The Friday Jot List

After being snowed in since Tuesday afternoon, it oddly doesn't feel like a Friday around here! But I'm okay with that. Snow days are the best, especially when you're safe and warm at home. And now basically we've got one work day and then a fun weekend ahead of us! Here's what's on my mind today.

1. Baby girl. I mean, what's new. Ever since we found out that baby numero deuce is a girl just a few weeks ago, David and I have had some major pink on the brain! Besides a few small tweaks, the nursery is just about finished. And I'm kind of in love. One part sweet baby pink, one part little girl hot pink and one part gold glam, this is going to be one sweet room!

David and I have also started the final prep work... setting up the bassinet and the swing, installing the infant carrier car seat, packing the hospital bag, starting sweet girl's (mostly blue!) laundry.... I'm almost 36 weeks so this little girl could be here before we know it!

Don't worry, HDawg is still getting a ton of love, too. We finally hung some art in his bedroom during our snow day! Hellooooo, gallery wall.

2. Valentine's Day. It's coming up in just a couple of weeks! I went crazy decorating our house yesterday... sike. I swiftly cut out three (misshapen and mismatched) felt hearts and pinned them to my DIY yarn wreath. I love using this wreath throughout the winter. It's pretty versatile from Christmas to St. Patty's Day. And even though my little hearts are kind of a joke (that's some hardcore crafting right there, ha!), they are pretty cutesy.

Don't forget, if you're looking for a fun Valentine's Day card for your little one, feel free to use my "main squeeze" Valentine's Day printable! A PDF sheet is available for you to download for personal use. I can't wait to share these with HDawg's classroom.

3. Tuesdays at Ten June. Submit your projects! Don't forget. Recipes, kid projects, room makeovers, tablescapes, holiday DIY's, crafts, decor updates... you name it, I love it. Send me your projects to be featured next week via email at or tag your photos on Instagram at #tuesdaysattenjune (and tag me @tenjuneblog if you want, as well!).

4. Around the web. I've had a few articles go live elsewhere around the web this week. Check 'em out!

5. My weekend. As soon as we found out we're having a little girl, my sweet friends and family came together quickly and decided to throw us a baby shower! My family shower is this weekend and I couldn't be more excited to shower Little Lady June with girly things. I'll also be finishing (hopefully!) up some small tweaks in her room. I can't wait to share everything with y'all!

Follow me on Instagram at @tenjuneblog to follow all of the fun!

6. Super Bowl food recipes. If you're looking for a fun and easy recipe for the big game, check out one of my all time favorites- a spicy sausage and cheese dip! YUM!


Living Room Coffee Table Toddler-Proof Styled Vignette

Hey guys. Just dropping a quick note to those of you who reached out to check in on me and my family over the past day. Atlanta was hit by a big ice and snow storm on Tuesday afternoon and, unfortunately, the city is a disaster as a result. For a multitude of reasons (but sadly including the actions... or lack thereof... of the state DOT and certain government offices), thousands of people were stranded in their cars on impassable roads for up to twenty-four hours. Young children spent the night stuck at schools or, even worse, in cars on the side of the road. Fortunately, my family got home safely early Tuesday afternoon and we've been happily snowed in since. Send up some prayers to all of those Atlantans who weren't so lucky! Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers!

Today I'm sharing another peek at a decorated corner of my house. With a toddler in our family, it's hard for me to keep my coffee table styled. If I had a stack of books or a vase of flowers sitting on the tabletop, they'd certainly be knocked down in T-3 minutes.

But recently, my friends over at Target sent me this fabulous wooden hexagon Nate Berkus tray. I mean, it is fab-u-lous. The shape, the textures, the inlay. It's like a $100+ tray at an amazeballs $35 Target price point. And here's the deal- this tray gives me a tiny space for a coffee table vignette! I can pile my cutesy items on the tray and simply scoop it up when HDawg enters the room. Love it.

On the tray, I added a photo of David and H (frame from World Market), my Rifle Paper Co. journal (which was gifted to me from my sweet friend Tiffany!) and a hyacinth bulb vase. Seriously, I love that hyacinth. Such a cool little plant. Let's pray I don't kill it.

So there you go! Any easy, breezy, toddler-proof coffee table vignette.

For more peeks around our new rental house, check out these vignettes:

color coded + organized Ikea Expedit bookshelf

master bedroom dresser vignette

Tuesdays at Ten June

It's Tuesday! Time to chit chat about some totes McGotes amazing DIY projects by YOU!

I'm super crazy about this DIY black + white abstract art from Joi over at Neustra Vida Dulce. And she made the frame, too, by simply spray painting a poster frame gold. Genius!


