DIY Hex Bracelet

How cute is this?

Want to make one?? Well thanks to my girl Anna, I learned how! Last month, Anna shared this tutorial on her blog... how to make a hex braided bolt bracelet. That's right, ladies. You can make an adorable bracelet out of your hubs' toolbox. For pennies! Here's how it works.

- 3 strands of twine cut into one yard pieces
- 18 small brass hex nuts

Take the 3 strands of twine and tie a knot at the top. Start braiding for about an inch and then begin to braid in the nuts. Before you pull over the far left strand, add a nut to the strand and push it to the top of the braid. Then cross it over. You might want to tape the ends of the strands so that the nuts are easier to thread. Nuts are easier to thread? That's what she said.
If you are lacking in the dexterity department like me, you can tape the top of your braid to a surface, so that you can work with it a bit easier. Or tape it to your leg. I know, I'm an idiot. And yes, I am wearing boxer shorts. So cool, I am.
Next step? Rinse and repeat. Or just repeat. Before you braid over the far right strand, thread on another nut and push it up the strand, then cross over. And repeat! Once you're finished adding the nuts, you can trim the leftover twine as you see fit. 
Ta-da! You've got yourself a hexagon bolt bracelet. 

Love it. 

Random side note: my t-shirt in the picture says "I broke a world record!"... cause I did. Most people ever to race in a wheelbarrow contest at one time. True story.

Whatcha think? I love my new (virtually free!) bracelet. It's fun, casual and perfect for summer. Have you made any DIY jewelry lately? Happy Friday (and royal wedding day!) to all!

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It's Kind of A Big Deal....

You guys are going to hate me. First I talk about grass and now I'm going to talk about toilets. Most fascinating blogger in the world, right?! : ) Hopefully you guys will get as excited about this as me.

I've finally got a toilet in my bathroom! You know that our master bathroom renovations have been creeping along at snail's pace, so each little iota of progress is big news to us! Especially our new toilet.

If you remember, David and I built in a water closet into our bathroom, so this little guy has a small space all to himself. It's a high efficiency toilet that we purchased from Lowe's- if you want more detail about it, shoot me an email.

The installation wasn't the most difficult thing we've done (especially after demolition of 60 year old tile and putting up drywall!), but then again, I didn't really do much of the work!

This was my view during the whole installation! He's pretty cute, right?! Love my handyman. Sorry ladies, he's taken!! ; )

Even Tucker was excited about the new toilet.

I don't think that he understands he doesn't get to use it.... 

David did a test and (because he's a rock star) the water is definitely hooked up correctly and ready to be used! But before we turn the water on for the toilet, we need to uncap and set up the other water valves (shower, sinks) at the same time so that the pressure is regulated. So we have to hold off on usage until all of those steps are taken. 

Speeeeeeeaking of sinks.... who wants a sneak peek at our new vanity that was delivered last week?? Only because I love ya'll so much.

Gorgeous, isn't it!?! I can't wait to share more pictures once we finish getting it all set up!

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

The Genie Series: A Thoughtful Place

I'm back today with another amazing blogger participating in the the Genie SeriesHow does it work? Basically, you get three wishes, as if you had a genie in a bottle sitting right there in front of you.

Today, you get to hear from one of the sweetest, most creative girls around- Courtney from A Thoughtful Place. You just might want to ask her for her autograph because in addition to being an amazing blogger, Courtney sat on the front row of American Idol last week, so I like to think that she's kind of famous ; ) Alright Court, you're on the hot seat!


I love my girl, Michelle! I am so excited to be here today. I can always count on Michelle to pick up what I'm throwing down when it comes to reality TV and song lyrics. I am even more excited to play along with this great series. It's pretty darn fun to pretend that you can magically make three things happen! So here we go!

Wish #1: A home that opens up to the ocean!!!

I can think of nothing better than throwing open your doors to stare right at the ocean. I could muster up a mean cocktail party in this little abode.

Hawaii Residence - Porch tropical porch

Wish  #2:   A Jaunt to London

I am a huge lover of London. I first fell in love with it when I lived there for a short five months back in college. I would happily leave my ocean front home for just a couple weeks to go frolic around one of my very favorite cities!

Wish #3:  A Closet Full of Jimmy Choo Shoes

I would be okay with opening a closet to find a bevy of amazing heels. I like to dress up and I like shoes! I just don't like the price. A girl can dream, right!

Choo 24:7Choo 24:7

Of course all of these wishes are silly and frivolous . . . but so much fun to have my head in the clouds for a moment or two! Thanks, Michelle. What time should I expect my shoe collection to arrive?

Spring Style

Hi friends! I hope all of you had an amazing Easter! Mine was filled with an incredible sunrise service on top of Stone Mountain, lots of family time and a whole bunch of chocolate candy ; )

I was flipping through the mail this weekend and found a little gem I just had to share. David and I are huge camping and hiking fans, so we're old pros at the LL Bean catalog. But when I saw a flowery ruffled dress on the front of the recent catalog, I did a double take. Usually LL Bean is more campfires and fleece than pretty little numbers. But hellll-o... somehow I've missed new LL Bean's Signature line. And it is adorable. So perfect for spring/summer. Check out some of my favorite pieces.

The accessories are KICKIN, aren't they?! Have any of you ever shopped from the line? Love it.

Caribbean Vaca: Part Trois

Hi friends! Happy weekend! Hope everyone is having a good one... it's kind of gloomy weather here today, but I am cheering up by looking back on the beautiful weather we had on our trip last week! I'm excited to share with all of you the last group of pictures from the trip. After Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Barbados and St. Lucia, David and I island hopped over to St. Kitts and St. Marteen. All I have to say is: GOR-GEOUS!

Are you ready for this?? ***COMPLETELY*** unedited photo of the water in St. Marteen.

Now you can see why St. Marteen was my favorite, right?! Simply heaven!

Our little jaunt to the Caribbean was an amazing trip filled with much-needed downtime, sand, sun and lots of amazing memories with my man. Thanks so much for letting me share all of these pictures with you! Have a great weekend!

Caribbean Vaca: Part Dos

Lets get this Friday started off the right way... more Caribbean pictures! After a couple of days in Puerto Rico, David and I hopped on a cruise and bon voyaged our way through the tropics, island hopping. Here is the first group of island that we visited- St. Thomas, Barbados and St. Lucia!

St. Thomas is nothing short of amazing. If you haven't been, it's a must-see. I'm not sure that we saw the best part of Barbados (Bridgetown), but it certainly wasn't my fav. Have any of you been to Barbados? I'm interested to know what the rest of the island is like. As you can see, we had some rainy weather in St. Lucia, but their amazing local beer made up for it : )

Next up, I'll share the pics from the last part of our trip, which just so happened to be my absolute favorite places: St. Kitts and St. Marteen. Until then, just imagine the world's most picture-perfect water color. It was heaven!! 

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? 

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