The Friday Jot List

After being snowed in since Tuesday afternoon, it oddly doesn't feel like a Friday around here! But I'm okay with that. Snow days are the best, especially when you're safe and warm at home. And now basically we've got one work day and then a fun weekend ahead of us! Here's what's on my mind today.

1. Baby girl. I mean, what's new. Ever since we found out that baby numero deuce is a girl just a few weeks ago, David and I have had some major pink on the brain! Besides a few small tweaks, the nursery is just about finished. And I'm kind of in love. One part sweet baby pink, one part little girl hot pink and one part gold glam, this is going to be one sweet room!

David and I have also started the final prep work... setting up the bassinet and the swing, installing the infant carrier car seat, packing the hospital bag, starting sweet girl's (mostly blue!) laundry.... I'm almost 36 weeks so this little girl could be here before we know it!

Don't worry, HDawg is still getting a ton of love, too. We finally hung some art in his bedroom during our snow day! Hellooooo, gallery wall.

2. Valentine's Day. It's coming up in just a couple of weeks! I went crazy decorating our house yesterday... sike. I swiftly cut out three (misshapen and mismatched) felt hearts and pinned them to my DIY yarn wreath. I love using this wreath throughout the winter. It's pretty versatile from Christmas to St. Patty's Day. And even though my little hearts are kind of a joke (that's some hardcore crafting right there, ha!), they are pretty cutesy.

Don't forget, if you're looking for a fun Valentine's Day card for your little one, feel free to use my "main squeeze" Valentine's Day printable! A PDF sheet is available for you to download for personal use. I can't wait to share these with HDawg's classroom.

3. Tuesdays at Ten June. Submit your projects! Don't forget. Recipes, kid projects, room makeovers, tablescapes, holiday DIY's, crafts, decor updates... you name it, I love it. Send me your projects to be featured next week via email at or tag your photos on Instagram at #tuesdaysattenjune (and tag me @tenjuneblog if you want, as well!).

4. Around the web. I've had a few articles go live elsewhere around the web this week. Check 'em out!

5. My weekend. As soon as we found out we're having a little girl, my sweet friends and family came together quickly and decided to throw us a baby shower! My family shower is this weekend and I couldn't be more excited to shower Little Lady June with girly things. I'll also be finishing (hopefully!) up some small tweaks in her room. I can't wait to share everything with y'all!

Follow me on Instagram at @tenjuneblog to follow all of the fun!

6. Super Bowl food recipes. If you're looking for a fun and easy recipe for the big game, check out one of my all time favorites- a spicy sausage and cheese dip! YUM!



  1. Wow, so much going on. I hope you have a wonderful time at your shower. Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Lots of good stuff there, my dear! Have fun this weekend!
    xo Heidi


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