Relaxing & Chic Master Bedroom E-Design

Thank you guys so much on your sweet comments on my post yesterday.
I tend to "go big or go home," so bear with me and my projects : )

I also tend to over share when I embarrass myself, if you haven't noticed already.
 I can't decide which was funnier, though...




I thought I'd share a master bedroom redesign I did for a client. I'm absolutely in love with the relaxing, calm feeling of the room... and hopefully the client (who has twin infants and a little boy!) will love it too! Michelle was so sweet to work with and deserves an awesome space to call her own.

One of my favorite finds in this design is the gorgeous Crate & Barrel bed linens I found. They add the perfect amount of sophistication and fun to the room. So chic!

Are you looking for a design jump start for any room in (or outside!) your home? Even if you've already got a few ideas going, I'd be more than happy to help you pull them together. Creating beautiful spaces is an absolute passion of mine, especially when I can get it done on a budget. I would love nothing more than to help you design your home!

If you're interested in a personalized room design, source list, layout or any of design service, shoot me an email at

You can see the rest of my portfolio on my E-Design tab.


Don't forget to enter the fahhhbulous pillow giveaway from Lacey Placey
You've only got until tomorrow at noon to enter!

Like A Deer In Headlights

Deer Michelle,

It's official. You've officially taken a seat on the DIY crazy train. 
We thought you were nearing the edge when you decided to make your own jewelry out of hardware or when you decided to DIY David's anniversary gift. And you do like to put a coat of paint on everything in your house, from hallway mirrors to shelves.
So maybe it shouldn't have surprised us.

But did you seriously make a deer head out of paper mache? Fo real?

DIYers Unanimous

I did. David has now threatened to take away my glue gun, but I actually made a paper mache deer head. And I love it. It all started when my sister-in-law, Kelly, sent me this article. She pointed out the adorable paper mached ketchup bottle vase (you know, like a normal person). I, on the other hand, couldn't get over the deer head. It got me thinking, so I started to do a little research on Pinterest.

After perusing "DIY deer heads" on Pinterest, I came up with so many inspiring options. I found lots of spray painted and paper versions, but I decided to go with making a paper mache creation. And in honor of the Pinterest Challenge with Sherry, Katie, Lana and Emily, I thought I'd share my DIY version of the deer head.

My sister says it looks kind of like a pitbull. David threw out that it resembled an ardvark.

As for me? I'm in love. And it found a perfect spot on my office gallery wall.

Whatcha need to make a paper mache deer head:
-masking tape
-egg shaped foam ball
-wooden plaque
-scrapbook paper
-craft paint
-pretty stuff to decorate
-a bit of crazy (or a glass of wine- I had both)

Just like the BHG article says, I made a little deer-like contraption out of a water bottle, masking tape and a foam egg. Ain't she pretty?

Then you go old school on your creation and slap some newspaper + Elmers glue + water on it.

Cover her in craft paint, jab in some sticks for antlers, hot glue to the plaque and... voila! Paper mache deer head. I still can't believe I made a paper mache deer head.

Ten points to whoever comes up with the best name for my new friend....

Giveaway: Pillows from the Lacey Placey!!

As promised, I'm back with another kickin' giveaway!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Lacey's Etsy shop and I immediately fell in love.

Not only is she from Atlanta...

and not only does she donate 10% of all sales from her shop to charity like a rockstar...

and not only is she just about the sweetest thing around...


her pillows are AH-DOR-A-BLE!!!

So fresh and fun, aren't they?!

And lucky us, Lacey is giving away a pillow from her shop to a Ten June reader. Here she is with some details on her, her shop and the giveaway. Take it away, Lacey!

I am a 25 year old stay at home mom of 2 little boys (2 and 5 months old)! I LOVE bright fun colors and fabrics that you can't just pick up at your local fabric store! I love pillows and how they can instantly change the feel of any room. I like using pillow covers because I can change them out with each season and it makes it easy to mix and match old fabrics with new ones!

