Christmas House Crashing: Katelyn

Last year, my dear friend Katelyn purchased a house in an adorable neighborhood in Atlanta. The home is an older ranch with amazing bones and incredible character. Kate has impeccable taste and a knack for refinishing furniture, so I was soooo excited to see what she would do with it.

me (on the far left) and Katelyn (in the green, 3rd from the right)
at the baby shower we threw last month

And let me just tell you, my expectations were not only met, but they were surpassed! After completely revamping and renovating the house and decorating it to a "T," Katelyn and her husband Max actually married in their backyard in the midst of their picture perfect, magazine-worthy home. It was phenomenal. I will HAVE to steal those pictures to share with you one day.

But today, I have some pictures of Katelyn's house decorated for Christmas!! I've been begging her to guest post for me for awhile, since, after all, she actually introduced me to the home design blogging world! Before she sent me over links to blogs like Young House Love and Decor Pad, I had never even heard of a blog! Crazy, right?

So, without further ado, my lovely Katelyn : )


Happy Holidays!!

My name is Katelyn and my dear friend Michelle very kindly gave me the 
opportunity to post on her fabulous blog! know it is the holidays when:

1.  It snows :)
2.  Christmas tree lots start popping up on every corner
3.  You are knee deep in home made ornaments and covered in sap from your gorgeous tree
3.  You can't stop singing your favorite Christmas carols
4. Have an overwhelming sense to give everyone a gift including the neighbors dog :)

My holidays thus far have been great.  They have been filled with family, friends, and 
festive decorations.  I have to say that I only decorate for Christmas.  It is my favorite time 
of year and it is the only holiday that truly inspires me to turn on the tunes of 
Nat King Cole, sing along and change my house decor from casual 
and quaint to bright and beautiful.

Here are a few things I did for my Christmas decor, which by the way is the first of many in our (old to the world, but new to us) house.  Last year we were in the middle of a huge renovation and didn't have a front porch to stand on...literally.  Needless to say, I was extra excited this year.

In the living room we put up our Christmas tree with homemade ornaments and 
some glittered snowflakes from the one and only IKEA.

We do not have a fireplace in our lovely home, so instead we hung our stockings on my beloved, revamped, pie cooling hutch.  We also added garland with some cranberry twigs and glitter twigs.

The foyer needed to be spiced up for Christmas as well, so we added a vase of flowers, 
some candles, a picture I drew as a girl and a card that was given to me last year.  

The flowers through out our home add that extra touch that I love.  I went to my local farmers market and bought a few bouquets.  It cost about $15 and it made about six flower arrangements! I also picked up some scraps from the local tree lot to add some of that great pine smell in the house.  
Plus it gave the flowers more of a holiday feel.

Outside we bought fresh garland and intertwined it with some lights.  I hung my favorite wreath.

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed decorating your home as much as I did.  Happy Holidays!


Isn't Katelyn fabulous?! I am trying to convince her she needs her own blog!! Thanks for posting, Kate!!


  1. She does need a blog! :) This time of year is wonderful-good friends and family make it even better!

  2. Love the way she used the pine with the flowers, yes, I think she needs a blog too:) A really sweet picture of all of you together!

  3. That is my kind of home. I would follow her blog!!

  4. Everyone needs a blog! What a great group shot photo!

  5. i smell a new blog coming! cant wait!

    you gals look great!

  6. Get a blog, Katelyn!! (: Your house is so cute!

  7. Blog it up, girl! Great home. I love the garland on the front door.

  8. Katelyn could definitely survive with a blog. Her house is beautiful! Love the apple green pie safe!

  9. Agree...needs a blog! Beautiful decor, and lovely home!!


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