Friday Finds

 Now that I'm hooked up with a new sewing machine, I'm even more obsessed with all things fabric. I literally spent an hour and a half in JoAnn's the other day, drooling over everything from their home decor fabrics to their sweet little nursery prints. 

This week (through tomorrow!), JoAnn's is having their Daffodil Dash sale. They've got some great deals on not only fabric, but all kinds of fun craft projects and home decor wares. Plus, if you find something you love that's not on sale, there's a 50% off coupon available if you sign up for their mailers! I'm sure you can find it floating around on their website, too.

I overzealously picked up about $40 too much fabric for my very first sewing project. As you can see, it's going to be a project for little man. How sweet is that fabric?! I can't wait to get started this weekend. 

What's on my agenda for the weekend, besides sewing? (wow, sounds like a thrilling weekend when you put it that way, ha!) I'm biting the bullet and finally shopping for maternity clothes, having a date night with David, hanging out with my sister and hopefully working on my very first vlog! Keep sending those questions on over if you've got them.

What deals and steals have you found out in the world this week?! What's on your agenda this weekend? Fill me in, peeps!

Oh and just because it's pretty... had to share this Instagram pic I snapped of our first pink peony bloom in the yard from earlier this week. I love spring!

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  1. Omgoodness...such sweet fabrics! Happy sewing! Our first peony appeared this past week too, although they aren't looking too hot after our rain the other day :(

  2. So sweet. I too have a habit of spending hours in JoAnns. I have a drawer of fabric that I have no idea what to do with!? It's called my 'one day' drawer.

  3. I used that green polka dot one on a quilt I made for my nephew! And I've seen that phrase one and i love it! Hoping to use it in my guys' bedroom when we combine their rooms this summer! And a weekend of sewing sounds like a thrilling time to me!!! :)

  4. so sweet! My favorite deal right now is the 20% outdoor furniture at World market!

  5. So cute!!! Happy weekend, friend. Can't wait to see the vlog!

  6. Love your blog! I just started sewing too! I have my first attempts posted on my blog ( I have a question for your vlog...why did you name your blog ten june?

  7. I'm so excited about your sewing machine- it looks awesome! Enjoy your date night!

  8. Super cute fabrics! Have fun sewing but if you get stuck - youtube. That's how I learned to thread my ancient sewing machine ;)


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