My girl Megan from Honey We're Home is quite the smart one when it comes to her amazing closet. She always thinks of the cutest ways to accessorize and make her closet haven perfect for her! Most recently, she updated her dresser drawers by adding a beautiful chevron paper to the sides. Love it!

I am always a big fan of great furniture makeovers- it takes so much patience and talent! I love this jewelry box makeover by That Redheaded Sister.

And, finally, last... but CERTAINLY not least... my sweet Atlanta friend Sherry Hart who writes Design Indulgence recently shared a big reveal of a home makeover she did for one of her clients. Um, hello. It's jaw-dropping. Sherry killed it. Seriously, girl. You done good! Here are a couple of shots which you can learn more about in the reveal posts found here and here.

Seriously beautiful, right? 

If you've got a DIY project (it can be home focused, kid focused, a recipe... the possibilities are endless!) or a room makeover, send them on over to me for the next Tuesday at Ten June feature. Send them to me via email at with the subject line "Tuesdays at Ten June" or tag your photos (along with a link to your blog if you'd like!) on Instagram with the hash tag #tuesdaysattenjune. Can't wait to see what you're working on!

Easy Winter Recipe: White Bean Chicken Chili Recipe

Y'all, this is a good one. I seriously love easy winter recipes. I never want to spend too long in the kitchen on cold winter nights, especially once Little Lady June makes her arrival in the next few weeks! 

A few weeks ago, my friend Ashley hosted a chili lunch at her house for my girlfriends, spouses and kiddos. I love these girls more than life, so any time with them is wonderful. But quality time with really good food makes things even better! 

 Ashley cooked up this white bean chicken chili dish and it was a hit! De-lish. So, of course, I had to be a good blogger and share with all of you. It's a good one, people, enjoy!

I N G R E D I E N T S :

-2 cans of corn
-2 cans of white beans
-4 to 5 shredded chicken breasts
-2 packages McCormick's White Chicken Chili seasoning packets

D I R E C T I O N S :

1. Drain the corn and add to crock pot.

2. DON'T drain beans, add to crock pot.

3. Stir in chicken.

4. Stir in about one full package and one half package of the seasoning mix. Two full packages is a little too intense of a flavor. One and a half is perfecto.

5. Stir together and let the mix simmer for at least an hour. 

6. Serve with tortilla chips and sour cream or whatever your favorite fixin's are!

The best part about this for my family is that it's a dairy-free dish, so HDawg can go to town on it. And trust me, he does! I hope your family enjoys, too!

Psst! Don't forget to submit your DIY, recipe, kid or home projects for tomorrow's Tuesday at Ten June!

Valentine's Day Card Printable for Toddlers: My "Main Squeeze!"

 There's something about a holiday that is way more fun with kids, right? I've shared before here on the old blog, but typically David and I are the ultimate Scrooges when it comes to Valentine's Day. We don't exchange gifts (although last year he surprised me with a Kindle, which kind of rocked!), we don't go out to a nice dinner, he doesn't buy me flowers... we actually just don't celebrate at all! Boo, I know. It's just not a holiday that's important to us. Me and my man celebrate our love every day of the year, if ya know what I mean. Wink wink.

But with kiddos? Way more fun. Makes me want to break out the the red + pink construction paper and start crafting up some paper hearts! I was still on maternity leave last year at this time, so this is HDawg's first year in a classroom on Valentine's Day. I'm pretty sure that 16 month old toddlers don't exchange Valentine's Day cards... but it's me and even though I'm not a big VDay fan, I want him to share a little something with his classmates!

I tried to think of something toddler friendly... ie. no candy, no inhalable small toys, no junk. So what does every young kid love these days? Squeezable fruit packs. Yum. It's one of HDawg's favs, that's for sure. And healthy, every mom's delight. Add a little play on words and boom... you have the perfect toddler Valentine's Day treat!

And I think I'm even more hilarious for buying the Buddy Fruits squeezables. Get it? Happy Valentine's Day, buddy!?! Har, har, har.

I created the little custom tag and simply tied around the fruit pack with some red and white bakers twine. Just print, cut, punch a hole at the top and add your little one's name after the "main squeeze" salutation and you've got a custom Valentine's Day card for your tot!

And of course I want to share my little creation with all of you. Click here to download the printable!

Please note: I've shared this free printable for personal use only. Please do not distribute for commercial use. If you share on your website or elsewhere, please link to this blog post and not simply to the PDF itself. As always, feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks for understanding!

Are you creating anything crafty and fun for Valentine's Day this year?!

