My Favorite DIY Rerun Posts

Hi friends! As y'all know, I'm due any minute now with our little pea pod. Once he gets here, I plan to spend the majority of my time kissing his little toes, rubbing on his sweet fat cheeks and enjoying every single minute as a brand-new mommy. 

So who's going to hold down the fort over here on the ol' blog?! Well, that'd be me. 

Let me explain.... I've gone back and pulled some of my favorite old posts right here from Ten June. I've tweaked the posts a bit, but they're more or less just good ol' flashback posts that I plan to rerun throughout the next few weeks. Each post is from 2010 or 2011, so the likelihood is that you haven't seen the projects. Let's be honest, I ran most of these when I had about three readers (including David, my mom and my best friend) so this should be a whole new world for all of you!

Of course, I'll still pop in live and in person here and there. I've got to smother y'all with baby boy pictures, right?! : ) But in between, when you see the rerun post banner at the top of a post, just know it's a project flashback from the past.

Hope you enjoy all of the projects!

Baby Boy Nursery Source List

Hello hello! Hope y'all are having a great week so far. Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on our little man's nursery! You guys sure do know how to make a gal smile : )

As promised, I'm delivering a full nursery source and link list for you today. If you've got any other questions that I don't answer, feel free to ask in the comments or e-mail. And no, that doesn't include the answer to what we're naming our little guy ; ) That will remain a secret... for now!

  • Storage bins- Ikea
  • Book shelves- Ikea (actually picture shelves I am using to stack books!)

  • Banner- my amazing girlfriends, Ashley and Katelyn, made the burlap banner for one of my showers! The colorful scrap fabrics are leftovers from my custom quilt.
  • Fox stuffed animal- Ikea
  • Navy blue gingham black out curtains- DIY project
  • Turtle print- gift from my friend Ashley, purchased from here
  • Atlanta art- DIY project
  • Monogrammed pillow- DIY project on Ikea pillow
  • Quilt- purchased from Kelly Hillis
  • Stuffed turtle- purchased locally by my sweet (almost) sister-in-law
  • Sophie giraffe- Babies R Us
  • Framed "sweet pea" art- actually a card from my friend Courtney! Very appropriate since we've called our little guy "pea pod" the entire pregnancy : )

Alright, I think that's everything! As I mentioned above, feel free to shoot me any additional questions via e-mail or in the comments and I'll update the post with such.

As I'm writing this, David and I are literally waiting on pins and needles for this baby to come- we're actually timing my contractions! They're not close together yet, so they're likely just Braxton Hicks, but I think this baby might be trying to make his way into the world (and into his new room!) soon. We're so excited!!

Free Printables: Monogrammed iPhone Charger Labels

Have you ever let a co-worker or friend borrow your iPhone charger, only to never get it back? Or maybe lost your charger in a sea of identical chargers at the office or at a friend's house? It's hard to track down which one is yours if it's not labeled! Well, have no fear... the adorable team over at For Chic Sake has created a fun (and FREE!) printable to help you personalize your iPhone. And guess what? Jenny, the creator, offered to let me share their fab creation with all of you!

You can download the printable right here! They've got great instructions to download, so it should be easy as pie. As soon as I get my butt in gear to go buy a new printer cartridge and some label paper, you can be sure my iPhone charger will be sporting one of these bad boys.

Hopefully this fun, fab freebie will lighten up your Tuesday. Thanks again to the ladies over at For Chic Sake for allowing me to share. Have a great day!

Our Baby Boy's Nursery: The Final Reveal!

With only two weeks to go until my due date and knowing that our pea pod could arrive at any time, I'd say that David and I finished up this room in just the nick of time! I know it's a sentimental space since we're bringing home our first baby to this room, but prepping this nursery for our pea pod has been so much fun. David and I have loved every minute of it.

Needless to say, you won't mind if I share ten bajillion pictures of the space with you, right? : ) In that case... get ready, get set for a tour of our little guy's nursery! Quick note- I will be back 'atcha later this week with a full source list for everything you see in the room. Until then, you can check out all of my previous nursery posts for more information. Enjoy!

I've known all along that I wanted a navy blue + light blue + yellow + white color scheme without locking our little guy or ourselves in to just those colors. I know, I make no sense. Basically, I wanted to make the room feel organic but also not completely mismatched, all while bringing in all kinds of colors to stimulate our little man's senses. I knew those were some tough goals, but I think we made it work!

David and I still aren't sure that we plan to announce the baby's name on the blog, but even if we do, we want to at least wait until he's born to do so. That's why you see little dots on the banner on his wall- they're covering up his name : ) Censored to keep away all of the paparazzi, duh.

This is the view of the room as you're walking in.

