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 Nice title, right?

I was thinking the other day... it's been about 1.5 years that I've been blogging. Crazy talk! It's been so much fun sharing our DIY and life adventures with all of you. But you know what I realized? In all of that time, I've never done a vlog. Otherwise known as a video blog post for those of you who had no clue what that meant, like me. How can I call myself a true blogger having never poured my heart out to all of you live and in person?! Hellooo, let's fix that.

So, I need your help. Would you like to see my mug in video here on Ten June? Assuming the answer isn't a whopping heck naw, I'll set up the vlog in a Q&A format. And I want the questions to come from you! Let's hear it... what questions do you have for me?

Here are some examples....

How do you balance having a full-time job and blogging? (I get that one a lot!)

What is your life theme song?

How are you handling the stress of trying to sell your house right now while pregnant?

Do you talk to Tucker and Maggie in the same weird way you reference them on the blog? And do you know that they're just dogs and you talk about them like they're people?

Michelle, do you pick your nose?

Any topic, from home decor (paint colors? furniture choices?) to life in general (moving? pregnancy?), is fair game! Of course, I reserve the right to only answer the questions that make me look good (duh). Only kidding. I want lots of good questions that span the topic spectrum. 

Leave your vlog question(s) in the comment section of this post or shoot me an email! 
 I need lots of questions for the vlog, so don't be shy!! Thanks for playing along guys : )

Psst! Check out my latest post on BabyCenter about an amazeballs DIY nursery project I found. Here's a hint: you can save a bunch of money (um, $700ish?!) and wind up with this....

Head on over and read the post right here!


  1. This will definitely be fun! Okay, hmmm...what do I want to ask Michelle? (I had better be careful with this one as you live not far from me!! LOL)

    Ok, this will be an obvious one...maybe?! We all know that you work full time right now as a professional, any plans to take a break once little Ten June arrives?

  2. i wanted to comment on the babycenter post, but it was being confusing haha. so i came here to say, i agree with you about the glider!! i am 22 weeks right now, and i had been searching for a glider i liked. i have to be honest, i kind of hated the typical wood ones. they just look ugly but i couldn't afford a $1000 chair!

    so thankfully i found a $75 glider on craigslist! i was only like, 16 weeks but i jumped on that sucker. it's beautiful and it is seriously the most comfortable chair i own! after it finishes its nursery duties i want to move it out in the living room. sometimes i sit in the nursery now, just because that is the most comfortable spot. something tells me this will get a lot of use when baby is actually here too : ).

  3. I wan to see the bump!! OK? Haha!! A vlog would be super fun! Can't wait! ;)

  4. Hmm...this is fun!! I want to see you in Vlog form for sure. Maybe a little baby bump included like Natasha said?! Question: what's your favorite breakfast (I may already know this one :)) How'd you know David was "the one"? Want to share the baby name on the blog? If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Okay, that should do it :) xo

  5. Fun! Yes we need to see that bump!

    How do you think Tucker and Maggie are going to react to the baby??

  6. Yay! Would you ever consider taking your love of crafting and interior design to a professional level?

  7. Oh, this is gonna be good. I am standing by with my popcorn and soda to watch!!!! Let's do this, girl. Has your life ever taken a wrong turn that ended up being really wonderful? {deep, I know}

  8. Okay -this is gonna be so fun! Love Courtney's comment - yes it definitely calls for some popcorn and soda! So first a blogger question - Are you an LLC or sole proprietor? I keep hearing bloggers say it's a good idea to become an LLC for any liability issues but I have no idea how to actually do that or if that's even true. I figure you're a great one to ask since you're a lawyer and all. ;)

    Now - for a fun question - What's your favorite tv show?

  9. Oo! Oo! A related question to Erica's above - When are you going to quit your day job and become a full time blogger? :) Is it something you think about?

    One more - what are you looking for in your next house?

  10. i always think about vlogs. i kinda shy out and just opt for our vacation videos. i have a feeling i'd sound like a ditz with too many filler phrases like: "yah, uh huh, like, ummm...." :)

    my question to you is: what is your long term goal for ten june? editorial? moving into professional decorating/remodeling/writing?

    also, how DO you manage blogging & working? because i certainly suck at it. what's your daily routine to read blogs, work a full time job, and remember to brush your teeth?

    also, to insure that this is the longest comment ever... i used the same image for my blog the other day. twins.

  11. Hi Michelle!
    Ok-this question is going to make me seem completely desperate, but I'm almost 40 yrs old, so I'm over it! :)
    How do you make blog friends?
    It seems like all of my favorites are in the same "clique". It would be so much fun to participate in some of the series I've seen out there. Who starts them, how do you get an invite, etc?

  12. What type of law do you practice?

  13. Great idea!! I've thought of it, but am a bit terrified. I need to get over it. Anyway even though you've already given me the 411, I think others would love to hear how you balance blogging, life, family, work, sleep and now baby and still have a fabulous blog. Wait, now that I'm looking at the other comments, it looks like that is what everyone else wants to know, too. :)

    Can't wait to see you next week!


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