House Tours: AT's Best Of

 Do you know what I love most about this time of the year?  

It's not just the idea of starting fresh or putting another great year behind me or even all of the bubbly we get to drink (okay, who am I kidding, the champagne is definitely one of my favorite parts).

It's the countdowns. Top 100 music videos of the year. Most Interesting People of the Year.
Top 50 iPhone apps. Sexiest Men of the Year. Top 20 moments from
 Keeping Up with the Kardashians (oh come on, you watch that show too, right? anyone?!)

Annnnnnnnd: Apartment Therapy's series, "House Tours: The Best Of." I know we've all seen these amazing house tours throughout the year, but it's just something about having them all in one place (categorized by month) at one time. It's seriously like Christmas for me all over again each time they post a new month.

So, so, so much inspiration and beauty!

{1940's West Village Apartment}

{California house}

{San Francisco apartment}

{Philadelphia loft}
Heyyy that rug looks familiar! It's the one in my living room.... ( :

{Minnesota loft}

{Massachusett's 1950's inspired home}

{Capetown, South Africa farmhouse}

{Brooklyn loft}

{Canadian home}

{California home}
**THIS has quickly become one of my favooorite homes around! Love their style.

{tiny California home}

{Chicago apartment}

{Seattle loft}
heyyy, I've got a color coded bookcase like that! Love it!

 I mean SERIOUSLY folks- how amaaaazing are some of those homes??! And don't worry,
Apartment Therapy has only made it through their "best of" tour through August-
we've still got four more months of revisiting beautiful homes ahead of us!! : )

I don't know how you'd describe my style (natural? cottage-y?), but after spending the year reviewing beautiful homes like these, I know that I am ready to implement a few style changes around my house. I'm thinking more sophisticated, eclectic and slightly modern pieces mixed in with my casual, light and airy vibe.

And don't worry, we've already made a few changes around our house that I just can't WAIT to share!! I'll give you a few hints of what's to come: vintage ladderback chairs, a six hour trip to Ikea/West Elm/Z Gallerie, a new rocking chair that starts with an E and rhymes with "teams," and about a million DIY projects in process/on our list. Are you as excited as I am??! : )


  1. I like seeing all of the countdowns too. I miss some stuff throughout the year, and I like to see if others like the same stuff. My favorite countdown is The Soup's! Oh, and my favorite of the above is the Philidelphia Loft for sure!!

  2. I can't wait! You are so cute. You sound like me with describing your style. I thought I had a finger on the pulse of it and after being exposed to all of these blogs, I am evolving as well. Super excited to see your changes and fun projects.

  3. First off, I definitely watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians (: I even traveled to a mall an hour away when I heard Kim would be there promoting her new make up line (:

    These homes are beautiful. I, too, am swooning over that California home. Can't wait to see the projects around your house, girl!

  4. I'm with you...the Kardashians are super fun! 6 hours at Atlantic Station...spells trouble for me!! LOL Can't wait to see what you've been up to!!!

  5. I had not seen this yet, what a great recap. I can't wait to see your new changes!

  6. fun recap!!!! and everytime I decide to keep my fireplace brick natural...I see a frigging picture like this one that makes me want to paint it!!! argh...what to do?!?!

    can't wait to see what you're up to!

  7. Oh can't wait to see your changes!

    And all of those spaces are so inspiring! Thanks for putting them in all in one handy place!

  8. Loving all of these images and your blog. New follower. = )

  9. Ahhh!! These are all so gorgeous!! Love each and every photo :) xo

  10. I don't know what I'd call my style either! I see you like color! I want to incorporate more color this year- I'm officially tired of my neutrals (for now) :)

  11. The vintage kitchen in the West Village apartment is so quaint. It reminds me of an old farmhouse, not a posh city apartment. The renters did a beautiful restoration job!


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