Christmas By You!

Can you even believe we've got less than a week until Santa
 shimmies down each of our chimneys?? 

I added another four Christmas parties to my belt this weekend,
finished all of my Christmas shopping and 
ate about 400 Christmas cookies, 
so I can safely say that I am in the Christmas spirit!! 

Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite DIY Christmas projects that I did this year-
a yarn wreath (complete with tutorial!)- over at Michaela Noelle.

If you  haven't visited Michaela's blog before, you have to go check it out! Besides
being just about the sweetest girl on the block, she's got incredible
taste and some fabulous design ideas.

Sharing my DIY Christmas project got me thinking about all of the fabulous
Christmas projects that I've seen this year out in blog-land. I 
have a folder in my email inbox where I've literally saved hundreds of ideas
and inspirations from all of you!!

So, I thought I'd share some of my absolute favorites.
Without further ado....

Sarah's burlap stockings

Cassie's magnolia wreath


Danielle's Reindeer Head

Jenna's "Let it Snow" print

Courtney's chevron holiday table runner

Katie's felt ornaments

Megan's Christmas tray

Paula's advent tree

Leah's pink fabric trees

Are those projects (and ladies!!) fabulous or what?? So much talent! And,
like I said, I could go on for days with all of the amazing projects that are out there!

Here's hoping that this Monday sails by quickly so we can get to
this weekend's holiday fun!


  1. Your wreath is awesome! I so need to bookmark this for next year! And thanks for the shout out on my tray:) I hadn't seen those felt ornaments before- too cute!

  2. I know I am so excited for the weekend ( I wonder why)!! I am in love with your wreath it is so gorgeous!

    Thank you for putting my trees on here I am so honored!


  3. very cute! I ate too many Christmas cookies as well... oh I will be hitting the gym in January but for now let's eat cookies!!!

  4. what a great round up of DIY projects. thanks for giving my little deer heads some love!

    i love your wreath, i am definitely making one for next year!

  5. Those are all such wonderful ideas! I am keeping those in mind for next year for sure!

  6. Thanks for including me in with these talented ladies! Such fun ideas to copy :) Sounds like you are definitely in the spirit! Enjoy this week and all that comes with it. Have a great day, girl.

  7. Those are all fantastic projects! I'll have to check out the ones I haven't seen yet!

  8. Love your wreath...and thanks for including mine among these other fab projects!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing your wreath today, girl! And all these projects are great (: Hadn't seen the deer head before...but I love it!

  10. I love that magnolia wreath! Oh, how I wish I were crafty!

  11. thank you so much! we are still having fun doing it every night.

  12. Fun DIY projects! Love all of them and I really love your wreath! Beautiful!

  13. I adore that yarn wreath! And, all the projects you featured!!

  14. Thanks for including me with these great DIYs, Michelle! I love them all!! Xoxo.

  15. Michelle, this is a fantastic round up!! Thank you so much for sharing! I am off to check these out closer!

  16. Michelle, I am so flattered that you included my little ol' blog in your list. Thank you so, so much!!

    I hope you had a lovely holiday and can't wait to keep reading about all of your projects and adventures in the New Year. :)


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