residence


Chuck Bass' penthouse


the Humphrey loft


While each of these homes reflects a different style, they are all so chic! Which is your favorite?
If you're digging these rooms, you can get a full virtual tour of some of them right here.

So who is watching with me tonight?!
XO XO....

I Need Your Vote!

Were you a big fan of our master bathroom renovation? If so, I'm asking for a favor!
One Project Closer nominated our renovation as one of their weekly picks for their summertime "Before & After Series." You can see the original feature the room here. It's a really cool program, because not only did David and I win a $50 Home Depot gift card, but OPC donated $100 to Habitat for Humanity in our honor! Can't beat that.

Now that summer has come to a close, One Project Closer is picking a final winner from all of the summer projects. Well, actually... YOU are picking a final winner! It's an open vote!

So if you are so inclined... please head on over here and vote for our bathroom to win! We're #10 on the list. I figured that if anyone knows how hard we worked on this room, it's all of you. David and I would be thrilled for the recognition... and the Home Depot gift card doesn't hurt either! : )

Thanks so much, friends! Have a great weekend.

The Genie Series: Cornflake Dreams

  Alrighty, friends. We're back with another round of the Genie Series. And guess who has stopped by to share her three wishes today? The adorable Jillian from Cornlake Dreams

 By the way, Jillian just posted her engagement photos here... I die... they are adorable! 

So, besides being totally adorable and having a totally adorable fiance that you take totally adorable engagement pictures with, what three things would you wish for, Jillian?!

hello! it's jillian from cornflake dreams and i am super excited to be sharing wishes with you for michelle's fantastic genie feature! let's get to it:: 


wish no.1: unlimited travel {all expenses paid}. 

my fiance and i love traveling and we have a few fun trips planned- Spain this September and TurkeyParis + Amsterdam next year. it would be a dream to travel anywhere in the world without worrying about hotel (or hostel!) costs, plane tickets, or paid work vacation days. if this wish was granted we would be off to indiacuba, brazil, argentina, greece, italy and thailand.  

wish no.2:: the perfect city. 
as much as i love living in chicago the city is not without it's flaws. 

i would love to live in the perfect city... population over 500,000. great weather (no snow...60s-80's year round. walkable. bike-able. farmers markets year-round. fantastic public schools. lots of art, culture, and history. low crime & pollution rates. a distinguishable downtown area with tons of shopping, diverse restaurants and people, and interesting architecture. o and affordable cute single family housing!

does a place like this exist in the US?! if so...do tell! and move me there along with my family, friends and future frenchie pup. 

wish no.3:: unlimited closet for my whole family. 

that's right i want myself, my fiance and the future babies to be styling with a closet full of any clothes we want...swapping every season of course. 

thanks to michelle for letting me share my wishes. if you'd like to see even more dreamy things stop by cornflake dreams anytime :) 
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