Yarn Wreath Tutorial

Did you guys get a chance to check out my guest post yesterday on Michaela Noelle?

I shared my favorite Christmas project from this year- a yarn wreath. I'd seen different
takes on the yarn wreath out in blog-land this year, but I have to say that the tutorial and wreath
that Joi did was definitely the one that inspired me to get cracking on this project!

Here's the lowdown.

-a couple balls of yarn
-felt squares
-straw wreath
-push pins
-fresh pine trimmings

When you get started, leave the straw wreath in its plastic wrapper.
This makes things a bit neater as you wrap the yarn around.

And yes, you do see a glass of white in the background!
 That's always a necessity when it comes to me and crafts :)

Next up? Wrap the yarn around the wreath!
It's a little time consuming, but definitely easy. Here's my almost-finished product.

Then, I simply cut some large circles out of felt squares in a spiral shape.
I folded each spiral into a flower shape and pinned each onto the wreath with a tack.

I then stuck in a few branches of fresh tree trimmings and, voila!
You've got a Christmas yarn wreath.

I put the wreath in our kitchen on a door that goes into our sunroom.
It's the perfect thing to spruce up the area in a cozy, Christmas way!!

So there you have it! The fun thing is this wreath could be made not only as
a Christmas wreath, but a fall wreath or even a winter wreath!

In fact, I may just pull out the fresh pine and throw in some blue colors and
call it my January wreath!! : )

Four more days till Santa!! Are we ready??

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  1. I think changing out the color of the flowers is a great way to keep the wreath up longer! Yours looks gorgeous. I bought all the supplies a while back, but billable hours keep getting in my way of doing it! And I'm with you -- wine + crafts = the only way to go!

  2. I love this, so pretty! I might make one during my time off next week and save it for next year. :) I received my state print in the mail from the giveaway that I won, thank you again!

  3. I absolutely love this! This might be my Christmas weekend craft (for next year, since I'm a little late). Thanks so much for sharing it!

  4. This is so stinkin cute! And I am still lusting after your kitchen! ; )


  5. so cute!!! wish I'd read your tip about leaving the plastic wrap on the wreath before I made my cranberry wreath out of one!!! hello mess

  6. What an adorable wreath ~ I love it!

    Have a happy and blessed Labor Day!


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