The Season for Giving

My to-do list is growing.

I still have all some presents to buy.

But yesterday, I was thinking about the true spirit of Christmas: giving.

And no, I don't mean that fabulous West Elm blanket that I'm giving to my sister.
(ha! not really your present if you're reading this, sis!)

I'm talking about giving to the less fortunate.
To those who can't afford anything else, at Christmas or year-round.

This holiday season, David and I decided to give to a couple different organizations.

Our family is bringing our unused coats to a Christmas party this weekend, so that my
aunt can donate them to a local homeless shelter.

David and I gave to our local Jaycee's Empty Stocking Fund.
Teachers from local  elementary schools nominate children who are in need each year,
and the organization buys toys and clothes for those kids.

We also pulled an "angel" off of our Angel Tree at church. Our angel is
a four year old little boy who lives in our city. David and I don't have any little ones
ourselves (yet!), so I had way too much fun buying adorable clothes for our angel.
[Size 4T corduroy pants? SO cute!]

And, finally, we're making our annual donation to the American Cancer Society.
David and I lost his mother to bone cancer last year and we've had
many other family and friends suffer through this disease,
 so this organization has been near and dear to our hearts for awhile.
[In fact, in lieu of favors at our wedding, we made a donation to ACS.]

all images via Flickr

It's so important not to forget those in need, especially at this time of year.
Are you giving this holiday season?
Please feel free to leave a link to your favorite cause in a comment.
The more who give, the merrier!


  1. Wonderful post. So important. I find that once we turn to giving to others, the whole entire season changes. And all the stress seems to vanish as well because we refocus on how much we are blessed. Good for you, girl. {love the photo of the feet in the heart . . is that your shot?}

  2. Great post. I'm glad that you have found organizations that mean so much to you. Who better than teachers to nominate children in need, they see the needs of the children in their class year round?!

  3. Great post, Michelle! We always donate the clothes and toys the kids outgrow...and my favorite thing is the Angel Tree child too. Now that my kids are older, they get to help choose one or two...then we make it a family event to go shopping. It always amazes me how generous they want me to be with giving things to 'their kid'...never once saying, "Can I have it too?" or "Why didn't I get this much?!"

  4. I'm a new follower but this year we are making some craft supply baskets to bring to a local hospital. I have a 5 year old and my nephew is 6 so my sister and I wanted to start somewhere and get them to realize it is about giving to others. I thought this would be a nice thing to do for all the kids in the hospital. We are going on Monday to meet a hospital rep and they will show them around a little.

  5. Such a great reminder! My family sponsors two sweet kids from Kenya year round and my favorite part of sponsoring them has always been finding things to put in their Christmas packages. Things like necklaces, toothbrushes, candy bars, socks, scarves, trucks, crayons, trains and dolls. Then they write us a letter back and include a picture of them with everything. It's so heartwarming to see a smile on their face! We also bring Christmas Eve dinner to a family in need down town. Every year it's a different family. So much fun to see what just a simple dinner or gift can do to make their Christmas so special.

  6. Wonderful post! There are so many worthy causes out there! I support Boys and Girls Clubs. The Club kids turn to their local club as a home away from home.

    have a wonderful holiday!

  7. What an important message. With so much consumerism and buying presents at this time of year, it is important to remember those that can no even afford to eat. We always buy a gift and leave under the wishing tree for a child in need at Kmart, and we also donate food to a charity for underpriviledged families. This year I'm going to get my 2 & 4 year old to do so with me, as they really (and bless them) think money is a never ending supply. Great post! Sonia

  8. Great post. This time of year offers so many opportunities to give! And I agree - it's a very important thing to do.

  9. Great post Michelle. My oldest daughter picked child from the Salvation Army's Angel list, and she and I had fun shopping for the little baby girl the other day. We donated several bags of clothing a couple of weeks ago. And, we put together a care package for Will and his family along with a winter coat and Christmas PJs for Will (he didn't have a heavy waterproof coat, a must have here). I love the idea of donating to the Cancer Society. I think we will do that in Honor of Will's mom and his dad (cancer survivor). His family has been hit hard by the disease.

  10. Yes the past few years in lieu of presents for each other my husband and I have picked a few children through our church or local organization whom we could buy presents for. And this year my father-in-law also wants us to donate to an organization or some kind instead of getting him a gift. It really just helps re-focus us on what this season in all about I think!

  11. Michelle- so true! You and David are blessing so many. Thank you for sharing- I had not yet chosen my angel child this year!


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