Living Room Tweak To Do List

I love our living room. I really do.

It's the first room that you walk into from our front door. The room that we entertain from, since it's connected to the dining room and kitchen. It's also the room that David and I spent our first night in the house, plopped on an air mattress with Tucker and Maggie.

And, it is certainly the room we spend the most time in, so I decided that after 1.5 years in the house, this room deserves a little pick-me-up makeover. Plus, what else do we do with our time now that the bathroom renovation is complete? Riiiiight? : )

Let me give you a little tour and a little to-do list (a la Cassie and her living room revamps!). I've been tackling some of the projects slowly but surely, so hopefully the list won't be too long.


The mantle over our fireplace has already had quite the evolution.

previous owners

my first attempt

my second attempt

where we are now

I'm happy with the mantle today, so I think we can cross that one off the list.


While we're on that side of the room, I think the area around the TV needs some work. All I have there now is a not-the-right-size frame. Don't get me wrong, I love my little DIY clothespin picture frame, but it just doesn't fill the space quite right. I'm thinking this area needs some gallery wall love. Lots of proportion, people, proportion.


Oh and speaking of the TV area, one thing I can cross of the list is an update to my Craigslist dresser-turned-TV stand. I freshened up the piece a few weeks ago with some white paint and new knobs.


One of the biggest changes I need to make in the room is to paint the yucky yellowy trim a nice, fresh white. It may not look that bad to you, but my biggest complaint about this house is that the previous homeowners painted alllll of the trim in the house a yellowy, dingy off-white color.

David and I have already repainted the yellowy trim with a fresh coat of white in the master bedroom, the guest bedroom, the dining room and (most importantly, because this room included trim and cabinets!) the kitchen.

yellowy off-white trim/cabinets

fresh white trim/cabinets

And here's the yellowy trim on the window in the dining room, contrasted directly against the freshly painted white of the beadboard on the wall.

And you didn't believe me- it's a huge difference!!
I can't even believe that we haven't gotten to the living room trim yet! Eeek.


And while we're at it, I think I might want to repaint the walls too. I've got a few colors in mind, but it's definitely staying neutral toned. If you give a mouse a cookie, right?


While this might cause some major hullaboo out in blogland, I'm also thinking of switching out the yellow Pottery Barn Moorish tile rug. I know, I know. We all love it. But I might just be ready for a change. Something that works a little bit easier with other colors, maybe? Who knows.


Finally, we all know I've waffled about the pillows in this space. We're set right now with the extra large no-sew striped pillows I made over the summer, but depending on how the changes in the rest of the room go, we might need to do some pillow updating as we go.

What's not making the list?

I'm still absolutely loving the slipper chair meets revamped Craigslist nesting tables meets my Nana's vintage milk glass lamp space in the room. This little area is staying put, as is!

And all of the other major furniture (Pottery Barn couch, coffee table, etc) will also stay put.
This is a mini makeover, after all!

So there we have it, the living room to do list. Of course, I'll be blogging my little heart out along the way and will definitely need lots of insight from all of you. Whatcha think so far?

1. update mantle
2. add a gallery wall next to TV
3. update TV stand
4. paint trim a crisp white
5. paint walls a new neutral color
6. add new rug
7. figure out pillow sitcheeyation


  1. Love how you have the mantle now! Isn't it great to always have an evolving design?

  2. Such a beautiful home and I love what you've done with it.

  3. I love the changes you've made! The mantle looks awesome...super classy. Your home is so inspiring! Xo, Katie

  4. I love the mantle! You are right, a gallery wall next to the t.v. would be a great fix! Also, maybe the mirror next to the coat rack could get trimmed out or a paint square behind it to give it some oomph? LOVE the slipcover chair and couch!!! Good luck!

  5. sounds like a great list! i cant wait to see how everything turns out! xoxo jillian:: don't miss my ayofemi jewelry giveaway

  6. ok, so when are you coming to my house to give it a makeover? you are so talented!

  7. I feel you on the dingy-yellowy trim. We have that too and I have ever so slowly been painting it. Unfortunatley, it is oil based paint so I have to paint over it with an oil based primer and then with my fresh white top coat. The crisp white looks sooooo much better. I wonder if the old paint use to be white but yellowed because it was oil based?

  8. I love the changes you're going to make. If you plan on selling that rug, let me know.


  9. I love the decor on your mantle, especially the big R. Great list my dear, looking forward to seeing all the finished projects.

  10. I have never understood the whole 'off-white/yellow' color for trim... just boggles my mind.

    I love the changes you have made so far and cant wait to see more changes as they come :)

  11. Great checklist! Love all the ideas you have in mind...I think that switching out the rug is a great idea! :)

  12. Fun to tweak the living room. I have an addiction to that. A new rug arrived yesterday. I think your bright white trim will make a huge difference and I can't wait to see your gallery wall.

  13. You and Cassie are so organized with your lists! I think I need to work on that... I have random projects going on in every room... blurg. I could use some focus. Love your mantle... it's great to see the evolution. It's definitely come a long ways since the previous owners!!!

  14. Yay! I'm excited to see the progress. What if you kept the PB rug but just added a cowhide or flokati on top? The layering might be nice. Whatever you do - it'll look great.

  15. I LOVE that PB rug!!! If you are seriously considering getting rid of it- I need to know! Thanks!! Good luck with the projects! I agree, I really like what you have done to the mantle. The look of layered mirrors and print is really beautiful. And who doesn't love a monogram letter? Have fun!


  16. Love the idea of a gallery wall near the tv. And I agree...a nice rich rug at least for fall and winter would be a great switch. And, then of course, you can switch out the pillows to match as well. Yup...what we refer to as the snowball effect at our house!

  17. I really like the color on the walls in your living room. Painting the trim, though exhausting, which make a huge difference and you'll love it - especially if that yellowy color is driving you crazy. Looking forward to the updates.

  18. Love the list, and can't wait to see the changes you make. Suggestion? the wall behind the couch would look great with a gallery wall...more so than by the fireplace.

  19. Your getting there girl! Keep it up. It is darling.

  20. Michelle, you've really updated your house in the short time you've been there. Love your current mantle! I love that rug! Its so cheerful! Maybe change up the colors with your pillows? I could see some orange and blue in there with the yellow.....whatever you do I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  21. My husband looked at me last night and asked if we could just keep the house the same for one week. So I'm *trying* to go with that so I'll have to live vicariously through your changes. Buy pillows for me :)

  22. You've definitely made the mantle amazing, I've no doubt the rest of the room will follow suit. I just love seeing your transformations...they're rather inspiring, to know that I, too, will have before and after pictures with a little elbow grease (let's hope it the figurative sense and not the literal). Cheers!

  23. Your living room right now is beautiful, but what you have in store will be awesome!! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  24. you've got such an eye for this stuff! i love the pictures you showed of the progress on the mantle. i agree that i like the way it looks now. i want a house so i can do all of this stuff.

  25. I love the idea of the gallery wall...I think that will add a nice touch to that area! I never know what to do around our flat screen TV on the wall. :s

  26. Love everything that you all have done to you rhouse - it is so beautiful! Can't wait to see your completed gallery wall b/c I am struggling with ours right now!!

  27. I love a list!! And look, you've already crossed some things off! ;-)
    Two thoughts: have you ever considered angling the TV and media stand in the corner? It's hard to tell from the photos if they're too long. If they are, I love the idea of the gallery wall to fill in the wall spaces. :) Next thought-- I would definitely try a new rug; I love your PB one, but change is always good and will get your creative juices flowing. Save the PB rug for a teen space down the road!
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  28. Sounds like you have a great game plan! Can't wait to see the improvements!


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