Hot Momma Fashion: 12 Days of Maternity Holiday Style

It's been awhile since I've posted a Hot Momma Fashion post! Maybe it's had something to do with the fact that my rapidly growing belly hasn't exactly inspired me to work with any fun fashion trends. 

Until now. 

Oh yeah, peeps. Get ready for some inspired holiday fashion. In fact, twelve days of it! In an act that feels kind of like Santa dropping a huge bundle of presents down my chimney, Target reached out to me and asked if I wanted to learn more about their Liz Lange maternity collection. They've got a ton of new great items, from casual to dress wear.

I plan to share some of the collection items over the next twelve days on my Instagram feed. If you're not following me already, you can find me at @tenjuneblog. I'll be posting fun outfits on IG over the next twelve days... for Christmas work events, for running last-minute holiday shopping errands, you name it, I'm wearing it. With a gigantic baby bump. I'll post with the hash tag #12daysoflizlange.

And even if you aren't preggers, follow along for some fun outfit ideas. Y'all know I'm not a crazy fashionista or anything- I like to keep my fashion ideas real and down to earth, so hopefully my ideas are helpful to everyone!

Here's a sneak peek of today's first post.

t-shirt, sweater and skinny jeans, Liz Lange for Target
ballet flats, Old Navy

Head over to Instagram for more! You might get lucky and spot a few 28 week bump shots, as well : )

Psst! I announced the winner of the $75 Uncommon Goods gift card giveaway right here. Was it you?

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  1. Oh that is awesome!! Can't wait to see how you rock Liz Lange...that was one of my go-to brands when I was pregnant. I still wear the tanks! ;)


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