Copycat Christmas- Part Two

Yesterday, I confessed. I'm an idea stealer and a cheap-o.

Okay, well hopefully that's not really the impression you got!! :)
I actually shared a few of my do-it-yourself homemade Christmas gifts that I made for family and friends.
I put lots of love and care into heartfelt presents that were inspired by many of you talented bloggers.

(does that sound better than a cheapskate idea stealer?!)

So if you're into hilarious moustache-painted drinking glasses and mossy initials,
check out volume one of my copycat Christmas.

But today is all about my second installment of DIY Christmas gifts. And both ideas were from the wonderfully inspiring Courtney over at A Thoughtful Place. Don't you just love when you see a
fabulous idea out there in the blogsphere and you think- "ooh! I can make that too!"
Well, I've bookmarked somewhere around eighty-five thousand ideas off of Courtney's awesome blog,
but here are two that I finally got around to actually creating.

Like I said yesterday, thank you, Courtney, for having such fabulous ideas.
Because you just helped me copycat my way through Christmas!!

my gift to my neices and newphew

As soon as I saw this post, I knew I had to make this craft for my neices (8 year old twins) and my nephew (their 3 year old little brother). They are all at the stage where they are LOVING arts and crafts (awww, they must take after their incredibly gorgeous aunt!), so I decided that an art kit would be perfect for Christmas.

-metal buckets
-wood base/spray paint
-craft paper for tag
-kids craft supplies (washable!)

I really wanted to figure out a way to make the buckets permanently connect, so that the art kit could turn into a kind of art station. David designed a little "plywood + white spraypaint + screw-into-the-bottom-of-each-bucket contraption" that just worked out perfectly! 

Next, I added a couple of initials to the girls' buckets and a little robot guy to my nephew's bucket (which, by the way, are color-coordinated with their bedrooms!) and topped each bucket off with a fresh supply of crayons, markers, watercolor paints and colored pencils. And there, my friends, is a DIY art station.

I think they loved it :)

gift to my sister-in-law


-bathroom tiles (30 cents or something cheap like that at Home Depot)
-chalkboard spray paint
-cork board
-hot glue

Here is Courtney's post on the coasters. It's a pretty self-explanatory process: paint, let dry, give a second coat if needed. It's easier for the chalkboard paint to stick if you sand down the tile a bit before spraying down. Next, you cut a piece of corkboard and hot glue it to the back of the tile. Unfortunately, I missed taking a picture of that step in the process, but Courtney details it well over on her post :)

The chalkboard spray paint directions tell you to rub a stick of chalk along the paint to give it a "first time" coat of chalk. This makes it easier to write on from then on.

Easy enough, isn't it?! And TOO cute.

These would be super cute to give out as a hostess gift!! Or just to have around your house : )

So there you have it! Easy peasy homemade gifts.
Did you guys make anything homemade as a Christmas gift this year??!


  1. Great job Michelle! Both of those are ideas I too bookmarked from Courtney's blog, but never got around to making. Maybe next year (or for birthdays!)

  2. Oh, I love the little robot guy {or is he a monster?} he is so stinking cute!

  3. Thanks for the shout out, girl. I LOVE how your art supplies turned out. So darn cute. Hours of entertainment for the kids. And I like the colored chalk on the coasters! xoxo

  4. I loved this idea too and used some of it for a gift we brought to the hospital craft room. Definitely will use it for some b-day gifts in the future. Her ideas are the best!

  5. So cool to see your take on Courtney's fab gift ideas! Love to see what the kiddos created too:)

  6. I thought both of those ideas were fab when I saw them at Courtney's blog and you did such a great job with your spin on them! They turned out so cute!


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