Dining Room Paint Makeover- Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Ahh, there ain't nothing better than a freshly painted room. Am I right? Especially when you makeover a room and change it from an orangey glow to a cool gray.

Here's the before shot- the room was painted a mustard khaki dark neutral color.

And a nice, cooler than a polar bear's toenails after shot.

Ahh, right?! I chose this color, which is Sherwin Williams' Agreeable Gray, because it's a nice, cool neutral gray that has a tiny hint of a neutral khaki to it. I prefer not to have too much purple/blue in my gray wall paint because we have a lot of khaki-ish decor to work with. I would never want a too blue gray paint make my other neutrals look yellow by comparison, if that makes sense.

Even with the dining room chandelier light on, I don't think this color reads too warm! It's the bomb.com.

For this room, I used my absolute favorite paint finish- Sherwin Williams' Emerald paint. If you remember way back when, we used this paint finish when we painted HDawg's nursery. It's got paint and primer in one (clutch!), is totally scrubbable (is that a word?) and has no VOC fumes (hooray for the preggo lady!). And the paint goes on like buttah. Seriously, I love it!

The best part is that, slowly but surely, I'm starting to love this room. With the paint makeover and the addition of our new benches, it's starting to feel like a room that actually has my touch, even though we're in a rental house. Look how pretty these windows are!

I love how the dark wood of our dining table and benches contrasts the gray paint.

I also love how the gray paint works with the light blue (turquoise-y?) paint in our adjacent foyer... and living room... and office... and kitchen! Every other room on the main floor is painted this light blue color, so this gray had to work with it.

And even though so many of you have asked me for it, I still haven't been able to track down the light blue paint color that the previous tenants used. So sorry!

I've still got a few things on my checklist for this room, such as hanging art on the wall. I actually worked on a DIY piece last week, as a matter of fact! I plan to hang it soon and then I'll share, of course. I also really, really want to switch up the sad slipcovered Parsons chairs. I found these two chairs at ReStore a couple of years ago and did a quick and dirty slipcover makeover with them. It's not in the budget to replace the chairs altogether right now, but I'm thinking I may sew new covers for the chairs. You know, in between having a baby and raising a toddler and stuff. And, finally, I need to set up a nice winter tablescape to prettify the table top and perhaps add some throw pillows to the benches. That's a little more doable in the forseeable future!

I will have to say that I'm proud that me and my eight month pregnant belly (with the help of David for the high spots I needed a ladder for, of course- pregnant safety first!) actually got this done before we hosted Christmas brunch at our house. It was so fun to see my family enjoying this newly updated space.

Yes, my son is a total ham. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Every time I walk by the room, I'm all like... ahhhh. Grayyy. How I love thee. It makes me really excited to paint a few more rooms in the house! You too? Grab a roller and come help!

FYI, the paint I described in this post was provided to me by Sherwin Williams. Aside from the product, I was provided no other compensation for using or writing about this paint. All opinions and information that I share are completely my own. Seriously, I don't think Sherwin Williams would promote my overzealous use of the phrase "bomb.com." That's all Michelle. #dork


  1. Yes maam. Couldn't agree more! It looks amazing. Ah-mazing! LOVE grey. Lol. My whole house is a shade of grey. ;) It definitely turned out great--and cannot believe you did it the night before! Lol. Love it!

  2. What a cutie! New paint colour looks great too ;)

  3. Looks great! Santa did a nice job on the home improvement between all those cookies!

  4. The name of the paint color is just so funny (and very accurate because it's a nice, agreeable gray hue). The chandelier is beautiful as well. Great job!

  5. Love how this room looks. We just painted our WHOLE house because every wall was painted a very warm yellow and with our floors being so warm, it was almost overload. We chose a very cool, but neutral gray and I love it.

  6. Love that color! It looks so good! I've been itching to do some more painting in our house too!

  7. Adding to my list of good grays! Love it, Michelle.

  8. I LOVE my gray dining room, too; great color choice, Michelle! Looking forward to see it all pulled together
    xo Heidi

  9. Love it! I am seriously going to use that color next time a room needs updating.


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