Tuesdays at Ten June: A Monday Mantel Edition

Jigga what? Tuesdays at Ten June features... on Monday? Oh yes, friends. A special edition. I'm featuring some of your best Christmas mantels from our holiday mantel link up last week!

Getting your pinning finger ready because these are some beautiful mantels. Who's ready to be inspired?!

Stunning mantels, right? You folks can decorate, that's for sure.

Tomorrow is the big craft link up over at Michaela and Cassie's, so get your holiday crafts ready!


  1. Thanks so much for this, Michelle! What a nice way to start the week :) xo

  2. fabulous features! there were so many wonderful ones out there!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring our mantel Michelle :) I love all the ones you selected! Pam's bookcases are so awesome! xo Kristin

  4. So many gorgeous mantels! I love the furry stockings!!

  5. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks so much for including my mantel in this! What an amazing group of decorators, you are right about that!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


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