Why, Hello New Dining Room Benches

Remember that one time I told y'all we got a new dining room table and planned to get new chairs soon? Um, yeah. That was three years ago. I clearly have commitment issues when it comes to big spending purchases. But, many moons later, we finally pulled the trigger on some dining room seating.

Our dining room table is from World Market. At first, I planned to use some collected, white-painted stores from the thrift store with the dining table. Even back at our old house... like, two houses ago... we ended up using this collection around our kitchen table, though. We needed the chairs in the kitchen and also needed chairs in the dining room. Even though that's a lot of seating, we eventually realized that we just needed to buy some new chairs for the dining table. 

World Market sells matching wooden chairs, but I always envisioned some pretty upholstered beauties. I did splurge (ha) on some upholstered Parsons-style chairs from Habitat for Humanity that I fixed up and shared with you here. I liked these two chairs but, of course, two chairs isn't going to cut it around a big ol' dining room table.

Over the past couple of years, I never could find upholstered chairs that I really liked without spending what felt like millions of dollars. So I started shopping benches. They're such a cheap but character-friendly version of dining room seating. I finally settled on a favorite- the benches that match our dining table from World Market. I'm not typically one for matchy sets, but I actually really like the mix of the two upholstered Parsons chairs with the wooden benches. And how cute would the benches be with some pretty throw pillows mixed in for texture and color? I'm digging it. And then, on Cyber Monday, World Market had a big sale and free shipping, so I finally pulled the trigger.

 The benches will easily seat three people each, bringing our total seating count to eight. Woo-hoo! That's a pretty big improvement from two, especially just from the addition of two benches. From what we can tell so far, the quality of the benches is just as good as the table, which has impressed us greatly over the past three years. Even this little guy approves.

As you can see, we have a long way to go in our dining room right now. It was the central location for us to unpack boxes and for me to manage all my decor junk as I set it up. There are still boxes everywhere! But, because I am legit crazy, I'm working on a little makeover of the room before we host my family on Christmas day. Yes, yes, I'm all... heyyyy, I'm seven months pregnant and working on a nursery and unpacking and all that good stuff, so let me randomly throw in a dining room makeover, too! Yeah? Why not? You only live once : ) DINING ROOM YOLO!

Hopefully I'll have some updated dining room shots to share with you soon!

Forgot what our old dining room used to look like with this table? Here ya go! Sigh, I miss it, too. For more about this room, check out this page.


  1. I love me some world market! we bought a trestle farmhouse set from them a few months ago but only use two chairs and the bench because I didn't want it to be matchy matchy like you said. now after seeing your pics above it makes me want to go buy another bench! looks great. :)

  2. Loving it so far!!! I just bought a new dining room table from Woodstock Furniture Outlet (check it out if you havent been...great deals!) and I am STUMPED on what chairs to put around it. I have chairs, but they are overdue for the trash. After we got the table home, it was a liiitttle bigger than it looked in the store, so I am looking at the bench option for at least one side.

  3. Looks great!! We also have benches {but without backs} and I love them!

  4. Absolutely LOVE world market! And those benches are perfect! They look great! (p.s. I have commitment issues with big purchases too! lol)

  5. Those benches look great! There's something so charming about eating on a bench with others!

  6. I think that bencheds are always a good choice, especially when it comes to dining room. Plus, they look really nice! You have made a good move with this update!


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