Master Bedroom Dresser Vignette

Last week, I shared our styled Expedit bookshelf from our living room and I promised y'all I would start to share little decorated corners of our house. So, here ya go! 

This space is the dresser in our master bedroom, ironically another Ikea piece of furniture. David and I added the huge gold mirror above the dresser which seriously makes me smile every time I see it. It's like the two pieces were made for each other... but aren't too matchy matchy. I love.

On top of the dresser, we've got a David side and a Michelle side. On my side rests my jewelry tray (a Target finds years ago), one of my favorite framed photos of HDawg and my absolute favorite lamp from HomeGoods. It previously sat on my desk at work, but when I quit my job, it finally got to come home with me. I may or may not kiss it goodnight every day, I seriously love it so much. On David's side sits a copper tray that holds all of David's junk (also from Target, and yes, I emptied it out before taking these photos), some greenery in vintagey vases we picked up in North Carolina a few years ago and the DIY sign language art I made him a few years ago.

So that's another corner of our little house! Do you have any corners of your house that make you smile?

Tuesdays at Ten June

It's been awhile since my last Tuesdays at Ten June post, but that just means I've been hoarding up some good stuff to share with you today! And, um, P.S... you guys are really crazy talented. I am beyond amazed every time I see the projects y'all submit, whether they're featured or not. Keep up the good work, peeps!

I'm a huge fan of the wooden bead chandeliers I've seen out in the retail world, but could never afford one. Sarah was in the same boat, but took matters into her own hands and created a DIY faux wooden bead chandelier. Seriously, this is legit gorgeous! Check out her great tutorial for more details.

Y'all know I have baby girl nurseries on the brain right now... check out Lizzie's beautiful (and tiny!) baby girl nursery.

Have you ever wanted to update one of your old kitchen appliances? How about some spray paint? Check out this genius mixer makeover by You're So Martha.

I love this dining room makeover from Fabulously Vintage, especially when you compare it to the before!

I'm a huge fan of using leftover scraps to create something beautiful for your home. And so is Amanda! Check out her latest scrap project- a DIY copper + wooden bud wall vase. SO cool!

Hello, I kind of want to make a "wooden" beaded chandelier now, don't you?!

If you've got any fun projects or DIY makeovers up your sleeve, send them my way! Send me photos or a link to your blog via email- with the subject line Tuesdays at Ten June or tag your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #tuesdaysattenjune (make sure and include a link to your blog if you want me to link up!). Follow me on IG (@tenjuneblog) while you're at it!

Happy Tuesday, folks!

The Perfect Little Boy Blue Paint Color: HDawg's Painted Bedroom

Friends, we've been getting busy with a paintbrush over here. Right before Christmas, I painted our rental house's dining room a perfect gray. Now, we've moved on to the bedrooms for the bambinos! Last week, my sister and David and my 8.5 month belly painted HDawg's room and our little lady's nursery. 

By the way... I'm thinking of giving our soon-to-arrive little girl a blog alias of Little Lady June... Little June... June Dawg... you know, kind of like the official little gal behind this blog. For the record, her name is not June, just a fun play on the blog. What do you think, LLJ in da house?

But for now, let's put June Dawg's nursery on the back burner. Today, I'm excited to reveal HDawg's newly painted bedroom. It's beautiful!

I used my absolute favorite paint- Sherwin Williams' Emerald brand. I've used this paint for years now and am smitten. Not only is it non-VOC (even the colorants!) which is much safer for us preggos and for the kiddos, but it's got a scrubbable finish and goes on like buttah. Love, love.

The color I used for H's room is what I officially declare to be the perfect little boy blue paint color: Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue. We actually used this color in HDawg's original nursery at our old house. With this color on the walls here at this rental house, the room truly feels like home. It's amazing what a little paint can do on the walls.

Oh, here are the before shots of the room.

And ahhh, with the Sleepy Blue.

As renters, it can be a tough choice to invest in the time and money to paint the walls. David and I plan to be at this home through at least October, and possibly another year after that, so we have plenty of time to enjoy the paint colors. Also, we got the paint colors approved by our landlord, which means that we don't have to repaint the colors before we move out. Win win.

I still need to hang art on the walls (you can see most of H's art pieces laying on the floor around the room!) and create a few other special spots around the room. David and I plan for this large room to be the main playroom for both of our kiddos, so I want to make sure it's not only cute but functional for special playtime, as well.

I definitely want to create a reading nook in this little corner.

And, of course, I need to organize the toys and books over here on the bookshelf.

Did you notice HDawg's new crib?! We love it. If you're wondering why we switched the crib up or for more details on the crib, check out this post.

