On the Road: Oh! Canada

After watching the winter Olympics last year (and oogling over the gorgeous scenery the whole time), I knew that we just had to add British Columbia to our once in a lifetime trip's itinerary. So on day #3 of our adventures (check out the first two days here!), David and I hopped in our rental car and left Seattle heading north.

Once we made it over the border, the scenery was just breathtaking. Some of my favorite sights were seen while we were on the road.

On our first day in BC, we actually drove straight through Vancouver and headed up to the big ski town of Whistler. We took the scenic route on the Sea-to-Sky Highway and enjoyed every minute of the drive.

Once we got up to Whistler, we ate lunch and tried to shop. I say try because it was a whopping -16 degrees Celsius. That's a minus in front of the number, as in negative. I'm pretty sure that's about 3 degrees Farenheit, plus the wind chill factor. Or as I like to call it, ridiculously COLD! But at least us Georgia kids were dressed appropriately for the weather, right? Ha.... 

Whistler, BC ski slopes

The cold may have made us a little crazy :)

We got a beautiful sunset show as we drove back down the mountain to Vancouver.

Vancouver itself is an adorable city. We stayed right on the water, which I think is the prettiest part of town.

David and I opted to explore Vancouver by picking up one of the cheesy walking tours that was in one of our guidebooks.

maybe we should have just glued a Hi, My Name is TOURIST sticker to our heads :)

The neighborhoods and areas of Vancouver are just incredible!

I love how you can see the mountains through the cityscape.

We spent most of our time in Vancouver down by the water. Who could resist?

So that was our trip to "Ohhhh! Canada!" (that's me singing their national anthem to you in case you were wondering!!). Beautiful, beautiful countryside!!! Have any of you ever been?!

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  1. Looks amazing! Vancouver is my hometown! These pictures sure make me miss "home"

  2. Love it! Those houses are adorable {but the price is probably not as adorable}, and the ski slopes so wintry... love, love, love

  3. Those are some awesome pictures, Michelle. It's a beautiful city...I can't wait to go sometime soon. I just need to get my passport squared away!

  4. WOW! I have never been there and those pictures are breathtaking. Vancouver seems like it is a magical place.

  5. I'm happy you got to visit Vancouver, it is a beautiful spot. Coming from a Canadian, it makes me appreciate the beautiful things in this country and if you decide to visit more of Canada, come on over to the East Coast :)

  6. Gorgeous! I've been to a few places in Canada, all gorgeous! We skiied in Banff last spring...and I actually got engaged in Niagra Falls, Canadian side. My hubby was a professional musician back in the day and he proposed on stage at a New Year's Even concert! :)

    so glad you had a great trip!

  7. Beautiful pictures!! The one with the mountains and the city is incredible! We were in Canada for a bit when we went to Glacier national park. We stayed at the Prince of wales, it was amazing.

  8. See, I did see this post before! Love reading it again, now that we're going! I can't wait!!!! and now I'll need to find a moose face and take the same pic! :)


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