And to the right.

I'm head over heels for the family photo gallery wall we created above the changing table. It will create the perfect opportunity to show our little man his family every day!

Even though it's a small room, I found a nook for essentials like a laundry hamper and Diaper Genie.

Books are important in our house, so this is a space that will certainly grow as our little man does.

I still can't get over the gorgeous bead board ceiling that David worked so hard on. He's the man.

We kept the crib area pretty simple and sweet.

Of course, all of the stuffed animals and blankets draped around the crib will come off before our pea pod takes his first nap! Safety first.

The nursing area of the room is so comfortable and sweet.

I love how the rug ties the room together!

Ta da! I hope all of you love it as much as we do. And like I said above, I promise I'll report back later this week with a full source list for the room. Assuming I'm not too busy delivering the sweet little guy who will soon occupy this room! ; ) So feel free to ask any questions about the room that you'd like answered in the follow-up post.

Now who's ready to see a baby in this sweet little room? Meeeeee!

UPDATE: for a full source list for this room, check out this post!

Keeping It Real: It's Not All DIY

Y'all know I love a good DIY (hello, look at my DIY tab!). Probably more than the next girl. I think my sudden gasp/squeal and subsequent "oh, heck yeah!" every time I see a great do-it-yourself project on one of your blogs might give that little fact away.

But I also love when bloggers keep it real. And you know I'm on that train- I mean, have you seen my vlogs? (If not, get excited to laugh out loud at my awkwardness in both vlog part one and vlog part two.)

So today I want to talk about how, even though I love it, life around the Ten June household is not all DIY. I know, you're shocked, right? ; ) That just shatters all of those images you have of David and I slaving away around our little casa, my almost-ten-month belly crouched behind the sewing machine and David covered in splashes of paint.

But for realz. Lately, David and I have really started a mission to put value on our time. Between his long commute and my uber-pregnant status, our free time has become quite valuable these days! And from what I've been told, there's nothing more important at this stage in our life then ensuring that each of us rest, relax and enjoy our time together before the baby gets here. And when our pea pod actually gets here? We plan to spend 24-7 loving on that little boy, not worrying about anything else. Now that is a priority I'm looking forward to! : )

Um, but what about this OCD/nesting girl's before-I-give-birth-to-do list? Well, we decided it was time to drop the DIY and bring in the troops. It was time to ask for help.

A couple of weeks ago, David and I realized that there was just no way he would have time to finish the slate room paint makeover in a timely fashion (ie. before the baby came, without working 24-7). It's a big room and he had to paint every surface- ceiling, trim and walls. So we called in my sister (who is a teacher and was on summer vacation) and she hopped in her car and came on over to help paint. SO awesome. 

And when she ran out of time, we called our handyman and his crew, who came over and finished the job for us. Sure, it was a few hundred dollars we hadn't anticipated spending. Boo. BUT, last weekend, David and I had time to piddle around the house, sleep in, finish the baby's room and basically enjoy life without stressing about the room. I think David even got in a few well-deserved hours at the driving range! Priceless.

Now we're completely moved into the room (pictures to come!) and enjoying every last cotton-picking minute of it. Totally worth every penny spent.

This week, David and I did something we thought we'd never do- hire someone to help us clean the house. After spending six months regularly scrubbing down our house for showings (check out my tips for showing your house here!), you'd think we have our house cleaning routine on lock down. Not so much. Again, David's commute and my uber-pregnant status simply prevent us from keeping up with it... unless we stayed up until midnight or spent our entire Saturday cleaning toilets. And with the pea pod's arrival being imminent, that's not our priority. 

So we asked a few of our neighbors and were so surprised to find out that almost all of them had some help in the cleaning department! Crazy. I thought housekeepers were primarily for mansions and real housewives. Definitely not for this girl. But I have quickly learned that simply for the price of sacrificing my Starbucks non-fat, decaf latte each day, we can have someone help us clean the house every other week. Amazeballs. 

 David and I- happy, in love and relaxed this summer

Anyways, I write this post to tell you that while you see a flurry of DIY projects coming at you from this end, it's not all DIY here at the Ten June household. In fact, we're proud that we've been getting some help lately- it's been really good for us! Now we feel relaxed, content and ready to welcome this baby into the world!

If you're debating whether or not to spend your Saturday finishing up a DIY project or spending that last long summer day at the pool with your kiddos, hubby or best friend... hopefully this post reminds you that there can be more important things in life than DIY. Sure, it's an amazing hobby (one that I, particularly, am obsessed with!) but sometimes it's time to put down the tools, ask for help and then prop your feet up and enjoy that beautiful life of yours!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS. Now who wants to come help us in the yard? ; )
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