Pine Cones Roasting on an Open Fire

No, no, not literally. But we are in full gear decking the halls around here! Less boughs of holly and chestnuts, more...well, pine cones! At our house, this year is all about adding lots of natural elements in with our traditionally sparkly decor.

Here is one of my favorite Christmas projects that I've done so far.

A pine cone mobile! Here's what you need to make this little craft.

-Christmas tree trimmings
-pine cones (mine smell like cinnamon!)
-fishing wire
-stick from any tree or bush
                                                      -red berries (or any other fun accessories)

To start, I just tied the top of each pine cone with some fishing wire. Not sure if I ever thought I'd be digging around in the hubby's tackle box for Christmas decor, but I guess you use what works.

Then, I wrapped each strand of fishing wire around the top of a stick from our front yard. Okay I know you're thinking... hmm, first fishing gear, now yard debris... where is this project going?!

Finally, I just made the mobile branch a little prettier by hot gluing on some tree trimmings and faux cranberries. And voila! Yard debris and fishing gear just got a little bit cuter :)

I decided to hang the pine cone mobile over our kitchen sink. 

I think it's kind of fun! What do you think?!

I dressed the rest of my kitchen window with a few more pine cones in some mason jars
and a cardboard cross covered with some scrapbook paper.

And I threw a few more (what else?!) pine cones on our dining room table.

They fit right in with the pine cones on my living room mantle!

Have you used any random things as Christmas decor this year? I can't be the only crazy one out there! :)

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  1. I happened to see your floating pine cones on the link party and the title made me chuckle.

    Love the look and the coordinating accessories. Seems like a fun/cheap craft. My favorite type.

  2. Your floating pine cones are a super cute idea. Everything is so charming and cozy!

  3. We did the floating pinecones in our dining room. I have those reindeer ornaments, too!!! How fun!

  4. It's all beautifully done! I've seen ornaments hanging in the window before, but never pinecones! You must love having that window there.

  5. That looks great! I tried to do something similar last year with snowflake ornaments, but it didn't turn out near as cute!

  6. Those are so cute above your window! Your home looks so warm and cozy.

  7. Love it! We too are trying to use more natural elements in our home this year. And, as you know pinecones are readily available around these parts!! I have some I rolled in white paint last year to make them look snow covered. I mixed them in with some plain ones in a bowl this year.

  8. Love the mobile! Such a cute idea!! I was going to do something similar with some ornaments, but I got lazy and just attached them straight to the ceiling....wish I would have gone with my original idea now. That looks awesome:)

  9. I am lovin' on pine cones this year too! {And I have very similar silver, reindeer stocking hangers.} Thanks for sharing!

  10. how adorable! i use pinecones in jars and vases, but i haven't hung any up. this is great...maybe i should?!

  11. Lovin' it! I wish we had pine cones around here, I would be whippin myself up this beauty.

  12. Great jobs...I did ornaments in the window this year. But Im thinking pinecones next year. lol I buy the cinnamon ones too and save them with all the christmas stuff. Thanks for sharing

  13. Love your kitchen window and the pinecones are so fun. I have a few bowls of them around the house too...I love using nature for decor!

  14. I love the mobile! Very nice kitchen window!

  15. This looks really great! You've proven fishing supplies and yard debris definitely make for gorgeous crafts. Thanks for the tutorial!

  16. Don't you love the versatility of pinecones? They look great.

  17. This is a theme which is all tying in nicely!

    I have posted my first giveaway on my blog. It is a gift card from CSN. Please do come one and all!

  18. Fantastic. I love the beadboard above the window too. It all looks great. I love the natural feel of pinecones. Wish I had used more this year. House looks great, girl.

  19. I brought a whole bag of pinecones back from the beach over Thanksgiving...getting ready to make something ( ? ) with them...thanks for the ideas!
    Tammy :-)

  20. Girl, I love the pine cones! You're so creative. I was thinking of stringing some pine cones together to drape over our mantel this year. Lots of fun options! That cross is really pretty, too. The green paper is great!

  21. Very cute Michelle. I love pine cones too. Hanging them in the window is so clever!


  22. Thanks for all of the sweet comments, everyone! Christmas is such a fun time of year. I love the spirit that Christmas decorations bring... makes me want to keep my decorations up until March :)

  23. did I MISS this? And the other question it creepy that when I saw the tease of a picture and saw it was you...I was not surprised. are brilliant!


  24. Really neat and looks so easy, glad I found your blog from Nify Thrifty Tuesday! I'm also your newest follower, stop by soon love to have you!

  25. The pine cone mobile is just fabulous. I love bringing naturaly elements into the house, and these combined with a festive element are beautiful! Great inspiring project! Sonia :)


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