Vlog Part Dos

I'm back today with part two of my Q&A video blog! 

This is a fun section... I spill lots of details about me and David, our next house, my plans for the blog down the road and a peek of my big ol' baby bump. It's a good time! : )

Some things you should know:

1. I have no clue why I said whole milk. I think because I just said whole wheat? I drink skim....
2. Yes, my prenatal vitamins have made my hair grow, so I have those weird wispy baby hair bangs. You know you like it.
3. I hope you like choppy bad editing, because you'll get lots of it towards the end! I kind of kept rambling and had to cut myself off a few times : )

Without further ado....

Or you can find the video on YouTube here!


  1. FUN! If you dont mind me asking, what areas are you going to be looking for a place in? We are going to start pinning neighborhoods down soon (in and around Atlanta) as well so we can decide where we want to buy. Its hard because there are so many good/scary/in between areas around and everyone has an opinion.

    At least with renting, you wont be married to an area if you absolutely hate it. Luckily we are renting now because I think our area is a big thumbs down (but we never lived on this side of town, so at least we tried it and can move on)

  2. You are the cutest ever - I watched the whole thing - love all of your answers! I think renting is a great idea before you buy in a new area - loved hearing about your life! ....and your baby bump is so cute!!

  3. You are so adorable! Love the story of how you and David came to be!! So sweet.

  4. Love this. And THANK God you wore the gray pants, because those purple ones were just offensive.... ;)

    I'm so excited for baby!!! I'll have to come visit. Or be skyped into your shower. That'd be great :)

  5. Such a sweet story about you and your hubby. You and your bump are adorable!

  6. Such a cute video! You and your bump are adorable:) And don't feel bad about the awful reality tv and kid cereal-two of my favorite things!

  7. You are just too cute, your little pregnant self! Love your excitement and optimism as you enter an exciting chapter in your life and work-- looking forward to being along for the ride. :)
    xo Heidi

  8. Loved your vlogs, Michelle! You and that bump are TOO cute!! Can't wait for the next vlog!

  9. Thanks for sharing. So fun! Btw-I just discovered 16 and pregnant & I'm hooked! Shh! Don't tell anyone. ;)

  10. You did not say Ummm too much or touch your hair too much! you were delightful! love you! see you tomorrow!

  11. I just exchanged e-mails with you the other day so it was so fun to see you "in person"! You look fantastic!


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