DIY Holiday Pinwheel Garland Craft

 As you guys know, we decorated for Christmas twice this year around my casa. Recently, we set up our seasonal red + silver + gold decor but back in October, I decorated the house for the Home Depot holiday style challenge. Double dose of ho, ho, ho, I tell you.

For that challenge, I used a few non-traditional colors, like turquoise, purple and lime green. One fun piece I decided to incorporate is this do-it-yourself pinwheel garland. The garland can be hung across your fireplace mantel, down a stairway banister or along your wall… the possibilities are endless! 

What you need:
-scrapbook paper
-hot glue gun
-large width ribbon
-small width ribbon
-decorative accessories 


Step 1. Cut and fold your paper into a pinwheel.

Cut your scrapbook paper into strips of varying widths. I chose a few widths that were approximately two, four and six inches wide. Fold each of these strips like an accordion. Make sure you cut two strips of each paper width. 

Next, take your accordion strips and fold them in half, as pictured. Hot glue the middle fold of your strip together so the accordion forms a seamless half circle. Then match the two similar width half circle pieces together and hot glue the bottoms of each half circle together to form a whole circle. 

Step 2. String the pinwheels onto a garland.

You should have a gap where one of the folds rests in the middle of your pinwheel circle. Spread this gap apart and hot glue a piece of small, thin ribbon between the folds. Glue each pinwheel to the same ribbon, creating a garland.

For some extra sparkle and support, I hot glued the back of each pinwheel to a strip of larger thickness ribbon. You can easily skip this step, though, and use the thinner ribbon as your supporting garland ribbon. 

Step 3. Decorate your pinwheels.

I used some pretty fun scrapbook paper, like the patterned lime green chevron, polka dots and glitter sheets, so I didn’t have much decorating to do with my pinwheels. I did add a small glittery snowflake sparkle sticker to the center of each pinwheel, just for some added pop.

And that, my friends, is it! You’ve got yourself a decorative holiday pinwheel garland!

I love hanging my sparkling version up on the wall next to the lights of the Christmas tree. It all looks so festive and fun! 

I'm linking up with Michaela and Cassie today and their craft link party! Who's with me?


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