I keep 18x18's stocked and ready to ship. But I also do custom covers in every size including shams. I try to stay stocked up on all fabrics so if you see a fabric you like just convo me or email me at and I can create a listing for you in ONE yard increments.

I absolutely love having The Lacey Placey and being able to meet great people from all over the world through the selling of pillows! I am proud to say all pillow covers are only $14.50 and 10% of all profits go to CHARITY! I hope you'll stop by and take a look around! And please feel free to email me or convo me on Etsy with any questions or feedback!


T H E   G I V E A W A Y   R U L E S :

*you must be a follower of Ten June to enter*

You have a few different ways to enter this giveaway.
Please leave a comment on this post for each type of entry and share how you entered.

1) One entry for "liking" Lacey's Facebook Fan Page.

2) One entry for following Lacey's blog.

3) One entry for favoriting Lacey's Etsy shop on Etsy.

4) One entry for posting about the giveaway on your blog or Tweeting about it (link up to @tenjuneblog).

5) One entry for stopping by Lacey's Facebook page to tell her which pillow is your favorite!

I'll leave the giveaway open until noon on Friday, July 1.
I'll announce the winner Friday afternoon!

Also, Lacey's got another surprise for you guys...

I would love to give TEN JUNE BLOG readers a special discount!

20% off Just enter Coupone code TENJUNEBLOGROCKS

Okay, off to pillow shop.... : )

Pottery Barn Outlet Trip

Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

Santa's toy workshop at the North Pole.

The Pottery Barn outlet store.

I'm not sure about you, but gorgeous furniture and home decor being sold at a discount is totally up my alley. Especially when it's set up warehouse style with aisles and aisles and aisles for me to walk around, drooling. And, lucky me, I got to visit the north Georgia outlets over the weekend and entered the dream land some like to call the Pottery Barn store. Check out some of the goods I found along the PB aisles (pardon the not-so-hot iPhone pics)!

Those blue pillows asked if they could come live on my sofa.

Faux braided lampshade? Suhweet.

I love lamp. Like, a lot.

I can just see this covered in something bright and floral....

She realllly wanted to come home to my office!
But even at half price, she was $350ish, a bit over the budget.

My dining room table has a crush on this chair.

One of each, puhlease.

Too. Adorable. For. Words.

This could be fabulous in someone's bathroom reno.

Did I say I only love white bedding? I lied.


Oh hey, multi-colored frames. Jump into my shopping cart. Now!

$30. Enough said.

I also dropped by the Restoration Harware outlet. This store is more about browsing, as it's not exactly my style. Okay, who are we kidding? It is my style, I just can't afford it. Even at the discount price, re-dic. But I did wander around and marvel at all of the large statement pieces RH has to offer.

Guess what? You won't believe this, but I actually left both stores empty handed! It might have had something to do with the fact that I was in a hurry or maybe nothing just struck my fancy (I'm one of those buyers who sits on a purchase for a few days, then goes back). But it's true. Now I can't say the same thing for the Kate Spade, J Crew and Banana Republic stores.... ; )

Have you visited any home decor outlets lately?

Stella & Dot Giveaway Winner and an Announcement!

First up, I've got some fun news.
Ten June now has a Facebook page!

ten june

Come "like" me on Facebook (you may have to search for the page for now, until it gets its own URL)!


Thanks to all of you who entered the Stella & Dot bracelet giveaway!! 
Now it's time to announce the winner, winner, chicken dinner....

...drumroll please...

Number 27 is.... Michaela!

Thanks again to Whitney for sharing this beautiful piece!

And for those of you who didn't win, don't fret... I've got another fun giveaway lined up for next week!

H a p p y   W E E K E N D !!

Hello Friday!

Hello Friday! I'm so glad to see you : )
It's summer.
It's Friday.
Does it get much better than that?

My plan for the weekend?
A few fun projects.

I'm actually taking a few of you up on your great shopping source suggestions from yesterday's Lonny Mag Look for Less post. Lots of good finds there.

What are you up to this weekend?!

PS. You have until midnight tonight to enter the Stella & Dot giveaway.
Winner announced tomorrow!