It was a huge room to paint, but luckily my sweet sister, Callie (who just graduated from college and got her first job- she starts today!), came and helped me knock this out in a couple of days. She's the best-est! 

Every time I walk into this room, I'm in love. Not only is the color the perfect little boy blue paint color, but I feel that it really brings his room together and makes it feel like home. Way to go, paint!

If you're interested in learning more about anything you see in HDawg's bedroom, check out his original nursery reveal post or his nursery source list post.

FYI, the paint I described in this post was provided to me by Sherwin Williams. Aside from the product, I was provided no other compensation for using or writing about this paint. All opinions and information that I share are completely my own. Totes McGotes.

The Friday Jot List

Hello, Friday! Even better, the Friday before a three day weekend, woot woot. Here are a few things on my mind right now.

1. Ruffles, every shade of pink and hairbows. Seriously, guys, this little girl and her big announcement to the world has completely turned our world upside down in the best way possible. David and I have had so much fun over the past week switching gears from baby boy to baby girl. I love all of your ideas for her girly nursery plans, keep 'em coming!

2. Waddling. Um, yeah. I'm 8.5 months pregnant, people. Can you believe it? Full-blown waddling, getting out of breath with normal conversations and peeing every two minutes is officially underway. I cannot believe how quickly we got to this point! We will be meeting this baby girl so soon!

3. Felt animal heads. I am so proud of a cute DIY project I did over on BabyCenter for little lady's nursery- a felt animal head menagerie! I spotted some expensive versions of these stuffed animals a couple of years ago and they've been on my DIY agenda for awhile. Even though they were originally made for baby boy, I decided to finish the project for baby girl and even glammed the animals up a bit for her : ) 

Check out the full tutorial in part one here and in part two here.

4. Tuesdays at Ten June. Let's get this party started again! Submit your DIY features... your recent crafts, projects, room makeovers, recipes, kids stuff, the possibilities are endless! Send them over to me at or tag them on Instagram with #tuesdaysattenjune. Please put "Tuesdays at Ten June" in the subject line of your email! Can't wait to see what you're working with and feature your great projects next Tuesday!

Nursery Planning Remix

Well, one of the obvious things to ask a design blogger when she tells you that she finds out she's having a baby girl after thinking she's having a boy for five months is... what about the nursery?!!

If you remember from this post, I had decided on a turquoise + brick red nursery for baby number two, when she was a he.

As of last week, a few things had changed as the nursery was evolving, but the basics were the same as the mood board above.

 We purchased this crib from... of all places, Walmart! I did a lot of research before buying this crib. We wanted the crib to be a) solid wood, b) inexpensive, c) modern, clean lines and d) dark wood. I would have preferred something more honey oak colored like in the mood board, but the Walmart crib was amazingly fit all of the other criteria that I was totally fine with its espresso color.

While this crib would have been perfectly adorable in baby girl's room, I felt like it was a little too masculine compared to HDawg's sweet white crib. So, last weekend, we switched the two! It has actually worked out perfectly... HDawg's new crib also came with a toddler rail and is lower to the ground, so it will be perfect once we decide to "de-crib" him. And the white crib, which you can read more about here, will be perfect for our little baby girl!

My friends at Wayfair were generous enough to gift David and I with a changing table/dresser. We chose this beautiful, modern wooden dresser. I think it will be adorable mismatched with the white crib. And, thanks to some really fun ideas from my sweet design-loving friend (hi, M!), I have some ideas for additional updates I plan to make to the dresser. Should be fun!

After the big debate in this post, we have finally decided to put HDawg's glider in the new baby's nursery. My mom has an old school white rocking chair that she's going to pass down to us to use in H's room as we phase him out of the rocking thing.

While the walls haven't actually been painted yet, we do have a very, very pale light blue paint color ready for the walls. Like, the cans are stacked in the nursery, ready to be cracked open. To tell you the truth, I think we're going to keep that color for baby girl. It should work well with what I've got planned for the room! More on that below.

I purchased this rug from RugsUsa about a week before we found out about baby girl. Luckily, the red striped rug hadn't shipped and I was able to cancel the order. I've got plans to order a new rug for baby girl and, yes, they include pink.

Okay, so speaking of pink, let's talk about what my new plans are for the room!

As I mentioned, we're going to use the light blue wall color, white crib, dark espresso dresser and off-white glider. The rest of the room? Pink and gold, baby. All girl! Kind of like this.

Pretty, right? I can't wait to share everything with you as it comes together. Wait, let me start by saying I can't wait for all of this to come together, ha. I only have a few more weeks!

If you've got any adorable pink or gold nursery suggestions, send 'em my way!
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