On the Road: Northern California

Hi, folks! Just one last reminder that the QA Design state print giveaway closes tonight at 9 PM (EST)! So don't forget to enter!

I meant to split up this post into several posts, but time got away from me in this very busy week... so you get to hear an extra-large, quickie dose of this leg of our west coast road trip into the beautiful northern part of the state of California (in case you missed the first parts- check out the details on our trips into Seattle and our trip into Canada!).

David and I left Vancouver and started the drive south through some awful weather. Early last week, Washington and Oregon were hit with a pretty bad winter storm. Lucky for me, my hubby is kind of a rockstar behind the wheel and got us down to California going 15 mph while driving for about 14 hours straight safely!

Check out our first sight in California. Angels sang, David and I high-fived and we both thanked God for no more snow, sleet, or ice!

We drove straight into northern California, making our way through several state and national parks that were filled with beautiful redwoods. We even detoured over and took the Avenue of Giants, which is filled with some of the largest trees in the world. Lots of oohing and ahhing and "look how big that is!" (that's what she said... ha, I had to!)

Isn't my David such a babe?


We had lunch on the coast in a little place by the name of Trinidad. It's an adoooorable little fishing village with some incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. Oysters and fresh fried fish for lunch, puhleassse.

The whole city of Trinidad is filled with gorgeous little seaside homes. I'll take the red one! :)

We also spent a couple of days in California wine country. This (of course) is an absolutely gorgeous area. I would certainly recommend Healdsburg for the wineries, St. Helena for lunch and window shopping and Yountville for a gourmet meal! David and I were absolutely spoiled by fabulous places like Lambert Bridge Winery and Redd's restaurant.

We spent most of our time in Napa Valley and didn't even have a chance to get over to Sonoma. There are just SO many amazing sights to see- I could have spent the whole trip checking out all of the sights there!

This weekend, I'll wrap up our road trip with our adventures in San Francisco and the Bay Area. ANNND of course, announcing the winner of the QA Design state print giveaway!

I can't wait for next week... our house may be about a week behind everyone else, but it is finally Christmas over at Ten June. Get ready for lots of fun projects and Christmas cheer! Happy Friday!


  1. Can't wait to see your fun projects. You took such great pictures on your trip. Napa is one of my very favorite places. And the tree hugger pic is hilarious!

  2. What a fantastic trip Michelle! Great pictures.

  3. Loving all your pictures. Can't wait to see your SF and Bay Area pictures (: Then I'll feel RIGHT at home!

  4. Oh my goodness what gorgeous pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time!


  5. The picture of the two of you if breathtaking. Have a wonderful and safe time.


  6. What amazing pictures! We were in San Fran, Napa and Sonoma, and Half Moon Bay in early October and had a fabulous time. Your pictures are making me want to go back!

  7. I just found your blog....Love it! And I fell in love with it even more when I found this post! I live in Humboldt County and Trinidad is one of my fave places to go beach combing. Great pics and I'm so happy you had such a wonderful time in my neck of the woods! :))

  8. That's great, Jen! Trinidad was just GORGEOUS! One of our favorite stops on the trip :) Thanks for stopping by!


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