The Look for Less: An Eclectic Entryway Vignette

It's been awhile, but I'm back with my Look for Less series! In this series, I take a fabulous design and try to get the same look on the cheap. And I like a challenge... so today, I'm trying to emulate this amazing vignette pulled from the pages of Lonny Mag.

My thoughts are that with two major pieces of furniture, art and an area rug, if this look could be recreated for ummm say, under $1000, we're doing really good. Capish? The challenge is on....

desk, $69.99: although West Elm no longer makes the yellow version of this Parsons desk, you could always pick up the inexpensive option at Target and paint the laminate a high gloss yellow (don't know how to paint laminate? check out my Ikea hallway shelf painting tutorial!).

vase, $79.95 (and you could probably find for cheaper at Home Goods!)

faux hide rug, $199: While gorgeous in so many spaces, I just can't bring myself to buy or source the real thing! This faux fur source is wallet-friendly and makes the animals smile : )

rhino, $49.95

vintage mirror, $10

bowl & artichoke, $6.95

chair, $279 (wouldn't it be sweet to find an old chair at Goodwill and dress up to look like this one! would definitely help on the budget side of things!)

paint to create striped wallpaper look, $30

= $839.84

BOOM! Under budget! I love when that happens : )
Like I said before, not bad for two major pieces of furniture and an area rug! 

What are your favorite "look for less" sources?

PS. Wanna look like the coolest, accessorized kid on the block?
Don't forget to enter the Stella & Dot bracelet giveaway!

The Genie Series: Roost

Hi friends! I've got another amazing blogger lined up to participate in the Ten June Genie Series
So kick back, relax and say hi to Marissa!

Hi there! I'm Marissa and I write the shelter blog Roost. Michelle was nice enough to let me crash her awesome blog today and share my three crazy wishes!

My husband is in graduate school, so we're currently in "make do or do without" mode--dreaming up three totally fantastic, out-of-this-world wishes wasn't hard to do because we dream a lot! So here are the three things I plan to ask the genie for when I find the magic lamp.

1. My first pick would be everything in Kate Middleton’s closet.
I adore the way she dresses and I’m always impressed with how she mixes low and
high for the perfect look. Can I throw her hairstylist in here, too?

2. A Vespa. 
I think this wish might actually be realistic! I had a scooter in college and it was pretty much the best thing ever. My husband knows this is my dream "car" and I can't wait to get
another one! Don't you think this qualifies as a need? ;)

3. I would LOVE to have an original painting
by my favorite impressionist painter, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot--maybe “Souvenir de Mortefontaine.” I don’t think the Louvre would miss it. I’m imagining it hanging in a room with
white wainscoting and grey-blue walls and Louis chairs and gold… sigh.

So I will probably only ever end up with one of those things, if I'm lucky, but that would be fantastic. 
Thanks for letting me dream, Michelle!

And thank you for sharing your wishes, Marissa! Ya'll make sure to stop by Roost and say hi!

PS. Wanna look like the coolest, accessorized kid on the block?
Don't forget to enter the Stella & Dot bracelet giveaway!

Stella & Dot Jewelry Giveaway

 Who loves ridiculously cute jewelry???

No one? Hm. Nevermind then....

Ha. At least I crack myself up.

Because I love my readers (ya'll are the bestest!), I've got a great giveaway lined up for you today from Stella & Dot. I'm literally head over heels for all of their jewelry- it's gorgeous.

How cute is this turquoise bracelet?

Well, luckily, one of you gets to win the bracelet from Whitney Anderson, a Stella & Dot stylist.


(1) To enter the giveaway, please head over to Whitney's Facebook page and "like" her page. Then head back to Ten June and leave a comment on this post letting me know you liked Whitney's page.

(2) For extra entries, blog or tweet about the giveaway, then head back over to Ten June and leave a comment letting me know you did so.

Only followers of Ten June are eligible to enter.

I'll leave the giveaway open until Friday night (the 24th) at midnight EST. 

Good luck!!

PS. Check out what I love that is bright, bold and beautiful over Laura's blog today!
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