DIY Hex Bracelet

How cute is this?

Want to make one?? Well thanks to my girl Anna, I learned how! Last month, Anna shared this tutorial on her blog... how to make a hex braided bolt bracelet. That's right, ladies. You can make an adorable bracelet out of your hubs' toolbox. For pennies! Here's how it works.

- 3 strands of twine cut into one yard pieces
- 18 small brass hex nuts

Take the 3 strands of twine and tie a knot at the top. Start braiding for about an inch and then begin to braid in the nuts. Before you pull over the far left strand, add a nut to the strand and push it to the top of the braid. Then cross it over. You might want to tape the ends of the strands so that the nuts are easier to thread. Nuts are easier to thread? That's what she said.
If you are lacking in the dexterity department like me, you can tape the top of your braid to a surface, so that you can work with it a bit easier. Or tape it to your leg. I know, I'm an idiot. And yes, I am wearing boxer shorts. So cool, I am.
Next step? Rinse and repeat. Or just repeat. Before you braid over the far right strand, thread on another nut and push it up the strand, then cross over. And repeat! Once you're finished adding the nuts, you can trim the leftover twine as you see fit. 
Ta-da! You've got yourself a hexagon bolt bracelet. 

Love it. 

Random side note: my t-shirt in the picture says "I broke a world record!"... cause I did. Most people ever to race in a wheelbarrow contest at one time. True story.

Whatcha think? I love my new (virtually free!) bracelet. It's fun, casual and perfect for summer. Have you made any DIY jewelry lately? Happy Friday (and royal wedding day!) to all!

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  1. So cute. And I love coming over here because I always leave laughing and smiling (: I love your peace sign.

  2. Too cute!!! I won a limbo contest in Cancun! I won a bottle of cheap tequila!

  3. so cool...I saw this on pinterest but i love how you used twine...awesome!

  4. That is AWESOME!!! I want to do one now! Thanks for sharing the tip!

  5. That is so cute... I wish I had some hex bolts lying around right now, I need something to keep me occupied as hubby watches the draft (boring!)

  6. I know what I am making this weekend. Thanks, dear!

  7. A friend of mine made this too! I like your use of the twine with it for a different look!

  8. Super cute. . .but can we back the train up to the wheelbarrow story. Puh-lease!

  9. That's so cute! You could use any number of different threading materials. Great idea!

  10. Oh my gosh I love the way yours turned out! Going to have to make one with hemp!
    Have a fabulous weekend Michelle! <3

  11. Hi - thanks for showing how to make - not sure I have the patience though! Your end result looks great! Enjoy! Linda Lan

    PS- {Have to say, glad I'm not looking at the toilet bowl pic anymore!!
    LOL! :o) }

  12. I hear you want to make one of these for me...of course you can!! I love it..too neat! I can make you a hair bow in exchange...for whenever you give me a niece!!

    PS-totally love that someone else was ready for a new post. Even if it wasn't for exactly the same reason as me!

  13. i love this tutorial. it's awesome. and i love the final product. it's great that it's so inexpensive to make it too.

  14. This is screaming father's day to me! My preteen boy would love to not only make this, but wear it too! Coolio!!!

  15. Totally making this. And I think I will also tape it to my leg! :) Do tell more about the wheelbarrow contest . . .

  16. wow! That s so cute and so simple:)
    Thanks for sharing!!
    ps...i'm having a little give-away on my blog! Stop on over if you have a minute:)

  17. Did I seriously just call you June?! Sorry, MICHELLE. The kids came in yelling for crackers and I got all distracted b/c that is what children will do to you. :s

    Anyways, I think the bracelet is fabulous...can see it working with a lot of different outfits!! Thanks for linking up with me. :)

  18. This is pretty neat.
    I could even see myself trying this out.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  19. I love this! I love that you could use different colors and switch it up. Super cute :)

  20. LOVE it!! It looks awesome! I'm going to have to try this out!

  21. My first job was in a hardware store so I love all things industrial! I am totally going to have to make one! Thanks for sharing!


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