Empty No More

I'm not sure if all of you remember the state of our fabulous dining room for the last six months.

Ahem. Kind of empty. David and I have deliberated and brainstormed since the day we moved in about what we want for this room. When we moved, we did not own any dining room furniture to fill the room, so we pretty much have a blank slate to work with. Of course, this meant months of Michelle being crazy and wanting to look at every possible furniture option and dining room design photo that currently exists in the world deliberating about our style.

But, today, I can gladly say that this room has got a plan. Thanks to the advice of many of you, we're ready to start making this dining room a not-so-empty space.

The first step? Get rid of the chandelier. While it's certainly a beauty, the heavy, bold statement it makes doesn't exactly flow with the light and airy style of our adjacent living room and kitchen. So, we put the chandelier on Craigslist and sold it for $120. Then, I hit up a lighting sale on HomeDepot.com (which is still going on!) and bought this guy.

The price tag with the sale was $129.00, which means that (after the Craigslist sale) we came out of pocket a whopping $9 bucks. Nice, right?! I am not 100% in love with the fixture, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. My plan is to live with it for another couple of weeks and see if it is exactly what we're looking for.

The new lighting fixture has made a world of difference in the dining room, thus far. But the most exciting part? Drumroll please... we got a new dining room table! With the help of a furniture sale at World Market plus a 25% coupon I had been saving for such an occasion, we bought this fabulous barn-style wood table for only a few hundred bucks.

Here is our dining room, not so empty anymore!

It is so nice to walk into the house and finally see some furniture in this room!

And as for chairs... pshh, who needs chairs?! Okay, so we do... the game plan with the chairs is to begin a collection of random, mismatched thrift store chairs and then paint or stain them all the same color. Maybe something like this?

image via
Or perhaps slipcover some chairs like this?

I've got a few different ideas up my sleeve. But for now, I can say, at least our little dining room is empty no more!


  1. Its looking great! I actually really love the light you chose, and you can't beat $9 out of pocket! I love the table too...I'm excited to see how it all comes together:)

  2. How exciting! It is so much fun to start with a blank canvas because you can go anywhere from there. Gook luck. I'll be watching...


  3. Oooh my gosh, I love that table! Great find!

  4. Ohhhh! How fun. That is one of my all time favorite tables. The light looks really good with it. I am in the midst of trying to switch up chairs and can't make up my mind! maybe I will just wait and copy you!

  5. Wow! I love the table and lighting. For the chairs...hmm...I think both options are great! I kind of prefer the mismatched chairs though (: It brings a little personality to the space! Loving your blog...and I added you to my blog roll on my right hand side bar (: You're great!

  6. oh I love it all AND I have been looking for a table JSUT like that. ok Im actually gonna REALLY think about this same one! LOVE it..

  7. Excuse me....Home Depot lighting sale?!?!?!!?

    It makes a huge difference. We have some World Market furniture and love it...it's held up really well, so you should be happy long term with that beautiful table!

  8. We did the same thing and had nothing but a hutch in our dining room for the past 5 months. We finally settled on a table, chairs (which I am in the process of painting and recovering), and a new light fixture. Hopefully we are ready to host Thanksgiving now :)

  9. The table is DRIPPING with style...love the fact you got it on sale and with a coupon. How I love a great deal. Love the look of slipcovered chairs...I would love those myself {oohhhh...with a shorter box pleat skirt -- swoon worthy. :)}

    It all looks so lovely.


  10. It's starting to look so good!!!!

    I am really liking the contrast of the dark wood against the white and the light coloured walls.

    Can't wait to see your chairs.... :)

  11. looks wonderful! It is amazing what a "little" change can do to a room... even by adding just a table! I love the idea of the thrift chairs :)

  12. It's looking great. I'm excited to see what you find for the chairs!

  13. I love what you picked, especially the table! I like the idea of random chairs. Have you been to My Favorite Place? They always have chairs for great prices.

  14. So nice to see the room coming along, huh?! We have a similar table in our breakfast room and really like it. The new chandelier really changed the look of the whole room. And I was laughing at - who needs chairs??!!

  15. Oh my. That table is amazing. We need a World Market in my neck of the woods.


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